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"NO! YOU'RE supposed to burn up! NOT ME!"
―Fiera's final words before her first death.[src]
"He's toast! Haha! And the rest of you will be next!"
―Fiera when turning into a Mega-Monster.[src]
"This didn't go according to plan!"
―Fiera's final words before her death[src]

Fiera is a bird-like Nighlok that serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Fight Fire with Fire."


Fiera is an extremely powerful monster who was given the task of destroying Jayden, who is the 18th descendant of the Shiba Clan. To acieve her task, Octoroo provides her with the Fire Flashers, fireballs that she can shoot at her opponents though they only actually affect the Red Ranger. Unluckily for her, he managed to finish her off with the Super Bullzooka before collapsing. She then went into her Mega Monster form and the Rangers summoned the [Armour Megazord] although she used her teleportation ability and super speed to rip it apart and cripple the Zords, However, her plan to destroy Jayden is thwarted by the 2nd Red Ranger, Lauren, who is Jayden's sister. She used the Lion Foldingzord's Pentagonal Fury attack to destroy her.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength - Fiera is one of the strongest Nighlocks that there is, easily overwhelming all five Rangers and nearly killing Jayden as well as easily ripping apart the Claw Armour Megazord.
  • Energy Wave Blast - Fiera can put a hand to her head and spin around, generating large and explosive blue energy waves that fly at her enemies. These caused large explosions around the Lion Zord but failed to stop it.
  • Instant Teleportation - Fiera can instantly teleport around the battlefield in an explosion of blue birds feathers. This enabled her to dodge the Hydro Bow and the Claw Armour Megazord.
    • Quick Attack - Fiera can use her teleportation to her advantage, easily zipping between attacking and teleporting which allow her to perform aerial strikes. This is her strongest move as just three of these attacks ripped apart the Claw Armour Megazord and crippled the Zords to the point that they were useless.
  • Mega Monster Transformation - Fiera can turn into her giant Mega Monster form when destroyed.


  • Claw - Fiera has a large lobster claw instead o a right hand that she can use in combat.
    • Serpent Blast - When loaded with Octoroo's Fire Flashers, Fiera's claw arm can fire blue energy blasts capable of killing Jayden by turning his internal fire against him.


  • Fiera is the only female Nighlok to appear in the series, not counting Dayu, who is half-Nighlok/half-human.
  • Fiera's durability appears to be on the same level as Tooya's as she mainly dodged attacks and was easily overwhelmed and destroyed by the Lion Folding Zord.
  • In a Power Rangers Samurai Flash game on the Nickelodeon website, Fiera was a boss, but was given the name Yomotsugari, the same name as her sentai counterpart. This was because Fiera had yet to debut in Samurai/Super Samurai.

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