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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Turbo, the third installment in the Zordon Era .

Fire in Your Tank is the 33th episode of Power Rangers Turbo.


While the Power Rangers are spending their day in the forest testing a new booster fuel, Divatox runs a monster boot camp, looking for new talent. One of the trainees, Torch Tiger, steals the Rangers' superfuel and uses it to boost his firepower and create a huge forest fire.

Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull work as fire spotters in the forest, coincidentally the same day Torch Tiger's forest fire occurs.


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  • Bulk and Skull are seen reading Big Bad Beetleborgs comics, which is another show produced by Saban.


  • In the American footage, Torch Tiger inserts the superfuel into his body through a fuel valve intake, which is clearly not seen in the Japanese footage of him.
  • When Carlos and Justin arrive to defend Lightning Cruiser & Storm Blaster, Justin's voice is heard but Carlos is moving as if he's the one talking.
  • Besides Torch Tiger, Rygog's checklist of monsters mentions Lord Litter, Maniac Mechanic, Wild Weeder, Wicked Wisher, Voltmeister, Metal Mangler, Mad Mike the Pizza Chef, Dreadfeather, Flamite, and Shrinkasect. None of these monsters were seen at Divatox's Boot Camp.
    • Metallosaurus was also on the check list despite being an evil Zord and is mispelled "Metalsaurus".
      • Also, with the exception of Lord Litter and the Mechanic, all of these monsters had been destroyed previously.
  • The bottle that Torch Tiger drunk the Booster Fuel from is clearly not the same ones he stole.
    • This is because it was one of the Gekibaka (Violent Idiot) drinks which the Booster Fuel replaces.


  • You're Done, Piranhatrons
  • Invincible
  • You Are the Power Team (instrumental)

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