Alex reclaims his role as Red Ranger, as Wes leaves to see his father in the hospital. Alex organizes a pre-emptive strike against Frax's new robot, Dragontron, making him retreat with the help of Eric and the Q-Rex.


Alex gives Wes the cold shoulder, and tells the Rangers that he's there to save the future, which has shifted. He takes them to the beach, to the time ship he came in. Mr. Collins lays in the hospital, in critical condition, with Eric watching over him. Two Bio-Lab bigwigs wonder who will be in charge of the company now. Eric tries to suggest something, but they tell him to zip it. In the time ship, Alex tells the team that Frax has broken away from Ransik, and building a powerful new robot. He surprises Wes by telling him that he is taking over as Red Ranger. Alex tells Wes about his future - that his father will die tomorrow, and that he will inherit Bio-Lab. Wes doesn't buy it, until he gets a call from Eric. Wes hands over the morpher. He rushes to the hospital to be by his father's side. A Bio-Lab executive approaches him,asking him to be in charge of the company. Meanwhile Alex critizes the life style of the rangers: their base, clothes, etc. Alex gets really annoyed when he sees steamy Polaroids of Jen and Wes fooling around. Jen asks him what is up with the attitude. Alex tells her to put aside her emotions - this mission is bigger than both of them. The team heads to the beach to follow a mysterious object which has landed in the ocean. They summon the Shadow Force Megazord mode blue and hover over the sea as Dragontron emerges. Wes attends his first board meeting. Eric doesn't look too happy about having to answer to Wes now. The Megazord sneaks up behind Frax's war machine, and prepares to blast it in its one weak spot. Frax warns Dragontron, and it turns and opens fire on the Megazord. Eric is informed about the battle at the meeting, and hurries off. He arrives at the battle with the Q-Rex, and chomps off Dragontron's arm, which regenerates. Frax decides tomake Dragontron retreat to assess his damage. At the clock tower after the failure Alex starts critizaating the Rangers attituded. Wes watches over his father, pondering Alex's words of the future.


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