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Fight Against Fate is the twenty-ninth episode of Power Rangers Time Force.


Alex reclaims his role as Red Ranger, as Wes leaves to see his father in the hospital. Alex organizes a preemptive strike against Frax's new robot, Dragontron, making him retreat with the help of Eric and the Q-Rex.


The Rangers are shocked to see that Alex is alive and well after seeing him fall against Ransik, while Wes is stunned to see that his future descendant looks exactly like him. However, Alex gives Wes the cold shoulder as Jen runs into his arms, more than happy to see her fiancée alive. Alex reveals that he barely survived Ransik’s attack, and orders the Rangers to follow him, leading them to the beach where his Time Ship is located. Meanwhile, a gravely injured Mr. Collins is being treated by the medical staff as Eric waits impatiently over his bosses’ condition.

Once inside the Time Ship, Alex has the Rangers fall in line and berates them for changing the future due to their actions in the year 2001. Trip asks much the year 3000 has changed since they left, but Alex refuses to tell them why. Then, Alex reveals that Frax has defected from Ransik’s forces and is building a super robot, powerful enough to destroy Silver Hills. Because of this danger, Alex has decided to come to the year 2001 and take back his position as the Red Ranger. Trip tries to protest that motion as Wes has been a great asset to the team, but while Alex acknowledges that, he says that Wes’ destiny is to take over Bio Labs. Wes argues against that as he has been deciding his own fate, but Alex reveals that everything that has happened to him was because he allowed it to happen and that the danger of Frax’s new robot forced him to come in person. Then, Alex reveals that Wes’ destiny is set in stone because come the next day, Mr. Collins will die. Wes does not believe that as he saw his father this morning, but Eric calls him through the Chrono Morpher and tells him to get to the hospital immediately. Realizing that Alex was telling the truth, Wes reluctantly turns in his Morpher and leaves the Time Ship. With Wes gone, Alex takes over as the leader.

At the hospital, the board members discuss a replacement CEO for Bio Labs now that Mr. Collins is incapacitated. Overhearing this, Eric volunteers, but is shot down as this was more of a corporate matter. Wes makes it to the hospital and sees his unconscious father in bed. The board member approaches Wes about being the temporary CEO until his father gets better, and the latter reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Rangers take Alex to the Clock Tower, but he is not impressed that this was where they have been living for the last couple of months. In addition, Alex does not approve of the modern clothing they have been wearing and orders them to change back into their Time Force uniforms as he felt they look ridiculous. As the Rangers change into their uniforms, Alex finds the photos that were taken from the polaroid, coming across one that had Wes and Jen together. As he looks at them, Jen tries to defend the team’s actions, saying that they have been focused on the mission. However, Alex is not convinced, leaving Jen to ask why he never told her why he was alive this entire time. Alex does not answer, and simply tells her to put her emotions aside so they could stand a chance against Frax’s robot.

Suddenly the Tower starts shaking as they see what looks to be a comet speeding past them. However, Alex knows what it really is and leads the Rangers to the beach. The five morph into action, although the main four hesitate after seeing Alex morph instead of Wes until Jen gives them the go-ahead. Alex orders Circuit to launch the Time Flyers and the Time Shadow Zord, combining them into the Shadow Force Megazord Mode Blue. Afterwards, the ocean begins to bubble as Frax’s robot emerges from it, with Alex revealing that it is called the Dragontron. The Dragontron is stated to being more powerful than any of their Megazords, but Alex reveals that it does have a weak spot, an energy core on the back, but they need to make sure they hit it right. Frax leads Dragontron out of the water, declaring that everybody will feel the wrath of the robots. The Shadow Force Megazord Mode Blue manages to make it behind Dragontron, but before they could shoot at it, Frax alerts his robot to the Rangers and attack the Megazord.

At Bio Labs, a board meeting is held with Wes taking over his father’s place, much to Eric’s annoyance. During the meeting, Eric is called away to help the Rangers as Wes is busy at the meeting. A morphed Eric summons the Quantasaurus Rex Zord to help the Rangers and transforms it into the Quantasaurus Megazord. However, not even its missiles could scratch Dragontron as the robot attacks the Megazords and pushes them back. Seeing how strong Dragontron is, Jen asks Alex what they should do, but accidentally calls him Wes. Alex coldly tells Jen to focus and has the Shadow Force Megazord fire at Dragontron at full power. However, Dragontron walks through the attack and launches a barrage of missiles at the Megazords. Eric transforms the Quantasaurus Rex back to its dinosaur mode and has it gnaw at Dragontron's arm, forcing it to turn its back against the Shadow Force Megazord. Although the Rangers could fire at the energy core, Dragontron shocks the Quantasaurus Rex off itself, even though it loses an arm at the process. As Dragontron heals itself, Frax orders it to retreat so he could assess its damages, promising that next time Dragontron will finish the job. As all of this happens, Wes leaves the meeting in a limo, and wonders how his friends are doing.

Back at the Clock Tower, Alex heavily berates the team for their poor performance and even accuses them of forgetting what was at stake. Katie argues that they have not forgotten their purpose, but is forced to stand down when Alex glares at her. Before Alex leaves, he coldly warns the Rangers that if they fail, then there will be no future for them. Afterwards, a frustrated Lucas asks Jen what she saw in Alex, while Katie wonders what they did to piss off the latter. Trip reveals that he misses Wes, and Jen, sadden by her fiancé’s new attitude, agrees. Meanwhile, Wes checks on his father in the hospital, having the words Alex told him echo in his head.



  • First episode to feature an evil Zord (that didn't originally belong to the Rangers or would end up joining them) since Turbo's "Parts and Parcel".
  • Wes does not appear morphed in this episode, as Alex temporarily resumes his role as Red Time Force Ranger.
  • A scene showing Eric angrily telling Wes at the hospital that he quits the Silver Guardians (refusing to take orders from him as the supposedly new head of Bio-Lab) and Wes calling him out on his selfishness and always quitting when things don't happen his way, and even calling him 'spoiled' as Eric had previously called him, was cut from this episode. Had the episode kept the scene, it would have explained why Eric was initially planning to leave Silver Hills in the following episode.[Citation needed]
    • It was probably cut for time.
  • Ransik and Nadira don't appear in this episode.

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