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Red alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of character death. Viewer discretion is advised!

Flap Your Wings! Aviators! (はばたけ!鳥人よ Habatake! Chōjin yo) is the fifty-first and final episode of Choujin Sentai Jetman. It is the controversial conclusion to Jetman's four-episode endgame.


As Radiguet ascends to an unstoppable final form, the Jetman must figure how to finally defeat him in order to end the interdimensional threat forever!


Transforming into Raguem after the ground battle defeat, Radiguet states this is his true self and that no matter what the Jetman do, they won't be able to defeat him. Ryu immediately summons Jet Icarus as the giant mecha faces off against the giant in the dark of the night; Ryu declaring this the final battle for the fate of the Earth. Bringing out the Icarus Axe, the team attack the Radigan head on the giant but is stopped before being attacked by the giant. Gai admits that nothing works on it just like last time as Raguem fires a beam at them. The team transform Jet Icarus into Icarus Hakan and attempt to use Jet Phoenix but is stopped, forcing them back into Jet Icarus. Raguem spits out it's tongue and drags the giant back to it, biting down on it's left shoulder and forcing the team to untransform before knocking them down. However before it can go fro the kill, Jet Garuda appears with Odagari joining them, making the two mecha fuse into Great Icarus. The combined mecha is soon lashed at by Raguem's tongue, grabbing it once again by the neck and throwing it around before grabbing it's head and attempting to rip it off. Odagari immediately summons Tetraboy, who punches it in the back at a site of a wound, making him scream out and let Great Icarus go. Wondering what's happening, Ako discovers the wound on Radiguet's back, Ryu realizing it as the wound where Rie stabbed Radiguet, making Ryu realize it as hers and Odagari realize that the wound got bigger when Radiguet turned into Raguem. Ordering the team to focus the attack on the wound, Ryu punches Great Icarus in the back alongside Tetraboy surrounding it, confusing the giant.

Radiguet soon summons the Vylock mothership, which immediately fuses with Raguem leading to Radiguet claiming the team is digging their own graves and his sacred body is now invincible. Using the new beam attachments from the Vylock, Raguem shoots Great Icarus again as Tetraboy tries to attack it, falling before Raguem grabs it and slices the smaller robot down. Gai declares he isn't going down like this and tells Ryu to use the Bird Maser, but the upgraded Raguem puts up a shield that blocks the attack, causing more worry as Radiguet laughs. Odagari declares they have to destroy the Vylock armor and attack Raguem's wound as the only way to win. Seeing this, Ryu states they have to separate Great Icarus and to leave the tactics to him, leading to the two mecha to unfuse. With Ryu alone in Jet Garuda, Raguem stirs a storm of wind and rocks, hitting Jet Icarus and knocking off it's left arm making it fall. Jet Garuda hits the head attachment in the confusion, knocking the Vylock defenses off the giant. With the opening, Jet Garuda grabs Radiguet from front and turns it around, telling the others to use the Birdonic Saber on it to stab the wound; but Odagari fears that the attack will hit him as well. Ryu tells them to not worry about it. As the team worries, Ryu tells Gai to go through with it; that all mankind and their future depends on this move. Understanding, Gai tells Ryu his life is in his hands as he summons the Birdonic Saber and stabs both Raguem and Jet Garuda, causing Radiguet to scream. As he bleeds from his mouth, Radiguet's head thinks if they've really defeated him but that his soul will continue to haunt them from the Reverse Dimension as the giant falls and explodes with Jet Garuda, causing the others to yell for Ryu.

As the battle ends, Red Hawk falls out of the mecha as the team searches for him in the rocky waters nearby. Ryu's body, transformed for the final attack, untransforms as Kaori finally finds him, crying as he sees the others appear before him. Gai tells Ryu to go to hell as Ryu asks if they've won, with the team confirming their victory. Looking out, Ryu sees Radiguet's helmet on the rocks fall to the ground as he staggers up. Kaori declares that it's all over, but Odagari states that this is actually the beginning of all mankind's peaceful future as the team stares out at the wreckage of the mechas on the beach in the midst of a sunrise.

Three Years Later...

On a farm, Raita is working when his wife, Satsuki, shows up with lunch: rice balls. Raita commends Satsuki's cooking as he gets a phone call from the ATV television network as Ako reintroduces herself to her former teammate. She asks Raita if he knows what's going on with Kaori; he states he was shocked, as does Ako as her manager appears telling her it's time to reveal her new song; forcing her to finish her conversation saying they need to meet up again and hanging up.

A while later at a church, Ako, Raita and Satsuki attend to Kaori in a wedding dress as Ako declares Kaori beautiful and that she's jealous of what she's doing and Kaori commends the comment. Odagari appears in the room telling Kaori that it's time as she heads into the chapel with her former commander walking her down the aisle with Ryu by her side. In the seats, Raita wonders what Gai is doing being late to the wedding; Ako complains that he doesn't know why Gai can't be on time.

At a florist, Gai is buying flowers stating that it's a joyous day that his friends are getting married. Suddenly, a pickpocket appears and steals a woman's wallet, forcing Gai to pursue after him, chasing him down into the streets. Gai finally catches up to him and knocks him down, hitting him with a shoe telling him it's a joyous day for him and that this guy shouldn't ruin it for him. However without warning, the pickpocket pulls out a knife and charges at Gai, stabbing him in the stomach as he struggles and throws him back to the ground before falling and dropping his flowers; the pickpocket, mortified that he had actually stabbed someone, runs off.


The death of Gai Yuki

Back at the church, Ryu and Kaori are exchanging vows, accepting each other as Gai staggers trying to walk to the church. The ceremony ends and the duo celebrate with the other guests as Ryu sees Gai leaning on a nearby bench. Ryu commends Gai for showing up and he acknowledges; Ryu asks if there's anything wrong and he doesn't look well and prepares to get someone but Gai stops him telling him not to worry and he just has a hangover. Staring up, Gai states the sky is blinding him in it's beauty as Ryu commends that they were protecting the blue sky. Ako decides to take a picture of Ryu and Gai together, the former teammates posing as Raita tells them to come over. Gai thanks Ryu as his teammate acknowledges it. Everyone else runs to take another picture but Ako wonders where Gai is; with Ryu stating that he's very tired now and should be left alone. Kaori turns towards Gai, who acknowledges her, making her smile and the wedding party runs along. Everyone continues to enjoy themselves with the wedding as Gai smokes one last cigarette before falling down, dying after seeing his friends one last time.

As Ryu turns around once more, he sees the spirit of Rie, bowing her head as she walks by. Seeing and smiling at her, everyone runs along as the camera pans up one last time to the blue sky.


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DVD releases

Jetman DVD Vol 5

Jetman Volume 5, DVD cover

  • Choujin Sentai Jetman Volume 5 features episodes 42-51.[1]

Choujin Sentai Jetman The Complete Series

Jetman: The Complete Series (Shout! Factory)

  • The complete Jetman series was released in North America by Shout! Factory on September 25, 2018.


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