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Fern Monger (シダモンガー Shita Mongā, 11) is a fern-themed Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

Fern Monger posed as a fern that Black Magma tricked a plant scientist named Doctor Uemura into making poisonous by giving him a Dark Q modeled after the man's late daughter Yumi. Once the modification is completed, the Monger plants his poison ferns around the town until the Sun Vulcan trio intervene and the monger escapes them via his Poison Fern Gas. However, the poison is not deadly and thus underwent around modification to become fully lethal. However, after Misa gets Uemura out of Black Magma's clutches and the Yumi Dark Q was destroyed for refusing to follow orders to kill the scientist, Shita Monger battles the Sun Vulcan trio before being defeated with the Vulcan Ball. Enlarged by his Expansion Program, Shita Monger is destroyed by Sun Vulcan Robo.


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His main abilities are a double sided sword for combat, teleportation, a poisonous Fern Gas from his trunk, fern bombs which are explosive, and he can emit strangling, constricting vines. It is ultimately treated through Doctor Uemura to likewise hold a poison that causes a massive rash on people; had the research continued, the poison would ultimately have become deadly enough to threaten Japan and the world.

Behind the Scenes


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Concept Art

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