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A list of merchandise for the 14th Super Sentai series Chikyu Sentai Fiveman.[1]

Roleplay Items

CSF Vbrace
  • V Changer Brace (Vチェンジャーブレス Bui Chenjā Buresu)

CSF Vcompact
  • V Changer Compact (Vチェンジャーコンパクト Bui Chenjā Conpakuto)

CSF blasterset
  • FiBlaster Set (ファイブラスターセット Faiburasutā Setto)

  • Flash Charge V Sword (フラッシュチャージVソード Furasshu Chāji Bui Sōdo)

CSF armorsets
  • Five Armor Set I (ファイブアーマーセットI Faibu Āmā Setto I)
  • Five Armor Set II (ファイブアーマーセットⅡ Faibu Āmā Setto II)
  • Five Armor Set III (ファイブアーマーセットⅢ Faibu Āmā Setto III)

  • Five Red Helmet

DX Mecha

1990 fiverobo
  • Great-in-Box DX Chogokin Five Robo (グレートインボックス DX 超合金 ファイブロボ Gurēto in Bokkusu Derakkusu Chōgōkin Faibu Robo)[2]

1990 starfive
  • Star-in-Box DX Star Five (スターインボックス DXスターファイブ Sutā in Bokkusu Derakkusu Sutā Faibu)[3]

1990 superfiverobo
  • Brother Combination (ブラザーコンビネーション Burazā Konbinēshon) is a bundle of DX Five Robo and DX Star Five.

1990 maxmagma
  • DX Giant Base Max Magma (DX 大型基地 マックスマグマ Derakkusu Ōgata Kichi Makkusu Maguma)[4]

CSF earthcannon
  • DX Earth Cannon (DX アースカノン Derakkusu Āsu Kanon)[5]

Box Art Gallery

Action Figures

Chogokin Figures


Five Chogokin Style figures of the Fiveman team. Each figure is packaged with a FiBlaster.

  • Five Red
  • Five Blue
  • Five Black
  • Five Yellow
  • Five Pink

Chogokin Max Magma: A small scale version of the giant base robot that's similar to the Popinica line of previous series. It includes mini figures of Five Robo, Sky Alpha, Land Gamma, and Carrier Beta.

Figure & Vehicle Sets


PlaDelu Hawk Arrow Sets (プラデラ ホークアロー Puradera Hōku Arō): Five sets of toy motorcycles and action figures. Each set includes a FiBlaster and targets of Zone villains.

Super Fighting Pose


Super Fighting Pose Five Red (スーパーファイティングポーズ ファイブレッド Sūpā Faitingu Pōzu Faibu Reddo): An 8 inch action figure in the same style as Turborangers' Super Big Pose Series and the popular Mighty Morphin Power Rangers figures released by Bandai America in the early 1990s. Five Red comes with a FiBlaster, V Sword, and V Saber.

PlaDelu (Plastic Deluxe) Mecha

CSF PDfiverobo

PlaDelu Five Robo (プラデラ ファイブロボ Puradera Faibu Robo): A non-transforming figure of Five Robo. It has a rocket punch gimmick and includes accessories of the Super-Dimension-Sword and Twin Cannons.

CSF PDstarfive

PlaDelu Star Five (プラデラ スターファイブ Puradera Stā Faibu): A figure that can transform between Star Carrier and Star Five. It has a rocket punch gimmick and includes a shield and guns.

CSF PDsuperfiverobo

PlaDelu Super Five Robo (プラデラ スーパーファイブロボ Puradera Sūpā Faibu Robo): A non-transforming figure with light and sound gimmicks. It also has a rocket punch gimmick.

Vinyl Figures

CSF fiveset

Fiveman Heroes: A set of five 12 centimeter tall Fiveman soft vinyl dolls.

CSF CTsofubi

Five Heroes (ファイブヒーロー Faibu Hīrō): Small vinyl figures individually sold as candy toys. They have limited paint applications and details.

  1. Five Red
  2. Five Blue
  3. Five Black
  4. Five Yellow
  5. Five Pink

Candy Toys


Main article: Minipla
CSF MPfiverobo

Minipla Five Robo (ミニプラ ファイブロボ Minipura Faibu Robo)

  1. Sky Alpha
  2. Land Gamma
  3. Carrier Beta A
  4. Carrier Beta B

Roleplay Items


Five Transformation Kit (ファイブ変身キット Faibu Henshin Kitto)

  1. V Blaster
  2. V Saber
  3. V Changer Brace
  4. V Changer Compact
  5. V Changer Belt

CSF CTarms

Five Arms (ファイブアームズ Faibu Āmuzu)

  1. FiBlaster
  2. V Sword
  3. Twin Array
  4. Power Cutter
  5. Melody Tact

Figures & Miscellaneous

CSF CTfiverobo

Die-cast Five Robo (メタル合金ファイブロボ Metaru Gōkin Faibu Robo)

  1. Land Gamma
  2. Sky Alpha
  3. Carrier Beta

CSF CTstarfive

Die-cast Star Five (メタル合金スターファイブ Metaru Gōkin Sutā Faibu)

CSF CTconversion

Earth Conversion (アースコンバージョン Āsu Konbājon)

  1. Earth Cannon
  2. Magma Base


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