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Firumular is Vader Monster "07" of the Vader Clan.

Character History


Firumular's human form

Firumular is created for a scheme to change all of Tokyo old through the viewing of a particular movie within itself that leads to a skeleton that sprays out a mist changing the age of anyone watching it. Setting up with Keller and Mirror in a special "movie cafe", the group lure Daigorou and the kids into the cafe where they "experience" the movie before being hit by the age gas. When the Denziman go with Daigorou into the cafe, they defeat the illusion and change DenziBlue back to his proper age, leading to a mad pursuit of Fimurular throughout a movie studio and movie theater until a final showdown where it tries to stop and confuse the Denziman with its magic clapboard changing the genre of the fight, first to a western, then a period/samurai drama, then to a football movie. After escaping from this, the Denziman finish off Fimurular with the DenziStick Boomerang; after it grows, it uses its constrictive film and the magic clapboard to attack DaiDenzin with special effects that become negated by Denzi Sword prior to it being defeated by Electric Full-Moon Cut.


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His main ability involves being able to make anything that can occur in movies occur in the real world via his head camera, his most notable ability involves a special film of skeletons that turns anyone who watches it old via a gas emitted at the very end, progressing time similar to the progression of film. He can use film strips as a weapon to constrict and strangle and has a magic clapboard that can create effects or change the genre of a scene with its usage, primarily changing costumes. He can also use his own abilities typically seen to grow to shrink its body so it can splice itself within a reel of film so it can do what it wants within its frame and make himself a human disguise.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Firumular were designed by character designer Ryuu Noguchi.


  • Naming: "Firumu" - "Film"


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