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Faucet Mask

Faucet Mask.

Faucet Mask (蛇口仮面 Jaguchi Kamen) is the second of Black Cross Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask's Masked Monsters.

Character History

A master assassin, Faucet Mask is initially called to Japan by Golden Mask to deal with the Gorengers while they take a vacation in a beachside resort town. He tries several methods of attacking the Gorenger, including attacking them while they're underwater swimming, poisoning their drinks and even dispensing a noxious gas into their rooms, but the team eludes him one attack after another. When the Gorengers catch on to him, they trick him out by making it seem like he got them with a Ball Bomb thrown while they were in the ocean but allowing for them to emerge and take him on. When Momorenger uses an Earring Bomb on him near the water, he falls right in appearing to be defeated.

However due to Golden Mask's insistence that Faucet Mask finishes his job, the Commander-in-Chief accompanies him and helps in abducting Taro and Yoko, with the kid going free with the threat that Yoko is executed while Faucet Mask prepares to attack an ambassador attending a peace meeting. Faucet Mask takes care of the agent while confronted by Tsuyoshi, Kenji and Daigoro before the entire team confronts him fully. Using a diamond ring that Yoko gives him after saving her, Akira finally pierces Faucet Mask's tank making it of no further use. The team then uses a Gorenger Hurricane to become a fireball; Faucet Mask feels no fear from it and hits it with one of his pipe tonfa, but the ball catches it on fire and the heat ultimately makes him explode. Ep. 56: Blue Summer Vacation! A Demon's Killing Beach


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Modus and Arsenal

Faucet Mask is a master assassin, who has various means and abilities for attacking opponents including sneak attacks or poison pills that dissolve in liquid or the Black Cross' Ball Bomb. His main weapon is his tank-like head, which can dispense anything within by spinning the wheel on top of it, including machine guns or a noxious gas. The tank is strong defensively and can't be harmed by Aorenger's Blue Cherry. He also uses two pipe tonfa which occasionally have spiked balls he can use for projectiles.



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Behind the Scenes

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