This article is about a/an Precious in GoGo Sentai Boukenger.

Flame of the Ruined Country

  • Hazard Level: 210

The Flame of the Ruined Country (亡国の炎 Bōkoku no Honō) is a fire burning on a special oil that will never go out; it was said that it once burned down an entire country. The Questers track it down for the usage of their newest Quester Robo, with the duo protecting their excavation site with a spell, but with Rei doing most of the digging while Gai faces Eiji and Sakura as they sneak within the zone to break it down. After gaining the flame, the duo place it within their Quester Robo Blaze to burn anything through a vent within the machine. After being angered with Gai massively damaging Eiji, Sakura pilots Ultimate DaiBouken towards the mech regardless of the flame firing directly at it making it reach melting temperatures before annihilating the Quester Robo point blank with the Ultimate Blaster, destroying it and reclaiming the Precious. Task 31: The Flame of the Ruined Country

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