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Finders Keepers is the twelfth episode of Beast Morphers Season 2 and the thirty-fifth episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers.[1] It is the first of a three-episode crossover between Beast Morphers and Dino Charge.


A hasty decision by Zoey puts an old friend in danger.


With Ryjack destroyed, the Rangers are now searching for his ship to make sure Evox does not get his hands on his deceased’s relics. Zoey finds it and gives out her coordinates to the others, but Commander Shaw orders her to wait until they arrive. However, the radar picks up an unknown bogey coming towards Ryjack’s Ship, and Zoey decides to head to Ryjack’s ship despite the others telling her to stay put. When Zoey reaches the ship, the alarm goes off as it sees her as an intruder, and self-destructs itself. Fortunately, Zoey escapes the ship before it blows up.

In the Crystal Dimension, Scrozzle manages to find Ryjack’s ship as well, only to lose it because of its self-destruction. Realizing that the Rangers could have blown it up, Evox orders the Robo-Generals to go the last known coordinates and obtain Ryjack’s relics. Before leaving, Scrozzle gives them the Reanimizer so they can create new fighters out of the relics they find. The two teleports to the destroyed ship's location, with Zoey unconscious from the explosion, and Robo-Roxy finds Snide’s sword in the rubble. They use the Reanimizer on it, resurrecting Snide back to the living, and introduce themselves as his allies. When Zoey begins to regain conscience, the villains hide out of her sight. Zoey notices a strange alien she believes to be the intruder Shaw warned her about, and throws a nearby compliance collar onto the alien, making it under her control. The other Rangers arrive, with Devon disappointed that Zoey did not wait for them as Ryjack’s ship is destroyed, but she has the alien come to them. When it turns around, Ravi and Nate recognize the alien as Keeper, the guardian of the Energems and mentor to the Dino Charge Rangers. Ravi is mad at Zoey for throwing the compliance collar on an ally, but the latter argues that she did not see his face until now. As Devon leads Keeper to the truck, the others gather the relics from the ground. However, it turns out to be a trap as a Vivix drives off in the truck with Keeper inside.

While Nate and Steel get the relics back to Grid Battleforce, the others morph and chase after the truck to rescue Keeper. Ravi and Zoey manage to grab onto the truck, but more Vivixs come after them, forcing the Rangers to deal with them as the truck stops at a parking lot. Suddenly a dimensional portal opens near the Rangers, and out of it comes Tyler, Chase, Koda, and Ivan, four of the Dino Charge Rangers, looking for Keeper as they lost contact with him. Devon tells Tyler that Keeper is in the truck, but when the Dino Charge Rangers go after it, they are surrounded by Vivixs, Putties, and Triptoids. The two Ranger groups manage to take down the squad of foot soldiers, but during the fight, the Robo-Generals and Snide teleport to the truck. Thanks to the compliance collar, Snide’s orders Keeper to come with them, and they teleport away before the Rangers have the chance to stop them.

Back at the Crystal Dimension, the Robo-Generals bring Keeper to Evox, knowing that with the compliance collar on him, they can have him tell him all the Ranger’s secrets. Per Evox’s demands, Keeper begins to tell them everything about the Dino Charge Rangers’ secrets, beginning with the Energems. After telling Evox about how the Dino Charge Rangers created the Spino Zord, the former takes his staff and decides to use their newfound knowledge to create a new weapon to defeat the Rangers. However, they need the Energems to do so, but Snide says he could lure the Dino Charge Rangers into a trap with Keeper as bait.

Back at Grid Battleforce, the Rangers look over all the relics they obtained from Ryjack’s ship, but Ravi asked the Dino Charge Rangers why Keeper was interested in them. Tyler says that Keeper wanted to make sure nobody evil got their hands on them, though Chase is mad at Zoey for putting a compliance collar on the latter, especially when Commander Shaw gave her strict orders to stay put. Although Nate tries to defend Zoey, the latter knows that all of this is her fault, and apologizes to the Dino Charge Rangers for causing all of this. They forgive her, and both Ranger groups agree to work together to save Keeper. Later, the Rangers get a message from Evox who claims that Keeper is useless to him, and he will gladly give him back in exchange for Ryjack’s relics. Shaw agrees to the deal as Keeper is more important than the relics due to his knowledge.

The Rangers arrive at the trade-off location with the relics and meet with Snide, Scrozzle, and Keeper. The Rangers drop off the relics, with Scrozzle taking them back with him to the Crystal Dimension. Tyler demands that Snide give them Keeper, but the latter refuses to as he challenges the Rangers to fight him. The two Ranger teams morph, but Commander Shaw tells them that a Gigadrone has teleported near a Morph-X Tower. While the Beast Morphers Rangers go to fight the Gigadrone, the Dino Charge Ranger ready themselves for a rematch against Snide, with Tyler calling in Shelby and Riley for assistance. The fully formed Dino Charge Rangers fight against Snide, who is still tough as ever, and Tyler goes into T-Rex Super Charge Mode to even the field. As Ivan lands a powerful slash against Snide, the others activate the Dino Victory Charger and fire the Victory Final Strike at Snide. Seeing the fight from the Crystal Dimension, Evox is disappointed that Snide is losing, but Scrozzle says they can fix that problem with a little more muscle. Scrozzle grabs Sledge’s blaster from the case of relics and uses the Reanimizer to revive the bounty hunter once again. Evox orders Sledge to steal the Energems from the Dino Charge Rangers, but the latter says he will only do so if they could revive his crew, something Scrozzle is more than happy to do so.

Meanwhile, the Gamma Gigadrone that was sent out steals the Morph-X with its magnetic bars, only for the Beast-X Megazord and the Wrecker Zord Battle Mode to pull it away from the Tower. After Steel strikes the Gigadrone with the Jet Zord, the Rangers destroy it with the Wrecker Zord’s Bazooka Blast and the Beast-X Megazord’s Beast-X Hyper Strike.

Back at the warehouse, the Dino Charge Rangers continue to overwhelm Snide, only for Sledge and his revived crew to teleport in, much to Koda’s shock. Sledge’s Crew attacks the Rangers, overwhelming them as they take them out one by one all while Keeper watches on. Before they can steal the Energems, the Beast Morphers Rangers arrive and fire at Sledge and his crew, using the opportunity to rescue Keeper and retreat. Failing to claim a single Energem, and along with losing Keeper, Sledge and Snide argue over whose fault this is before they all teleport back to the Crystal Dimension.

At Grid Battleforce, Nate and Zoey are able to remove the compliance collar off of Keeper, restoring him back to normal. However, both Ranger groups know that Sledge is still alive, and Keeper has no memory of what happened when he was Evox’s prisoner. Despite that, Zoey promises that the Beast Morphers Rangers can handle this new threat. The Dino Charge Rangers and Keeper say their goodbyes as they leave to their own dimensions, with Keeper forgiving Zoey for throwing the compliance collar onto him. After their new friends leave, Commander Shaw reminds them that Evox might have obtained valuable intel from Keeper, and with Ryjack’s relics in his hands, the Rangers must be on their guard.


Dino Chargers


  • The teleport swirls from Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy were switched when them, along with Snide, teleported with Keeper, who was wearing a compliance collar like Vargoyle's at the time because of Zoey.


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