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Fireroid Meran (ファイヤーロイド メラン Faiyāroido Meran): A red colored fire-based giant produced after Basco's summoned warriors are defeated by the Gokaigers in his attempt to get the GoGoFive's greater power failed. It is able to absorb fire attacks to power up its attacks. After being weakened by GokaiOh, Meran is destroyed by GoZyuJin. People Lives Are the Future of Earth



concept art

  • Height - 50.5m
  • Weight - 380.t


  • Fireroid Meran is the last Giant Battle Pseudo-Lifeform that works solo as future Pseudo-Lifeforms end up being paired in teams of 2.
  • Fireroid Meran is a remodel of Liquidroid Wateru.
  • Since Fireroid Meran appeared in the Tribute Episode to GoGoFive Fireroid Meran might reference the First Psyma Beast the GoGoFive fought Ground Psyma Beast Magma Golem.
  • None of the Giant Batlle-Pseudo-Lifeforms appeared on Power Rangers Super Megaforce because Sally was unadapted, due to Nickelodeon's 20 episode limit.

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