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Faucetchuck (ジャグチャック Jaguchakku): A robotic faucet-themed monster, able to extend his mouth and fire water from the faucet on his belly or his mouth. He was later rebuilt stronger and used again in the series.

Character History

Bara Faucet was rebuilt from Faucetchuck but with a different color hat, gloves, boots and different color faucets on his jacket by Hysteria as a means to use it for another plan, given the nickname of "Operation: Rainbow Moon". In this plan, the Machine Beast installs new faucets into homes that have two modes: normal tap water and a special green-colored liquid pumped by them through the pipes; the liquid allowed for the loss of weight but likewise reduced humans into a more primal state of being. The Ohranger caught on when Momo discovered the green liquid being pumped through a water fountain; but the team has a harder time catching it due to its liquid metal upgrade. Eventually, the Ohranger work together with Riki and Dorin to trap Bara Faucet within the pipes until it only had one exit where they could team up and attack. Still troubled by its liquid metal form, they trick Bara Faucet into a facility where it is sprayed with liquid nitrogen, freezing it long enough for KingRanger to defeat it with the King Victory Flash. After Acha and Kocha grow it, it is quickly destroyed for good by King Pyramidder Battle Formation.


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Powers and Abilities


  • It's main ability is to shrink in size and traverse through water pipes where it can hide itself undetected without being noticed. Upgraded from Faucetchuck, it likewise was given a "liquid metal" body that makes it easier to elude attack.
  • Like many other Sentai monsters, it has the ability to assume a human form.

Behind the Scenes


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