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"Oh, it’s good to be free after 10,000 years."
―Finster's first words upon being freed.[src]

"The Putty Patrollers will make space dust out of those kids! And the beauty is, if they don’t, we can always make more. Now into the Monster-Matic they go. Ten seconds should do it."
―Finster creating the first Putty Patrollers and explaining the Monster-Matic's function.[src]

"I...am so sorry Tommy. *Cough* *cough* For my part in what Rita did to you, all those years ago. However, it makes me so very happy, even now, to see you make something positive out of such a terrible ordeal. You always know how to rise above the odds. Tommy, if ANYONE can save your child...*cough* *cough*... It is YOU..."
―Finster's final words to Tommy (via a sculpture).[src]

Finster was a leprechaun henchman of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. He was an old and wise scientist/wizard who created monsters and weapons for the Evil Space Aliens. He is known as the demon artist.


This article contains content in reference to the main TV series, as well as supplemental material, such as the comics. A sliding/floating timeline applies. Story instances for TV and other media will be clearly marked.

Mighty Morphin

Finster was an alien sculptor and artist who grew bored with his quiet existence in his peaceful alien village. He began to see the beauty in the grotesque and started creating monstrous beast statues and terrorizing the village with fires, taking pleasure in their anguish. His lonely wife, Plepra, had been one of the anguished townsfolk and was horrified to discover her husband's role in its tragedies. When she threatened to expose him, he grabbed her and in the struggle she fell back, hit her head against a table, and died. Rita took advantage of his guilt and twisted mind, supplied him with a magical clay that could come to life, and took him in as the maker of her monsters. In his free time, he works to create a replica of Plepra from clay to bring her back from the dead. However, her will for him to stop continues to live on leading him to savagely dismember his creations before trying again. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2017 Annual

Finster was once the helper of Rita Repulsa who created her monsters and weapons. Later he, along with other her henchmen, was caught by Zordon and put into imprisonment. After 10,000 years he, along with Rita and other her henchmen, was freed. During the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Finster was primarily responsible for creating the monsters and Putties that battled the Rangers, although this function fell to Lord Zedd after his appearance. Finster did this by sculpting the monsters out of clay and 'cooking' them in a special oven/kiln/machine in his workshop called the Monster-Matic. Not only is he skilled at supplying monsters and henchmen for his leaders, but he is also shown to be a skilled alchemist and potion maker (similar to Baboo) and inventor, supplying many kinds of potions and gadgets. He's also extremely brilliant and somewhat all-knowing, as he is also able to provide wisdom for Rita and Zedd.

It is implied by Goldar that Finster thought using the Crystal of Nightmares was a good idea, while Goldar denies it (calling him an "overgrown rat" in the process). Tvicon.png TV STORY-Crystal of Nightmares

Following Lord Zedd's return, Finster is suddenly made obsolete. Zedd made his own monsters, though after Pirantishead was destroyed, Finster commented he could've done better. Finster lamented his current status in the villains, missing the good old days with Rita. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Mutiny

Finster spends his time idling away in his workshop whilst Lord Zedd entered his Sleep of Oblivion to regain his powers and bemoans his complete lack of relevance now that Zedd is around. He has gone from monster-maker extraordinaire to a dolting old man alone in his workshop but Rita appears in his workshop having crash-landed back on the Moon and snuck in. Initially, Finster just passes her off as him hearing voices in his head but soon realizes that he isn’t and uses a potion to return her to her proper size with his Spectron Reintergrator after some fumbling around. Rita declares her intention to reclaim her own power so Finster suggests a monster army as he has had nothing better to do but Rita refuses. She tells him to create a love potion as she plans to brainwash Zedd into marrying her to regain her former glory without anyone being able to sabotage her. Finster comes up with the idea to use Alpha to trap the Power Rangers as part of Rita’s plan to give them to Zedd as a wedding gift which Rita happily accepts. Enlisting the help of two Z-Putties, Finster has them grab Alpha outside of the Command Center when he goes out to bring life to the desert and sticks a disc into his back which turns him evil. He then returns to the Moon Palace where Rita hugs him as thanks whilst Alpha lures the Power Rangers to the Specter Theater. Later on, whilst the Power Rangers do some dramatic wandering through the Specter Theater and the doors slam shut. Finster applies a facelift to Rita which regresses her by around 10,000 years to make her look more appealing for Zedd. Whilst the Robogoat and the Snizzard chase down the Power Rangers, Rita goes to Finster and demands more monsters for her wedding with the specification that they give her a lot of gifts.

Shortly thereafter, Rita and Zedd hold a toast of dry ice to their wedding but the Power Rangers then escape the Specter Theater so Zedd drops everything and enlarges the Peckster and the Rhinoblaster after Rita comes up with the idea. The enlarged monsters easily defeat the Thunderzords and Alpha sends them back to the Specter Theater. With the Power Rangers recontained, Rita has Finster do her make-up as she powders her face and complains about marrying Zedd although she tells him to select two monsters and send some Putties to guard the Power Rangers and stop another escape. With both the Peckster and the Rhinoblaster standing guard, Lord Zedd begins his wedding ceremony with his monsters as guests and witnesses. After some downtime, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa finally decide to get on with it and step up to the altar with Finster acting as the presiding priest. Goldar pipes up but Rita shut up with a smack from her wedding bouquet and thus finally marries Zedd much to Goldar’s anger.  Zedd then decides to start some music to dance to so teleports the Snizzard to a piano and they have a big dance.  Later, Finster the guests stand by and watches them leave in Serpentera on their honeymoon to destroy Earth but the inevitable escape of the Rangers and the defeat of the monster army renders the whole plan a complete sham. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Wedding

Following the return of Rita, he became the primary monster maker once again. In the third season and the Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers mini-series, Finster was back to making monsters. His love potion was also revealed to Goldar. Finster was just as surprised as anyone to find, though, that Zedd actually did love Rita.


