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Red alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of blood and bloodshed. Viewer discretion is advised!

Final Battle: Heading Towards Tomorrow! (そして明日へ! Soshite Ashita e!) is the fourth and final episode of the 4 Week Continuous Special Super Sentai Strongest Battle!!.


Rita’s true objectives were finally revealed thanks to Stinger and Doggie Kruger’s investigation! Marvelous dons the helmet of Gaisorg as he uses Gaisorg’s memories to find his way to where Luka and Takaharu are being kept, all while fending him off subconsciously!

Meanwhile, what is Rita’s conception of truth and justice when Yamato and Stinger go to confront her? The ultimate and powerful roar of Dai-Satan echoes across the universe, suddenly eclipsing the very stars! Can a group of five eccentric weirdos summon the power required to step up and save the universe?!

The Super Sentai Strongest Battle finally reaches its climax! It’s time the Super Sentai showed off their undying Super Sentai Spirit!


Marvelous uses Gaisorg's helmet to locate Luka and Takaharu and free them while Yamato and Stinger confront Rita. Rita reveals that her plan is to use the power of the gem to revive Ultimate Great Satan in order to destroy the universe and avenge her planet's people who were wiped out, despite Stinger's attempt to dissuade her. The Oddball Team confronts Ultimate Great Satan and are overpowered until Luka destroys the barrier surrounding Nemesis. Marvelous then summons the Gokai Galleon to keep Ultimate Great Satan at bay, while the five channel the power of all Super Sentai through Akarenger's Ranger Key to destroy him. Angry at them for foiling her plans, Rita wears Gaisorg's armor and attacks the weakened Oddball Team, until Ryusoul Green and Ryusoul Black appear to defeat her, before departing. Rita is arrested by Stinger using Kruger's D-Wapper and the five celebrate their victory, while an unknown person retrieves Gaisorg's helmet and the man at the cave discovers a blank Ryu Soul, which transforms into the Red Ryu Soul on his hand.


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