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Faucet Hildon (ジャグチヒルドン Jaguchi Hirudon) is a faucet-themed Hildon Type Jamen Beast of the Dark Empire Yodonheim.

Character History

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Powers and Abilities

Faucet Hildon's flight form

  • Transformation: Due to being a Hildon-type Dark Beast, Faucet Hildon can change from its standard form to its " flight" form and vice-versa.
    • Flight: It can fly through the air while in its flight form.
  • Water Generation: It can generate murky water from its faucet nose.
    • Bechat Summoning: It can summon Bechats by spraying murky water in its flight form, the act of which resembles a garden sprinkler being activated.
    • Magic Circle Creation: It can also draw a magic circle with its murky water.


  • Faucet Nose Blockage: If something is lodged in its faucet nose, it won't be able to produce any murky water.


  • Height: 46.5 m
  • Weight: 1477.3 tons
  • Dark Beast: Hildon
  • Jamen: Faucet

Behind the Scenes


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  • Its name comes from the Japanese word for leech (ヒル Hiru).
  • Faucet Hildon is the first Jamen Beast with the following factors:
    • It is the first faucet-themed monster since Bara Faucet from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger.
    • It is the first Jamen Beast to not have a known Jamenshi counterpart.
      • This is largely because the concept of a Jamenshi had yet to be introduced.
    • It is the first monster to appear in a Reiwa Era Sentai Series.
      • It is also the first Naturally Giant Monster to appear in a Reiwa Era Sentai Series.
    • It is the first Jamen Beast to be destroyed by the Kiramai Machines.
    • It is the first Hildon Type Jamen Beast.


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