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A list of merchandise for the 14th Super Sentai series Chikyu Sentai Fiveman.[1]

Roleplay Items

CSF Vbrace
  • V Changer Brace (Vチェンジャーブレス Bui Chenjā Buresu)

CSF Vcompact
  • V Changer Compact (Vチェンジャーコンパクト Bui Chenjā Conpakuto)

CSF blasterset
  • FiBlaster Set (ファイブラスターセット Faiburasutā Setto)

  • Flash Charge V Sword (フラッシュチャージVソード Furasshu Chāji Bui Sōdo)

CSF armorsets
  • Five Armor Set I (ファイブアーマーセットI Faibu Āmā Setto I)
  • Five Armor Set II (ファイブアーマーセットⅡ Faibu Āmā Setto II)
  • Five Armor Set III (ファイブアーマーセットⅢ Faibu Āmā Setto III)

  • Five Red Helmet

DX Mecha

1990 fiverobo
  • Great-in-Box DX Chogokin Five Robo (グレートインボックス DX 超合金 ファイブロボ Gurēto in Bokkusu Derakkusu Chōgōkin Faibu Robo)[2]

1990 starfive
  • Star-in-Box DX Star Five (スターインボックス DXスターファイブ Sutā in Bokkusu Derakkusu Sutā Faibu)[3]

1990 superfiverobo
  • Brother Combination (ブラザーコンビネーション Burazā Konbinēshon) is a bundle of DX Five Robo and DX Star Five.

1990 maxmagma
  • DX Giant Base Max Magma (DX 大型基地 マックスマグマ Derakkusu Ōgata Kichi Makkusu Maguma)[4]

CSF earthcannon
  • DX Earth Cannon (DX アースカノン Derakkusu Āsu Kanon)[5]

Box Art Gallery

Action Figures

Chogokin Figures

Main article: Chogokin Style figures

The Chogokin line consists of five die-cast figures of the Fiveman team. Each figure is packaged with a FiBlaster.

  • Five Red
  • Five Blue
  • Five Black
  • Five Yellow
  • Five Pink

Figure & Vehicle Sets


Five PlaDelu Hawk Arrow (プラデラ ホークアロー Puradera Hōku Arō) sets were released for each Fiveman. The Hawk Arrows 1–5 are packaged with a Fiveman action figure and a FiBlaster. Five Red's included accessories are the V Sword, V Saber, and FiBlaster.

Super Fighting Pose

Main article: Super Big Pose Series

Super Fighting Pose Five Red (スーパーファイティングポーズ ファイブレッド Sūpā Faitingu Pōzu Faibu Reddo) is an 8 inch action figure in the same style as the popular Mighty Morphin Power Rangers figures released by Bandai America in the early 1990s.

PlaDelu (Plastic Deluxe) Mecha

CSF PDfiverobo
  • PlaDelu Five Robo (プラデラ ファイブロボ Puradera Faibu Robo): A non-transforming figure of Five Robo. It has a rocket punch gimmick and includes accessories of the Super-Dimension-Sword and Twin Cannons.

CSF PDstarfive
  • PlaDelu Star Five (プラデラ スターファイブ Puradera Stā Faibu): A figure that can transform between Star Carrier and Star Five. It has a rocket punch gimmick and includes a shield and guns.

CSF PDsuperfiverobo
  • PlaDelu Super Five Robo (プラデラ スーパーファイブロボ Puradera Sūpā Faibu Robo): A non-transforming figure with light and sound gimmicks. It also has a rocket punch gimmick.

Vinyl Figures

CSF fiveset
  • Fiveman Heroes

Candy Toys


Main article: Minipla
CSF MPfiverobo
  • Minipla Five Robo (ミニプラ ファイブロボ Minipura Faibu Robo)
    1. Sky Alpha
    2. Land Gamma
    3. Carrier Beta A
    4. Carrier Beta B

Roleplay Items

  • Five Transformation Kit (ファイブ変身キット Faibu Henshin Kitto)
    1. V Blaster
    2. V Saber
    3. V Changer Brace
    4. V Changer Compact
    5. V Changer Belt

CSF CTarms
  • Five Arms (ファイブアームズ Faibu Āmuzu)
    1. FiBlaster
    2. V Sword
    3. Twin Array
    4. Power Cutter
    5. Melody Tact

Figures & Miscellaneous

CSF CTsofubi
  • Five Heroes (ファイブヒーロー)
    1. Five Red
    2. Five Blue
    3. Five Black
    4. Five Yellow
    5. Five Pink

CSF CTfiverobo
  • Die-cast Five Robo (メタル合金ファイブロボ Metaru Gōkin Faibu Robo)
    1. Land Gamma
    2. Sky Alpha
    3. Carrier Beta

CSF CTstarfive
  • Die-cast Star Five (メタル合金スターファイブ Metaru Gōkin Sutā Faibu)

CSF CTconversion
  • Earth Conversion (アースコンバージョン Āsu Konbājon)
    1. Earth Cannon
    2. Magma Base


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