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"HE HE HE HE HE! EH HE HE HE HE! Power Rangers, HE HE HE! I’m here."
―Fangs first words after being sent into Angel Grove Forest.[src]

"Oh no! Not until I get some gooney bird eggs!"
―Fang reacting to the newly arrived Power Rangers.[src]

"Yes my Evilness!"
―Fang after being enlarged and enhanced by Rita and after being commanded to kill the Rangers.[src]

―Fang’s final words before his death[src]

Fang was a gooney bird egg-obsessed fish monster who serves as the main antagonist of the episode "The Yolk's on You!".


Fang was created by Finster on Rita's's birthday that he would use to destroy the Rangers as the perfect gift. Fang was completely obsessed with a strange type of blue eggs Rita then sent him into Angel Grove Forest with Goldar, Squatt and Baboo. Fang found some gooney bird eggs there which Squatt and Baboo then ate. Fang found that they had been eaten, causing this apparently less evil monster to become insane and be easily manipulated by the other Evil Space Aliens, though he had no idea who ate them. He was convinced by Goldar that the Power Rangers had stolen his previous batch of eggs. Goldar convinced him that the Power Rangers had eaten them which sent him into a seething rage and later attacked them in the quarry. The Rangers tried to fight back but their Blade Blasters were useless and Fang easily threw them around. He then retreated to a cliff side to cry over his meal when Rita appeared. She promised Fang an endless supply of gooney bird eggs, as well as the two previously eaten ones that Rita repaired with her magic but only if he can defeat the Rangers first.

Fang complied with this ultimatum and was grown into a giant which gave him gauntlet blades and extended his horns. The Rangers summoned the Megazord but Fang was more than a match. They then tried to reason with Fang by explaining to him that they are unaware of any eggs and that they have taken nothing from him, but Fang refused to listen and ultimately took them down. Rita then told him to destroy a dam but Tommy (who had been captured by the Putties earlier) morphed after defeating them and played his Dragon Dagger, The Dragonzord's intervention prevented him from flooding Angel Grove although the monster still proved more than a match so they formed the Dragonzord in Battle Mode with the Tyrannosaurus running support. The monster easily fought off the Power Staff and despite the Tyrannosaurus knocking him down, he knocked them back with his horn blasts. With no alternatives remaining, the Rangers are forced to disengage the Dragonzord Battle Mode and form the Ultrazord. Fang charged at it fearlessly but was mowed down in a massive laser barrage.


Fang was a very stupid and gluttonous monster and very short-tempered when it comes to the very rare gooey-bird eggs, as Goldar, Squatt and Baboo found out when they ate the gooey-bird eggs he was saving for lunch, causing him to lose his capacity for reason and making it easier for the other villains to manipulate him. The monster is also clearly also very gulible in order to believe this. He is also clearly fearless, or more likely just extremely dense, since he charged at Goldar, Squatt and Baboo in anger despite Goldar wielding a massive sword and charging at the Ultrazord and its massive cannons.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Fang is an immensely powerful monster, knocking Jason down with a single punch as well as throw boulders like they are nothing. When giant, he was able to catch the Dragonzord Battle Mode's Power Staff between his hands.
  • Durability: Fang has thick fish-like skin, allowing him to shrug off a stab to the chest from Jason's Blade Blaster in sword mode and when giant, he was slashed down by the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord but immediately recovered.
  • Body Enhancement: When giant, Fang was able to extend his gauntlet claws and his horns which made him more powerful.
  • Energy Blasts: Fang could unleash blue energy from the horns on the back of his head when giant.


  • Claws: Fang has razor sharp claws that can cleave down the Rangers with single hits.
  • Gauntlet Blades: Fang has a gauntlet on either wrist that has extendable harpoon tip-like blades for extra effectiveness in combat. These were only used when he was giant because the blades were sheathed before Rita made him grow.
  • Boulders: When fighting the Rangers in the quarry, Fang picked up and threw small boulders to knock down the Rangers.

Behind The Scenes


  • Fang is voiced by Michael Sorich who also voices Squatt who gives him a Peter Lorre-like voice and makes him eating Fang's eggs very ironic.


  • As someone who just wanted lunch, Fang is the first (true) "sympathetic" monster in the Power Rangers franchise, with other more notable monsters being Waspicable and more famously Notacon.
    • This doesn't count Mr. Ticklesneezer since he turned out to be from a dream and not actually exist.
      • However, it could be argued that this is actually untrue seeing as he still tried to kill everybody in Angel Grove by destroying a dam.
  • In Zyuranger, Fang is not one of Rita's creations. It is actually a subterranean gentle creature awakened by an earthquake.
    • The reason that the viewers can see Fang crying over his lunch is because Bookback/Squatt ate her children in the Japanese version and she was mourning them since she was the last of her species. Luckily, there were still three eggs left that would eventually hatch and allow her species to continue. Due to this being implied genocide, this was changed to him just wanting a balanced lunch.
      • Similarly, Fang’s habit of laughing may have been done to take away sympathy for him getting destroyed by the Rangers.
  • Fang's counterpart was female but Saban flipped his gender.
    • The reason for this is probably due to kids likely being able to piece together the eggs belonging to a female that they were originally her children like in Zyuranger. This gender switch is to try and disguise the change in character motivation.
  • In the original Japanese episode, Fang was originally destroyed by the Dragonzord Battle Mode, not the Ultrazord. This is is why the episode has a weird four way montage of the Megazord forming.
    • This was probably changed because censors realized impaling a monster and leaving a gaping hole in their middle was likely not going to fly with parents.

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