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"Good luck."

Fern is Izzy Garcia's rival and later girlfriend in Power Rangers Dino Fury.

Character History

Fern was first introduced as a rival of Izzy Garcia during a marathon race. During the race, when she catches up to Izzy, Fern tripped on a root and fell into a pit. Fern’s ankle is injured, and Izzy decides to go down and help Fern even though she will lose her lead. As Fern gets a ride back by officials, Izzy begins to rejoin the race, although she left to go after Boomtower. Since Izzy was willing to sacrifice her chance of winning to help her, the two ended their rivalry and eventually became friends. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Winning Attitude

Fern later catches up with Izzy and Zayto at Coach Bella's gym, where she revealed her injury had healed since then. She was among the other participants that were told by Izzy that Coach Bella was swindling them, and they all leave her gym and start taking Izzy's lessons.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Super Hotshot

When Javi noticed Izzy is in love with someone, he went to Fern for advice in order to set his sister up with his friend, Adrian. Fern, who have had a crush on Izzy, was visibly saddened by the thought that Izzy is in love with someone else and but she reluctantly agrees to Javi's plan. Eventually it was revealed to be a misunderstanding and Izzy was never in love with Adrian, but instead with Fern. After finishing their exercise in the park, Izzy and Fern walk away, holding hands, revealing that they are dating. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Matchmaker

Sometime later, Fern catches up with Izzy, who had been studying for electronics before her friends show up. The following day, she shows Izzy her test results, saying she was proud of her. Fern, alongside Izzy's friends, watch her going with Pop-Pop to fix his leaf blower.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Crossed Wires


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Behind the Scenes


Fern is portrayed by Jacqueline Joe


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