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"Now I'm the big dog!"
―Fightoe after getting enlarged[src]

Fightoe was a Kobold-themed monster and was one of the four Barbarian Beasts that were freed by Imperious. He was the partner of 50 Below. Fightoe is also second-in-command of Barbarian Beasts. He was one of the main antagonists of the episode "Dark Wish".


Fightoe did not fight with honor, and (along with Warmax, Shrieker and 50 Below) was sealed away in the Oblivion. However, Imperious set them all free, and commanded them to do his bidding. Fightoe emerged from the Oblivion along with his comrades.

After the defeat of Warmax and Shrieker, Imperious met Fightoe and 50 Below and told them that their comrades did the valuable work and suceeded in tiring the Rangers. The Rangers were tired of the battles and will soon do their greatest mistake and Imperious's plan will succeed. Fightoe and 50 Below thought Octomus would be pleased, but Imperious told Fightoe & 50 Below that he desired to overthrow Octomus and become the new ruler of the Underworld.

Fightoe and 50 Below asked the sorcerer about Koragg, as he would never betray Octomus. Imperious thought about Koragg too. And he ordered Barbarian Beasts to destroy Koragg, because he would never betray the Master.

50 Below & Fightoe were first sent to attack Koragg in the forest. Fightoe and 50 Below attacked Koragg in the forest and the Knight Wolf was devoid of the magical power. Koragg was surprised to see the monsters and asked them what did they want and they answered that they came for him. Fightoe and 50 Below attacked Koragg and due to his being devoid of mystic power, the Wolf Knight was no match for the villains.

With the two of them fighting the single Knight Wolf, they were successful in defeating and wounding him. Fightoe and 50 Below even mocked Koragg saying that his honor was useless and the Master will be next. The monsters left the wounded Koragg, but he was found by Phineas, who helped him.

Then the Barbarian Beasts drew the Rangers out at the pier. Fightoe appeared the first and greeted the rangers and then attacked the Rangers with his magic. Daggeron told the villain that he would fight him, but the Barbarian Beast said that Solaris Knight couldn't fright him. Daggeron attacked the villain with his Laser Lamp, but Fightoe's friend 50 Below arrived to aid him. Fightoe thanked his partner. 50 Below said that he is there and the Mystic Rangers will be defeated.

The Rangers were horrified of the power of the two monsters. When Nick estimated the villains as too powerful 50 Below answered that the Red Ranger was right. 50 Below told Below told the Rangers that they arrived from the Oblivion. The Rangers tried attacking 50 Below, but with the power of his orb on his chest, he was able to reflect the Ranger's attacks right back at them.

With the teens weak and wanting to take the easy way out, they begged Daggeron to use Jenji. 50 Below abused the Rangers, calling them worthless and weak. Against his better judgment, Solaris Knight agreed and fired the Jenji Shinning Attack. However, 50 Below attacked Jenji before the Shinning Attack hit, and Fightoe then managed to capture the cat genie. Rangers were horrified as the villains captured their friend. 50 Below then attacked Daggeron with his ice attack and threw the Solaris Knight into the water. With having completed their mission, the two the remaining Barbarian Beasts escaped.

Fightoe and 50 Below returned to the Underworld and Imperious was pleased with their victory and said that his plan succeeded. They obtained the most powerful weapon of the Rangers. Imperious also appointed Fightoe and 50 Below as his new generals. They turned Jenji over to Imperious and when Jenji appeared before the wizard and said that he could do one wish, Imperious wished that the Mystic Rangers never existed. Jenji didn't want to do it, but he had no choice. The powerful genie is forced to grant Imperious one wish, the Dark Wish was set into place.

The Rangers became trapped in the alternate reality where there is no Mystic Rangers and the Forces of Darkness conquered the world. Fightoe and 50 Below were with Imperious when he laughed at the suceed of the Imperious's plan and the Rangers' defeat. However when the Rangers showed courage and bravery in the face of insurmountable odds, the Tribunal of Magic reversed the Dark Wish.

Fightoe arrived at Briarwood with Necrolai and Fightoe said that as the Rangers returned, the city is now useless to them. Necrolai decided to destroy the city. Fightoe then was turned giant size by Necrolai. The Rangers fought him off in the Titan Megazord and the villain attacked them with his stone attacks.

