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The Seven Fist Sages

The Seven Fist Sages (七拳聖 Shichi Kensei) are the legendary and long-lived creators of the Fierce Qi Beast-Fist style, originally under the wing of Bruce E.


When their three fellow students split off and founded the Confrontation Beast-Fist Akugata as the Three Fist Demons, Bruce E died of foul play and the two groups battled each other in the Fierce-Confrontation Rebellion, with the Fist Sages ending the horrific fight with a forbidden Fierce Qi technique that sealed the Fist Demons' bodies and forced the seven into their current animal forms, along with them swearing a Beast-Fist Oath of Nonviolence soon after, fighting only in defense.

Among the Fist Sages are the creators of the three Fierce Beast-Fist weapon art styles that utilize one's heart and the meteor hammer (Master Elehung Kam Po), one's technique and the war fan (Master Bat Li), and one's body with sabers (Master Sharkie Chan). Three others make up the Master Triangle (マスタートライアングル Masutā Toraianguru), three Fist Sages who had each fully mastered one of the three major aspects of the Fierce Beast-Fist Beast Arts: Heart (Master Gorrie Yen), Technique (Master Michelle Peng), and Body (Master Pyon Biao). The seventh and final Fist Sage, Master Sha-Fu, mastered all three aspects of the Beast Arts and thus is the strongest of the Fist Sages.

While it was Sha-Fu who took the Gekirangers under his wing, the others have taught his students the weaponry techniques of their styles and the path to obtain Extreme Ki. While the others refer to each of them as "Master", the Fist Sages are referred to by Jan Kandou as the animal they resemble. Once every year, the Fist Sages would gather to have their annual Fist Sage Great Athletic Meet (拳聖大運動会 Kensei Daiundōkai), where their hone their skills while maintaining fair sportsmanship.

After the first Fierce-Confrontation Rebellion, the Fist Sages created the Sevenfold Barrier of Seven Sages (七重七聖の関 Nanae Nanasei no Seki) that prevents those of the Confrontation Beast Fist to enter the sacred grounds of the Beast Origin Village. However, the barrier can be torn down by the Virtuous Beast Sword, which fell into Rio's hands. The Fist Sages attempted to stop him, but it ended up with them facing the Fist Demons once more. However, as the Beast Origin Village burn to the ground, Maku seals all seven Fist Sages into a boulder and takes their power as his own. Once Maku was finally destroyed, his Ringi faded and the Fist Sages returned to normal.

Union Fierce Qi Techniques

These are techniques used by the Fist Sages.

  • Beast-Beast Full-Body Change (獣獣全身変 Jū Jū Zenshin Hen): A forbidden Fierce Qi technique that transforms a user of the Fierce Beast-Fist into an anthropomorphic animal form relating to his/her fighting style, becoming much stronger. This technique was used long ago by the Fist Sages to defeat the Fist Demons, assuming their current forms as a result. It appears that an additional side-effect is that this technique also severely increases one's lifespan, forcing one to watch their loved ones die while they live.
    • Fierce Beast Fly-Fist Bae and Gou Fukami also used this move in their respective battles prior to the series. However, due to an imperfect aspect while performing the technique, the two each ended up in a flawed form, though only Gou has been able to regain his original human form.
  • Sage-Sage Bind (聖聖縛 Sei Sei Baku): All seven Fist Sages tie up their opponent with cloth made of pure Fierce Qi, trapping them in place.

Master Sha-Fu

Master Sha-Fu

Master Sha-Fu (マスター・シャーフー Masutā Shā Fū) is a grand master of the Fierce Beast Felis-Fist (激獣フェリス拳 Gekijū Ferisuken) style. He is the mentor of the Gekirangers and leader of the Fist Sages, mastering all three of its aspects and able to channel Extreme Ki. He seemed to had a relationship with Rageku prior their transformations, with him spurring her love for him. He was originally a friend of Maku; however, Sha-Fu turned down Brusa's offer to be his successor and suggested Maku. This act of kindness wounded Maku's pride and ended their friendship, which Sha-Fu regretted ever since. Sha-Fu appears to be an aged anthropomorphic caracal with his eyes normally closed, opening them when he gets serious and deep like sensing the qi like those of the Akugata. He loves to be scratched on the neck, referred to by Jan as "Cat" ( Neko), and always carries around a triangle with him. His motto is "There is training in one's livelihood" (暮らしの中に修行あり Kurashi no naka ni shugyō ari), as his training has the Gekirangers learning from the various things life has to offer. While helping Jan, Sha-Fu found one of Long's scale in the ruins of Jan's hometown, learning the truth behind Maku's betrayal among the revelations of Rio and Jan's past encounters with Long.

When he fights Rio and Mele, he says, "There is training in one's livelihood. The Fierce Beast Fist well achieved on a daily basis. Felis-Fist, Sha-Fu!" (暮らしの中に修行あり。激獣拳とは日々よく生きることと見つけたり。フェリス拳 シャーフー! Kurashi no naka ni shugyō ari. Geki Jūken to wa hibi yoku ikiru koto to mitsuketari. Ferisuken, Shā Fū!).

