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Five of a Kind is the thirty-fourth episode of Power Rangers in Space. It is the fourth episode of the Psycho Ranger arc, featuring the defeat of Psycho Blue.


After getting injured by Psycho Blue, T.J. comes up with a scheme to take advantage of the Psycho Rangers' color obsession by having the Power Rangers all show up disguised as the Blue Ranger, as Psycho Silver joins in the fight.


With his powers still draining, Dark Spector tells Astronema that he believes the source of his power drain is coming from Earth and orders her to destroy it when she has the chance, still unaware that the Psycho Rangers are behind his power drain. On the Astro Megaship, the Rangers know that even with Psycho Pink destroyed, they still have four Psycho Rangers to deal with. After Ashley complains how Psycho Yellow bested her in their previous fight, T.J. gets a revelation; as the Psychos read their minds during their first encounter they learn each of their respective counterpart's fighting styles. Since then, the Psycho Rangers have been strong only when fighting against their own colors, so T.J. suggests that they mix up and each fight a different Psycho Ranger during their next meeting. Suddenly, Alpha 6 informs the Rangers that the Psycho Rangers are at the plaza waiting for them.

The morphed Rangers arrive to fight against the Psycho Rangers, only this time, they follow T.J.’s plan and fight a different color. Andros goes after Psycho Yellow, Cassie and Ashley double team against Psycho Red, and T.J. and Carlos Swap their respective counterparts. At first, the plan is working as the Rangers are gaining the upper hand, but Psycho Blue soon realizes their plan and knocks out Carlos before going after T.J. The rest of the Psycho Rangers manage to break away from their opponents and start fighting their own counterparts too, but Zhane arrives to help his friends. Psycho Blue brutally beats on T.J., forcing the Blue Ranger onto the ground, but before he goes for the killing blow, Zhane protects T.J. with the Super Silverizer. However, Psycho Blue just knocks Zhane out of the way and refocuses his attention on T.J. Just then, Dark Spector tells Astronema that his powers are being drained right now, forcing her to order Ecliptor and the Quartons to pull the Psycho Rangers back to the Dark Fortress, just as T.J. passes out from his wounds.

T.J. wakes up in the Megaship’s infirmary and is dismayed that the plan failed. However, the other Rangers reassure him that they will figure out a new plan, and suggests that he rest. On the Dark Fortress, Psycho Blue is furious that Astronema pulled him away just when he had the chance to destroy T.J., while Psycho Red wonders if they are just toys for her amusement. Overhearing this, Ecliptor begins to worry that the Psycho Rangers will go after the Power Rangers by themselves, but Astronema doesn't care just as long as they burn more of Dark Spector’s energy.

Back on the Megaship, Cassie comes to T.J. with food, only to see that he's not in bed. She finds him at the computer reviewing the fight footage, with the two wondering if the Psycho Rangers have a weakness they can exploit. Suddenly, the footage glitches out and goes monochrome, where all the colors are the same. That gives T.J. an idea as he races to the bridge and spray paints the Ranger models in blue, telling the Rangers that this will be their new plan.

The Psycho Rangers attack a power plant as T.J. arrives, and soon afterwards, four other Blue Rangers arrive. This causes confusion among the Psycho Rangers, but Psycho Blue is more than eager to destroy them all as he charges at them. Psycho Red and Black go in to find their counterparts among the Blue Rangers, while Psycho Yellow opts to leave vowing to go after Ashley later. As Psycho Blue grows more confused by the minute, lightning strikes as a new figure arrives to the battlefield. To everybody’s shock, a brand-new Psycho Ranger arrives, calling himself Psycho Silver. This new Psycho Ranger declares that the Power Rangers are his, and starts beating all five of them. Psycho Red and Black refuse to see Psycho Silver destroy their counterparts and go to confront him, but Psycho Blue attacks his teammates from behind, declaring that he will handle this mess on his own. Psycho Red and Black begrudgingly leave as Psycho Blue attacks Psycho Sliver and goes after T.J. Suddenly, Psycho Silver helps T.J. out with an attack as the other Rangers change back to their original colors, and Zhane reveals himself as Psycho Silver. Zhane morphs into the Silver Ranger, and he and T.J. blast at Psycho Blue before striking him down with an Astro Axe and Super Silverizer combo.

However, Astronema declares that Psycho Blue's not finished yet as she orders Ecliptor to fire the Sattelasers. Psycho Blue grows into his monster form, and the Rangers summon the Mega Voyager and Mega Winger to deal with him. Psycho Blu unleashes a blizzard against the Rangers and even freezes the Mega Voyager. As Zhane fights against Psycho Blue, T.J. tells Andros to adjust the thermal heater. It unfreezes the Mega Voyager, and they direct the heat into their Mega Lasers to weaken Psycho Blue. Then, Zhane gives them the Mega Wing to form the Winged Mega Voyager, and they destroy Psycho Blue with the Mega V3 Missile.

On the Dark Fortress, Ecliptor remarks that they now have three Psycho Rangers left, and is worried what will happen if they lose another one. However, Astronema already has that concern in her mind as the three Psycho Rangers barge in demanding answers. Astronema threatens them to submissions and orders them to listen to her plan unless they want to suffer the same fate as Psycho Pink and Blue. On the Megaship, the Rangers begin prepping for business as the fight against the Psycho Rangers is nearing its end, and Andros and T.J. know that the three remaining Psycho Rangers will give them more trouble than before.



VHS/DVD releases

  • Five of a Kind was released on Power Rangers in Space (VHS). The scene with Andros talking to T.J. about Astronema's decision to send the Psycho Rangers after them was omitted from the video.


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