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First Captain Chevalier (初代艦長シュバリエ Shodaikanchō Shubarie) (28-47): He is actually Vulgyre's first captain but ironically younger-looking than Garoa suggesting he might be a gifted child himself. He had been gone and was operating alone when he heard of Zone's struggle in Earth and returned much to Garoa's chagrin. Eventually takes over captaincy after Garoa, becoming Five Red's rival. He controls a black Gorlin. This self proclaimed "Hero of the Galaxy" enjoys music and has sword abilities that surpass even those of Garoa's. When he first appeared, he sang the 70's song "Hero" by the Kai Band. Chevalier shows up in battle more often than Garoa. He is scheming and sadistic as well as cool and even humorous. He uses extremely dangerous tactics against the Fiveman and makes their lives twice as miserable. In the finale, he challenges Five Red to a "Chain Deathmatch" in which an unbreakable chain would link them together until one of them died. He lost to Five Red and then Vulgyre revealed that he made Chevalier fight to death because he needed the "Energy of the most powerful death in the Galaxy" and deceived Chevalier in thinking it was Fiveman's deaths when it was really his that was needed. His explosion released the final energy for Vulgyre's final transformation.

Weapons: Barok Stick, Barok Fencer, Barok Shoot, Barok Byoot



  • His name and his ability to break out into song with ease charming females may suggest that his name is based on French singer and actor Maurice Chevalier
  • His name also is the french word for "knight"
  • His motif is Shimizu no Jirocho, a Japanese folk hero
  • He is played by Kihachiro Uemura, who previously protrayed Dai of Choushinsei Flashman.



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