Felis-Fist Gekiwaza Used by Master Sha-fu and taught to the GekiRanger.

  • Double-Double Clone Fist (倍倍分身拳 Bai Bai Bunshin Ken): This Gekiwaza allows its user, if he/she possess perfect Heart, Technique, and Body (心技体 Shin-Gi-Tai), to project his or her Fierce Ki in a gigantic form.

Elehung Kam Po

Master Kam Po

Elehung Kam Po (エレハン・キンポー Erehan Kinpō, 10-49) is legendary Fist Sage who is the plant manager of SCRTC Meisters and a grand master of the Fierce Beast Elephant-Fist (激獣エレファント拳 Gekijū Erefantoken) style that relies on a meteor hammer with playful antics. He was living on Shibe Mountain where he tested the Gekirangers in the guise of a mononoke, taking the package the Gekirangers were given to deliver to him, which they, with a great deal of difficulty, managed to take back from him. Elehung, due to his perverted nature, chose Ran Uzaki as his student of Elephant-Fist so she can master the GekiHammer, though he gave her a hard time due to his teaching methods. He is an anthropomorphic elephant and is somewhat perverted around women, earning him the nickname "Erohung" by Bae. However, Elehung is very fearful of sukeban. Elehung also possessed a 20 billion yen gem called the Raspberry Diamond. His motto is "There is training while having fun" (遊びの中に修行あり Asobi no naka ni shugyō ari). His name is based on Sammo Hung Kam Po (サモ・ハン・キンポー Samo Han Kinpō).

When he fights Rio and Mele, he says, "There is training while having fun. The worldly-loving Elephant-Fist, Elehung Gambou!" (遊びの中に修行あり。世界が恋するエレファント拳 エレハン・キンポー! Asobi no naka ni shugyō ari. Sekai ga koi suru Erefantoken, Erehan Kinpō!).

Bat Li

Master Bat Li

Bat Li (バット・リー Batto Rī, 13-49) is a legendary Fist Sage who is a grand master of the Fierce Beast Bat-Fist (激獣バット拳 Gekijū Battoken) style that while it appears to focus on graceful and elegant techniques combined with artistic beauty, actually relies on being in a trance of sorts. He appears as an anthropomorphic bat in Barong attire. Stubborn and eccentric, he considers hanging upside down as a great way to relieve stress. Though he refused at first, Bat Li eventually decides to train Retsu Fukami after witnessing his abilities first hand. It later turned out that long ago he saved a young girl named Hanyon, whom he promised to be with forever. However, he left to master his Fierce Beast-Fist style with intent on keeping Hanyon from harm due to his presence. It was only by modern time that he revealed his reason to the elderly Hanyon so Ken can get the SoZyuTo back from her. His motto is "There is training while under a trance" (忘我の中に修行あり Bōga no naka ni shugyō ari). His name is based on Jet Li (ジェット・リー Jetto Rī).

When he fights Rio and Mele, he says, "There is training while in a trance. The performance mastering Bat-Fist, Bat Li!" (忘我の中に修行あり。美技を極めるバット拳 バット・リー! Bōga no naka ni shugyō ari. Bigi o kiwameru Battoken, Batto Rī!).

Bat-Fist Gekiwaza

  • Seal-Seal Sense (封封念 Fū Fū Nen): Used by Bat Li to deflect a possessed GekiShark.

Sharkie Chan

Master Sharkie Chan

Sharkie Chan (シャッキー・チェン Shakkī Chen, 17-49) is a legendary Fist Sage who is a grand master of the Fierce Beast Shark-Fist (激獣シャーク拳 Gekijū Shākuken) style that relies on a hard body and uses twin swords, making him physically the strongest of the Fist Sages. He appears as an anthropomorphic Great White with an enthusiastic, and yet serious personality, and tends to cry when emotional. Sharkie's catchphrase is "Sharkin" (シャッキン Shakkin). Sharkie Chan lived on the isolated Aozame Island, becoming its first sumo champ, until the Gekirangers arrived with Sharkie amazed by Jan's skills in the "canoe race" test he set up (which Jan won). Jan soon became Sharkie's first pupil, with the two instantly getting along as Jan called his teacher "Shark" ( Same). However Dokariya's interference and GekiShark's sudden attack left Sharkie to feel unfit to train others, furthered by Bat-Li and Elehung's criticisms, forcing him to renounce Jan as his student. However, after being framed by Dokariya of attempting to kill Sha-Fu, Sharkie's spirits were lifted by Jan defending Sharkie's honor as a Beast Fist Master and Sha-Fu approving him as a true mentor. Sharkie was originally the holder of the Ikigimo until he lost it when a tsunami hit his island home and the item itself came into the possession of a young celebrity named Alice. His name is based on Jackie Chan (ジャッキー・チェン Jakkī Chen).

