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Fast Exit is a comic story based on Power Rangers RPM, which was printed as part of the 74th issue of Egmont's UK Power Rangers Magazine.[1]



As our three Rangers are wondering who will become Rangers Black and Green, Doctor K tells them to check out Station 19 as there is some unusual activity happening there. Using Flynn's Hummer they arrive to find Tenaya outside the city aiming a huge Jet Blaster at the fire gate of Station 19, she plans to fire a shockwave blast that will blow the burning gas back in to Corinth destroying the city. The Rangers morph and start to battle with Tenaya. Not far away a black car speeds across the desert, inside Dillon and Ziggy only see the dust from the battle but they decide to keep heading for Corinth. Back at the battle, Tenaya starts the trigger sequence on the Jet Blaster and jumps clear, but before it fires ranger Blue drives his Hummer at it causing the weapon's barrel to spin round. When it stops, it is facing towards Tenaya then fires sending her flying far away into the distance.[2]




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