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―Fishface's final words before his death[src]

Fishface is a underhanded, anglerfish-themed monster who delights in using hostages to prevent his opponents from attacking him. 3,000 years ago he made an enemy of the Magna Defender when he took his son, Zika, hostage.

Character History

As seen in the flashback, Fishface was the one holding Magna Defender's son Zika hostage for Scorpius around three thousand years prior. Fishface let Zika go on Scorpius' command but Zika went after Scorpus and was killed in the process. Fishface was later sent to Terra Venture and believed the Lights of Orion where in the sunflower statues set up around the colony. However, after several attacks on said structures, Fishface was surprised to find the Lights had no manifested at all. Fishface took a little girl hostage, sure that the Magna Defender wouldn't attack him. However, Magna Defender had no intentions of letting the life of an innocent stop him from carrying out his vengence and it was only the intervention of Leo Corbett, who took several shots to the back from Fishface's sword, that he was unable to attack the monster. Damon Henderson managed to rescue the girl from Fishface, but he proved an unbeatable foe for the Galaxy Rangers, he was strong enough to deflect the Quasar Launchers energy blasts and force the Galaxy Megazord back into the five Galactabeasts that formed to create it. He was eventually destroyed by the Magna Defender and his Torozord.The Sunflower Search

Fishface was later revived by Hexuba in The Lost Galaxy and fought Mike in a plaza area. Mike managed to destroy Fishface with a strong slash attack from his sword. Hexuba's Graveyard


Fishface is an underhanded sadist who delights in using children as human shields.

Powers and Abilities


  • Sand bomb pouch
  • Sword

Behind the Scenes



  • His theme is that of a scorpionfish and a bandit.
  • The monster shares the same name as the villain from Dynomutt, Dog Wonder.
  • His suit was used as one of the monsters inside the Onyx Tavern during Trakeena's visit there. Heir to the Throne

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