When he fights Rio and Mele, he says, "There is Sharkin! while training. The doing your best Shark-Fist, Sharkie Chan!" (シャッキーン!の中に修行あり。とにかく頑張るシャーク拳 シャッキー・チェン! Shakkīn! no naka ni shugyō ari. Tonikaku ganbaru Shākuken, Shakkī Chen!).

Gorrie Yen

Master Gorrie Yen

Gorrie Yen (ゴリー・イェン Gorī Yen, 19-49) represents the Raging Heart (レイジング・ハート Reijingu Hāto) of the Master Triangle, as well as being a grand master of the Fierce Beast Gorilla-Fist (激獣ゴリラ拳 Gekijū Goriraken) style. As such, he is an anthropomorphic gorilla with a taciturn/collected personality and love for bananas who was originally writing a novel called "The Raging Heart" in New York until he was summoned to train the Gekirangers so they can save Sha-Fu from Rio. Gorie is nicknamed the Wild Wiseman (荒ぶる賢人 Araburu Kenjin), due to his knowledge of the Dark Forest Path and running the Beast-Fist Consultation Office deep within the woods. He is also referred by Jan as "Gorilla" (ゴリラ Gorira), whom Gorie taught the meaning behind "Heart" in a coin-stacking match, only to win when he questions Jan's reasons to get stronger, scolding him for his incorrect answer. He later was brutally attacked by Rio and forced to reveal the existence of the Beast Origin Village. By the time his book gets published, Gorie plays a part in unlocking Jan's lost memories. Gorie's name is based on Donnie Yen (ドニー・イェン Donī Yen).

When he fights Rio and Mele, he says, "The Wild Wiseman. 'Raging Heart', Gorie Yen!" (荒ぶる賢人 「レイジング・ハート」 ゴリー・イェン! Araburu Kenjin. "Reijingu Hāto," Gorī Yen!).

Gorilla-Fist Gekiwaza These Gekiwaza focus on the "Heart" of the user.

  • Sleep-Sleep Fist (眠眠拳 Min Min Ken): Gorie's Gekiwaza that allows him to put people to sleep with a finger-poke to the forehead, leaving the target in a hypnotic trance.

Michelle Peng

Master Michelle Peng

Michelle Peng (ミシェル・ペング Misheru Pengu, 19-49) represents the Supreme Technique (シュープリーム・テクニック Shūpurīmu Tekunikku) of the Master Triangle, as well as being a grand mistress of the Fierce Beast Penguin-Fist (激獣ペンギン拳 Gekijū Penginken) style that utilizes board-sport skills in battle. As such, she is an anthropomorphic penguin who is director of SCRTC's Sweden branch, receiving the summons to train the Gekirangers so they can save Sha-Fu from Rio. Though very sweet and bubbly in personality, Michelle is nicknamed the Splendid Fighting Goddess (華麗なる戦いの女神 Kareinaru Tatakai no Megami) due to her scary temper. She decides to teach Ran to perfect her "Technique", and the subsequent skateboarding competition ends in a tie at 100 points a piece. Michelle is also one of the females not to mind Elehung's advances most of the time and works as Gorie's assistant at the Beast Fist Consultation Office, also entrusted with her mentor's strongest Gekiwaza which she taught to Gou. Her name is based on Michelle King (Yeoh) (ミシェール・キング Mishēru Kingu).

When she fights Rio and Mele, she says, "The Splendid Fighting Goddess. 'Supreme Technique', Michelle Peng!" (華麗なる戦いの女神 「シュープリーム・テクニック」 ミシェル・ペング! Kareinaru Tatakai no Megami. "Shūpurīmu Tekunikku," Misheru Pengu!).

Pyon Biao

Master Pyon Biao

Pyon Biao (ピョン・ピョウ Pyon Pyō, 19-49) represents the Undying Body (アンダイイング・ボディ Andaiingu Bodī) of the Master Triangle, as well as being a grand master of the Fierce Beast Gazelle-Fist (激獣ガゼル拳 Gekijū Gazeruken) style. As such, he is an anthropomorphic gazelle who monitored a national park in Kenya until he was summoned to train the Gekirangers so they can save Sha-Fu from Rio. He decides to teach Retsu to hone his "Body" and is defeated in the resulting endurance match when Retsu comes from behind. Biao is nicknamed the Savanna Shortstop (サバンナの遊撃手 Sabanna no Yūgekishu) and his name is based on Yuen Biao (ユン・ピョウ Yun Pyō).

When he fights Rio and Mele, he says, "The Savanna Shortstop. 'Undying Body', Bion Biao!" (サバンナの遊撃手 「アンダイイング・ボディ」 ピョン・ピョウ! Sabanna no Yūgekishu. "Andaiingu Bodī," Pyon Pyō!).

Gazelle-Fist Gekiwaza These Gekiwaza focus on the "Body" of the user.

  • Hoof-Hoof Kick (蹄蹄脚 Tei Tei Kyaku): Bion Biao used this kick in his competition with Retsu. It uses lower body strength to send the opponent skyward with a kick.


  • While Kensei literally translates to "Fist Sage", the name is also a play on "Sensei".