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"Pardon me, please listen up! Pardon me, please listen up! Pardon me, please listen up! Thank you for your immediate attention. Same to those right next to you. I am a Gorma. As a Gorma flute player, i am the Fast-Talking Wanderer. I am very pleased to meet you!"
―Fast-Talking Wanderer's first words when introducing himself to Shoji, Kou and Rin.[src]

"Hold it! I cannot allow you! I will be your last opponent!"
―Fast-Talking Wanderer when confronting the Dairangers.[src]

"Damn you! How dare you do this to me!"
―Fast-Talking Wanderer reacting to the Chi-Power Bazooka.[src]

"I've been defeated. Military and horse gear, everything explodes here! And that's it. (。、!。 . , ! .)"
―Fast-Talking Wanderer's final words before his death.[src]

The Fast-Talking Wanderer (早口旅ガラス Hayakuchi Tabigarasu, 29-30): A Gorma Minion serving under Lieutenant Colonel Shadam.


A champion talker and the Gorma's best flute player. the Fast-Talking Wanderer's signature weapons were bombs that detonated if you failed to say a tongue-twister. He was gathering children with his fishing rod to slave for the Gorma to open a crack in the gates of Hell, so that the Gorma Triumvirate could drink in that power emitted from it. Fast-Talking Wanderer was first seen as a very strange man in a funky hat confronting Shoji, Kou and Rin when they went looking for three previous children who he had kidnapped. One by one, he was able to capture the Dairangers' weaponry to leave them unable to meddle with his schemes. It was during his part in the plan that he exposed Kou as KibaRanger and allowed Shadam to grow into a giant. Ep. 29: The (Secret) Inside Story of a Mother and Child's Tears

Once RyuseiOh defeated Shadam when the gates of Hell were closed, the Fast-Talking Wanderer stayed behind as the Triumvirate fled to guard the stolen weapons. He threw a statue of a monk at Shoji but he successfully said the tongue twister and threw it back where it exploded and blasted down Fast-Talking Wanderer. He recovered and threw a scroll based bomb but this time Rin successfully threw it back at him which also blasted it down. Although he then used his fishing rod to nab and throw around the Dairangers, Ryo summoned Byakkoshinken and stabbed him hard enough that he then went flying back. Enraged, Fast-Talking Wanderer drew a sword and charged but the Dairangers summoned the Chi-Power Bazooka (the only weapon not stolen by the Gorma due to just having been invented) and finished him off. Fast-Talking Wanderer had just enough time to refference Charge Of The Light Brigade before falling on his face and exploding. Despite his death, his fishing rod was recovered by the Gorma Emperor and used to retrieve Akomaru from Hell. Ep. 30: The Deadly, Fast-Talking Workaholic


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Modus and Arsenal

  • Kaki-bomb: "The customer sitting next to me is eating a lot of persimmons." (となりきゃくはよくかききゃくだ。」 "Tonari no kyaku wa yoku kaki kuu kyaku da.")
  • Frog-bomb: "A frog jumps and jumps three times, jumps and jumps in total six times." (かえるピョコピョコピョコピョコ、わせてピョコピョコろくピョコむピョコピョコ。」 "Kaeru pyoko-pyoko mi pyoko-pyoko, awasete pyoko-pyoko roku pyoko mu pyoko-pyoko.")
  • Bamboo-bomb: "Who placed this bamboo pole against this bamboo hedge?" (となり竹薮たけやぶたけてかけたのだれだ?」 "Tonari no take yabu ni take tatekaketa no dare da?")
  • Paper-bomb: "Tokyo patent office." (東京とうきょう特許とっきょ許可局きょかきょく。」 "Tōkyō Tokkyo Kyoka kyoku.")
  • Wheat-rice-egg-bomb: "Raw wheat, raw rice, raw egg." (生麦なまむぎ生米なまごめ生卵なまたまご。」 "Nama mugi, nama gome, nama tamago.")
  • Peach-bomb: "Peaches and plums are part of the peach family." (すもももももうち。」 "Sumomo mo momo mo momo no uchi.")
  • Monk-bomb: "The monk drew a good picture of another monk on the folding screen." (坊主ぼうず上手じょうず屏風びょうぶ坊主ぼうずいた。」 "Bōzu ga jōzu ni byōbu ni bōzu no e wo kaita.")
  • Scroll-bomb: "Blue scroll, red scroll, yellow scroll." (青巻紙あおまきがみ赤巻紙あかまきがみ黄巻紙きまきがみ。」 "Ao makigami, aka makigami, ki makigami")


concept art


Behind the Scenes

  • His motif is the one of a Microphone.

Fast-Talking Wanderer inspired other game-based monsters in the Sentai history:

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