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"Oh, it’s good to be free after 10,000 years."
―Finster's first words upon being freed and Squatt made an idiot out of himself.[src]

"The Putty Patrollers will make SPACE DUST out of those kids! And the beauty is, if they don’t, we can always make more. Now into the Monster-Matic they go. Ten seconds should do it."
―Finster creating the first Putty Patrollers and explaining the Monster-Matic's function.[src]

" so sorry Tommy. *Cough* *cough* For my part in what Rita did to you, all those years ago. However, it makes me so very happy, even now, to see you make something positive out of such a terrible ordeal. You always know how to rise above the odds. Tommy's if ANYONE can save your child...*cough* *cough*... It is YOU..."
―Finster's final words to Tommy (via a sculpture).[src]

Finster was a henchman of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd who resembled an anthropomorphic white Scottish Terrier. He was an old and wise scientist/wizard who created monsters and weapons for the Evil Space Aliens.


Finster was once the helper of Rita. who created her monsters and weapons. Later he, along with other her henchmen, was caught by Zordon and put into imprisonment. After 10,000 years he, along with Rita and other her henchmen, was freed. During the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Finster was primarily responsible for creating the monsters and Putties that battled the Rangers, although this function fell to Lord Zedd after his appearance. Finster did this by sculpting the monsters out of clay and 'cooking' them in a special oven/kiln/machine in his workshop called the Monster-Matic. Not only is he skilled at supplying monsters and henchmen for his leaders, but he is also shown to be a skilled alchemist and potion maker (similar to Baboo) and inventor, supplying many kinds of potions and gadgets. He's also extremely brilliant and somewhat all-knowing, as he is also able to provide wisdom for Rita and Zedd.

It is implied by Goldar that Finster thought using the Crystal of Nightmares was a good idea, while Goldar denies it (calling him an "overgrown rat" in the process). Crystal of Nightmares

Following Lord Zedd's return, Finster is suddenly made obsolete. Zedd made his own monsters, though after Pirantishead (Zedd's first monster) was destroyed, Finster commented he could've done better. Finster lamented his current status in the villains, missing the good old days with Rita. The Mutiny

Finster was the one responsible for creating the love potion that Rita used to make Lord Zedd fall in love with her and assume her former position as leader. He also was both the one to make the suggestion that Alpha 5 be used in "delivering the message of evil", as Rita called it and the one to insert the virus that turned him evil. The Wedding

Following the return of Rita, he became the primary monster maker once again.

In the third season and the Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers mini-series, Finster was back to making monsters. His love potion was also revealed to Goldar. Finster was just as surprised as anyone to find, though, that Zedd actually did love Rita.

At the start of Power Rangers: Zeo, Finster joins Zedd and Rita in fleeing the oncoming forces of the Machine Empire after they assaulted the Moon Palace with thier Quadrafighters. A Zeo Beginning

He later returns with his masters (without Squatt and Baboo) due to them becoming an intergalactic joke for thier various defeats by the Zeo Rangers. With the Moon Palace in ruins, the Evil Space Aliens started operating out of a camper van. A Golden Homecoming

He builds several machines for them, most notably Louie Kaboom who became the temporary leader of the Machine Empire until Prince Gasket and Archerina arrived. Bomber in the Summer

Eventually, Finster makes a new wand for Rita which is absurdly more powerful than the previous one, as it creates a monster that is too strong even for the Zeo Ultrazord. Rangers of Two Worlds

Finster was still working for Zedd and Rita in Power Rangers: In Space and was present during their battle with the Gold Ranger during the events of Countdown to Destruction, His fate was not revealed since he was not present when the energy wave hit and it would take eighteen years to discover what actually happened to him.

Power Rangers Soul of the Dragon

It was revealed that just like Divatox, Rita, and Zedd, Finster was also purified, and later became an ally to the Power Rangers. Why he was purified is never made clear but it was probably because he was not maliciously evil and more chaotic neutral, simply being a misguided but loyal sculptor. In the 25 odd years since the end of the United Alliance of Evil, he had retained his position as a sculptor although he was making humanoid molds instead of monsters now. He was visited by Tommy and Anara when they were trying to find out the nature of a crystal and his finding helped them to discover that Scorpina was behind the recent influx of guns. However, he was later murdered by Scorpina once she discovered that he was working with Tommy although he did leave one final message (via a sculpture of himself) which apologised for his past misdeeds whilst reassuring Tommy that he would be able to save J.J. Oliver before turning to dust, marking the end of this master sculpture.


Finster is highly intelligent, wise, resourceful, and talented. He was shown to be a good helper of Rita and Zedd. Finster genuinely tried to help Rita and Zedd with their goals, but he made it in a nice and delicate way. Early in season 3, he said that Vampyrus was a nasty monster and not his cup of tea at all. However, he would later change his mind and create monsters just as tough, if not tougher than Rito's Vampirus.

On the other hand, if the comics are counted as part of the main canon (specifically the story "Beloved" which tells of Finster's origins), then he is completely mad and thinks that Plepra will one day love him despite killing her and working for Rita. Finster was also clearly blood thirty as, at the end of "Beloved", he kills the recreation of Plepra with an axe. He is very delusional to the point that claiming that a version of Plepra which expressed her negative views towards his works "wasn't her."


  • If his comics origin is canon, Finster is one of the darkest characters in the franchise alongside other villains like Master Org and Queen Bansheera. Finster is capable of killing in cold blood and showed no remorse afterward.
    • One could even argue that he is the second outright darkest villain since Bansheera at least loved Olympius as Inputs and Master Org could be over the top comedic at times,while the darkest villain overall is Venjix since he killed almost all of humanity.
  • Finster is the original "monster maker" of Power Rangers. This role is often filled by other characters of Finster's type, such as Jinxer of Lightspeed Rescue and Morgana of Power Rangers SPD.
  • Though Finster remained on the moon after Lord Zedd's arrival, he was missing during Season 2 between "The Mutiny-part III" "The Wedding: Part I".
    • Coincidentally Finster's first appearance in American footage is in "The Mutiny: Part I".
  • Finster's birthplace was given as the distant planet Claydoious.
  • Finster was described as a smart alien who knew to stay out of Rita's way but was at the same time blinded by his total devotion to her.
  • His name is the German word for 'dark' which is very appropriate considering his backstory.
  • During The Wedding (and for a few episodes afterward), Finster is seen missing his blue headband in the American footage but in the Zyuranger footage, he still has it.

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