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Fighter Monger (ファイターモンガー Faita Mongā, 47) is a football/warrior themed Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

Fighter Monger was personally developed by Inazuma Ginga who desired the creation of a Monger partner to help him in combat, against the whims of Führer Hell Saturn. During an initial battle, the Monger and Inazuma Ginga teamed up together to fight Sun Vulcan, when the team tries to use New Vulcan Ball against it, the outlaw uses his shields to protect his creation and escape, defeating Sun Vulcan's secret weapon. Later, as Queen Hedrian built up discontent between Hell Saturn and Inazuma Ginga in order to create an irreparable divide she could take advantage of, she builds up the Black Magma's leader's anger to the point where it starts ruining the machinery of Fighter Monger while Inazuma Ginga likewise destroys the altar of his Black Sun God from similar build-up.

After Hell Saturn is killed and Hedrian becomes Black Magma's new queen, it goes against Inazuma Ginga's orders in order to go back out into battle. Fighter Monger is defeated quickly by the New Vulcan Ball, then by Sun Vulcan Robo after the activation of its Expansion Program.


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He has a pair of bombs that resemble footballs, a mace staff that causes explosions on contact, and he can turn into a metal ball.

Behind the Scenes


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