However the Rangers managed to damage his staff, with the Titan Saber's Galaxy Slash Attack. Fightoe was furious of his staff's damage and told the heroes that they would pay for this. With his weapon damaged, Fightoe retreated.

Imperious then summoned Fightoe and 50 Below again, after the return of the Rangers and Koragg. Imperious sent his minions to fight the Rangers. 50 Below and Fightoe then lured the Rangers out at the Industrial Plaza.

While Fightoe fought the Rangers, 50 Below battled Daggeron. These two beasts continued to be more than a match for the Mystic Force. Solaris was soon taken out of the battle. But in a surprise, Koragg showed up and began fighting the beast. However, 50 Below still took down the Wolf Knight and joined Fightoe against the Rangers. Right before he and 50 Below could make the final strike, the Rangers were quickly teleported to a save location by the Tribunal of Magic just before the fire power of the two monsters could finish them off.

As a reward for learning to take responsibility for their actions, the Tribunal of Magic then granted the Rangers the power of the Mystic Force Legend Warriors. With this new power and the Mystic Lion Staff weapons, the Rangers were able to take on Fightoe and 50 Below. Each Ranger used Code 1, the Elemental Attack, on their Mystic Lion Staffs. Fightoe decided to leave and 50 Below told his friend to stay, but Fightoe said that it was too much for him. Fightoe was greatly weakened and fled, leaving 50 Below alone to get destroyed by the Mystic Rangers.

Fightoe returned to the Underworld and Imperious was wrathful that he ran away and left 50 Below to be destroyed. Fightoe explained that the Rangers were far too powerful and he couldn't win. Imperious was furious and asked Fightoe if he refused to fight for him. Imperious claimed that he had another use for Fightoe. Fightoe begged Imperious not to do anything bad to him, but Imperious (annoyed by Fightoe leaving 50 Below to be destroyed) then sent Fightoe to the Nether Dimension.

Fightoe asked his former master what is this and Imperious answered that it is the Nether Dimension and now Fightoe's power will run Ursus, the giant monster, created by Imperious. The beast realized that he was tricked and Imperious transferred him into a giant mechanical monster called Ursus. Fightoe screamed at Imperious that he tricked him and the evil wizard said that Fightoe trusted him in vain, as he actually couldn't be trusted. The great evil monster then overpowered Solaris Streak Megazord but was then destroyed by the Manticore Megazord's Legend Striker Spin Attack taking what was left of Fightoe with him. Tvicon.pngDark Wish


Fightoe, alongside 50 Below is one of the Imperious's most loyal monsters. Fightoe is cold, cunning, unpredictable and ruthless. He is extremely egoistical, arrogant, confident, stubborn, abusive and loves to mock on his enemies. It is shown that Fightoe dislikes the Rangers and contemptuously despises them. But he underestimated them later and it caused his defeat alongside 50 Below. Fightoe and 50 Below also disliked Koragg and they attacked him on the orders of Imperious, even mocking him, saying that his honor was useless. Despite being a villain, Fightoe was shown to be good friends with 50 Below and they protected each other. However, in the final battle Fightoe was greatly weakened and left 50 Below. Fightoe is also very loyal to Imperious and loyaly does all his orders. Though it was actually his greatest mistake, as Imperious eventually betrayed him. Fightoe also demonstrates sense of humor sometimes.  

Powers And Abilities

  • Strength: As with Warmax, Shrieker and 50 Below before hand, Fightoe is one of the strongest monsters. He was able to easily defeat the Rangers and Koragg, who was without his magic, but was overpowered by Rangers's and was possibly inferior to Koragg with his dark magic.
  • Skilled Fighter:Plus to his physical strength, Fightoe is also a skilled fighter and combatant and is able to stand against the Rangers successfully and easy during their first battles, but was overwhelmed by their new powers in the finale battle.
  • Extraordinary Leaper: Fightoe can leap at an incredible distance.
  • Portal Spell: Fightoe can conker portal to teleport to any location at will.
  • Eye Lasers: Fightoe can fire strong red energy lasers from his eyes.


  • Bubble Wand Staff: Fightoe is armed with a bubble wand-like staff for combat.
    • Lighting Bubble Beam: Fightoe can fire a beam made of purple lighting and bubbles from his staff.
    • Bubble Rock Blast: Fightoe can also use his staff to created a bubble, turn it into a rock and fire it at his enemy's.
    • Capture Spell: Fightoe can also use his staff to capture anyone in it.

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