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Fire Sphinx (ファイヤースフィンクス Faiyāsufinkusu, 50 & 51) is the second of two "legendary" Mechaevolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire, created using the attributes of fire and the mythological creature known as the Sphinx.

Character History

Fire Sphinx is a special Mechavolution Beast, set up via a video created by General Kar prior to his death as a failsafe for the Mecha-Progresser to help the Jashinka should he fall. Created with the mystic powers of Egypt, it is used by Emperor Aton to track down the traitorous General Zenobia before she achieves ten-tails using Dr. Yumeno's research and a device created by the Dark Knight. While initially helping Aton, it eventually falls in the hands of Megiddo and Chimera after Aton and Zenobia fall and they become the new rulers of Jashinka.

When Yumeno vanishes after the Dynaman become trapped in the Millennium Cave, Megiddo and Chimera use Fire Sphinx to track him down before revealing he summoned DyJupiter to blow open the cave's door and save them. The Mechavolution Beast faces the Dynaman during the final showdown with the Jashinka, but the team use their flying attacks one after another before using New Super Dynamite to destroy it.


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Modus and Arsenal

Fire Sphinx possesses the ability to use a flamethrower for its right arm as its name suggests as well as a machine gun on it; however, its most powerful ability is its "Pyramid Power": using a special pyramid, it can track down and see anything that it asks for instantly.


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Behind the Scenes

  • Fire Sphinx is the only monster this season to not grow:
    • Since all Evolution Beasts had the Big Bang Progress failsafe, all of them grew regardless.
    • The Mechavolution Beasts were all grown by General Kar; with his death prior to this one's creation (and presumably neither Megiddo or Chimera with the knowledge to use his equipment), no further could be grown via the Big Bang Beam after his death.
  • Fire Sphinx is the only Evolution Beast to survive past its debut episode.


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