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"What's the matter Red Ranger, I thought you were itching to fight me!?"
―Fighting Flea[src]

Fighting Flea is flea monster created by Finster, that could spread an itchy rash by biting his enemies.


He shrunk himself and hid inside a stray dog Jason was taking care of, with Jason getting the rash. During a battle with Putties, Jason decided to spread the rash to the Putties. Some special chemicals were used to cure Jason of the rash. In battle, Fighting Flea could blast lasers from his antennae. He was ultimately exterminated by the Megazord's Power Sword.To Flea or Not to Flee

Trumpet Top later summoned an illusionary Fighting Flea amongst other monsters as part of a plot to wear down the Rangers until Zordon saw through the plan.Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park

In Part 1 of "Ninja Quest", Finster recreates Fighting Flea, Lizzinator, Octophantom, and Stag Beetle into helping Rito Revolto ambush the Power Rangers when they bring out their respectful Megazords. When preparing for the trap, Rito told the four monsters that they were taking the best hiding places where Fighting Flea reminds Rito that he's the bait in Lord Zedd's plan. The resulting fight resulted in the Rito and the monsters successfully destroying the White Tigerzord and Thunder Megazord.

Fighting Flea is among the monsters that attend Master Vile's End of the World Party.Master Vile and the Metallic Armor


  • Fighting Flea comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original Zyuranger.


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