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"(a bunch of uses of the phrase NS). Letting go N and N. You too shall believe in the power of my magic magnetic, gauss. Right?""
―Father Magnet's first words when we first saw him as a man of the clothe and then him breaking the Fourth Wall.[src]
""But you weren't horseshoed!""
―Father Magnet's final words before his death.[src]

'Master Magnet is a magnet themed Gorma Minion serving under Gara.

Character History

A Gorma who poses as a man of the clothe, and his power was to set up a magnetic field by whomever he touched. The Dairangers were able to turn his own power against him, using a special train-inspired attack which sent TenmaRanger flying right into him with the repulsing polarity they all gained. After growing and attaching the magnet to the Dairen'oh's chest, he made the magnet charge up with magnetic light waves, completely shocking the Dairangers. (he was trying to throw the magnet around their head akin to a game of horseshoes) However, when Dairen'oh sliced the magnet in half, it managed to strike back with its sword. Killed by Dairen'oh.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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