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"N S, N S, N S, N S, N S, N S, N S. Stick N N. Letting go, N and N. You too shall believe in the power of my magic magnetic, gauss. Right?"
―Father Magnet's first words when we first saw him as a man of the clothe and then him breaking the Fourth Wall.[src]

―A word that appears in most of Father Magnet's sentences.[src]

"How impudent. You think you can win against me, Mr. Father Magnet, gauss?"
―Father Magnet revealing his real form to Shoji and Rin. The line itself is in response to Shoju arrogantly claiming that he was the most invincible person on Earth.[src]

"Damn you. Enlargement Bomb, gauss."
―Father Magnet when he enlarged himself.[src]

"Horseshow, you. I'll horseshoe you with a horseshoe, gauss!"
―Father Magnet when confronting Dairenoh.[src]

"But you weren't horseshoed!"
―Father Magnet's final words before his death.[src]

Father Magnet (磁石神父 Jishaku Shinpu):


A magnet themed Gorma Minion serving under Gara who posed as a man of the clothe and ended many of his sentences with "gauss." His power is channelled through his NS Stick and could set up a magnetic field by whomever he touched and. His actual plan was that his powers of repulsion could humans tear humans apart from thier friends and family that they love the most and can't save each other will eventually burn with despair and die. With the human race gone, the Gorma Tribe could take command over what was left. However, the Dairangers were able to turn his own power against him using a special train-inspired attack which sent TenmaRanger flying right into him with the repulsing polarity they all gained. A super powerful punch to the chest from Shoji sent him flying back an incredible distance before slamming into the walls of a power plant. After this, he used his Growth Bomb and attached a giant magnet to Dairen'oh's chest and making the magnet charging up with magnetic light waves to electrocute the Dairangers. He was trying to throw the magnet around their head akin to a game of horseshoes but, when Dairen'oh literally pulled the magnet in half by using thier Qi-Power to neutralise the magnetism, he decided to just charge at it outright only to be killed by the Raging Hurricane Waves attack.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

  • Father Magnet's use of the word "gauss" in many of his sentences may be a reference to Carl Fredrich Gauss, a German mathematician and physicist who made significant contributions to many fields in mathematics and science. He was also a devout Christian who founded many missionaries in his lifetime.

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