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For the original TV version of this character, see Finster.

Finster, known as the demon artist, is an alien sculptor who creates monsters for Rita Repulsa.

Character History

Finster was an alien sculptor and artist who grew bored with his quiet existence in his peaceful alien village. He began to see the beauty in the grotesque and started creating monstrous beast statues and terrorizing the village with fires, taking pleasure in their anguish. His lonely wife, Plepra, had been one of the anguished townsfolk and was horrified to discover her husband's role in its tragedies. When she threatened to expose him, he grabbed her and in the struggle she fell back, hit her head against a table, and died. Rita took advantage of his guilt and twisted mind, supplied him with a magical clay that could come to life, and took him in as the maker of her monsters.

In his free time, he works to create a replica of Plepra from clay to bring her back from the dead. However, her will for him to stop continues to live on leading him to savagely dismember his creations before trying again.

After the events of the Black Dragon, Finster was given "time off" by Rita before she went M.I.A. He went into hiding on Earth and began using his newfound free time trying to refine his "art" by kidnapping two pilots who were doing a geographic photography survey for Promethea as part of a project for V.R. tech the company was developing. He tortured them and did various experiments for a single purpose: to perfect his technique of creating monsters and Putty Patrol agents that could perfectly assume the guise of humans and infiltrate cities. His plan was caught onto by Grace Sterling, who requested the Power Rangers to help her and gave the location of his hideaway using her advanced tech. Despite a brief success of capturing the Red and Green Ranger, he and his army of Putties and monsters were defeated by the Power Rangers and he oddly chose to surrender. He observes Alpha and Saba working on tech to restore Zordon in his holding cell and smiles when his human disguised monsters attack Toronto, implying he planned this attack ahead of time.

Dark Pink Ranger

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Dark Pink Ranger


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  • The name of Finster's wife, Plepra, is a reference to the name of his Zyuranger counterpart, Pleprechaun.
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