Finster joins Zedd and Rita in fleeing the oncoming forces of the Machine Empire after they assaulted the Moon Palace with thier Quadrafighters. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Zeo Beginning

He later returns with his masters (without Squatt and Baboo) due to them becoming an intergalactic joke for their various defeats by the Zeo Rangers. With the Moon Palace in ruins, the Evil Space Aliens started operating out of a camper van. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Golden Homecoming

He builds several machines for them, most notably Louie Kaboom who became the temporary leader of the Machine Empire until Prince Gasket and Archerina arrived. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Bomber in the Summer

Eventually, Finster makes a new wand for Rita which is absurdly more powerful than the previous one, as it creates a monster that is too strong even for the Zeo Ultrazord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Rangers of Two Worlds

In Space

Finster was still working for Zedd and Rita in Power Rangers: In Space and was present during their battle with the Gold Ranger during the events of "Countdown to Destruction", His fate was not revealed since he was not present when the energy wave hit and it would take twenty years to discover what actually happened to him.

Power Rangers Soul of the Dragon

It is revealed that just like Divatox, Rita, and Zedd, Finster was also purified, and later became an ally to the Power Rangers. In the 25 years since the end of the United Alliance of Evil, he had retained his position as a sculptor although he was making humanoid molds instead of monsters. He was visited by Tommy Oliver and Anara when they were trying to find out the nature of a crystal and his finding helped them to discover that Scorpina was behind the recent influx of guns. However, he was later murdered by Scorpina once she discovered that he was working with Tommy although he did leave one final message (via a sculpture of himself) which apologized for his past misdeeds whilst reassuring Tommy that he would be able to save J.J. Oliver before turning to dust, marking the end of this master sculpture.

Split History

After the events of the Black Dragon, Finster was given "time off" by Rita before she went M.I.A. He went into hiding on Earth and began using his newfound free time trying to refine his "art" by kidnapping two pilots who were doing a geographic photography survey for Promethea as part of a project for V.R. tech the company was developing. He tortured them and did various experiments for a single purpose: to perfect his technique of creating monsters and Putty Patrol agents that could perfectly assume the guise of humans and infiltrate cities. His plan was caught onto by Grace Sterling, who requested the Power Rangers to help her and gave the location of his hideaway using her advanced tech. Despite a brief success of capturing the Red and Green Ranger, he and his army of Putties and monsters were defeated by the Power Rangers and he oddly chose to surrender. He observes Alpha and Saba working on tech to restore Zordon in his holding cell and smiles when his human disguised monsters attack Toronto, implying he planned this attack ahead of time.

Lord Zedd later broke Finster out of jail with him becoming the main monster maker after the Omega Rangers imprisoned Zedd. Once Zedd returned, he was impressed by his minions' admittedly limited competence and chose Finster to become his new Dark Pink Ranger


Finster was highly intelligent, wise, resourceful, and talented and was shown to be a good helper of Rita and Zedd. Finster genuinely tried to help Rita and Zedd with their goals, but he made it in a nice and delicate way. Early in season 3, he said that Vampyrus was a nasty monster and not his cup of tea at all. However, he would later change his mind and create monsters just as tough, if not tougher than Rito's Vampirus.

On the other hand, Finster was completely mad and thought that Plepra would one day love him despite killing her and working for Rita. Finster was also clearly blood thirsty as, at the end of "Beloved", he killed the recreation of Plepra with an axe for objecting to his work. He was very delusional to the point that claiming that a version of Plepra which expressed her negative views towards his works "wasn't her."

Dark Pink Ranger

Dark Pink Ranger

Powers and Abilities


  • Incredible Longevity: Finster survived ten thousand years in Rita’s dumpster with no apparent ill effects. As revealed in the much later Power Rangers Soul Of The Dragon, he was not unkillable however.
  • No Need for Sustenance: Finster survived inside that dumpster without any sources of food or water.
  • Sentience Granting: Although typically done by the Monster-Matic independently of Finster, he was able to create a sentient version of himself in “Power Rangers Soul Of The Dragon” despite not having the Monster-Matic anymore.


  • Clay Molding: Finster was an undisputable master at molding clay sculptures into monster like forms for his masters’ purposes.
  • Drawing: As seen in the episode “Happy Birthday Zack,” Finster had a book filled with beautiful drawings of his monsters.
  • Expert Blacksmith: Finster was the one to craft the Knasty Knight’s sword in the episode “Happy Birthday Zack.”


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  • Carving Knife: Finster was often depicted using a carving knife to craft his clay into monster molds.
  • The Monster-Matic: A massive clay oven that Finster used to animate his monsters and make them organic.
  • Smithy Hammer: Finster used a blacksmith’s hammer to craft the Knasty Knight’s sword in the episode “Happy Birthday Zack.”


  • to be added

Behind the Scenes


  • Finster was voiced by the late Robert Axelrod who also voiced Lokar and Lord Zedd.


to be added


  • His name was the German word for "dark" which is in contrast to his personality.


  • Finster was the very first monster-maker in Power Rangers.
    • Finster coined the phrase “monster maker” in the episode “The Wedding - Part I”.
  • Though Finster remained on the moon after Lord Zedd's arrival, he was missing during Season 2 between "The Mutiny - Part III" and "The Wedding - Part I".
  • Finster's birthplace was given as the distant planet Claydoious.
  • During The Wedding, Finster is seen missing his blue headband in the American footage, but in the Zyuranger footage he still has it.
  • The name of Finster's wife, Plepra, is a reference to the name of his Zyuranger counterpart, Pleprechaun.


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