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Character History

Falufian Yaako (ファルファ星人ヤーコ Farufaseijin Yāko, 38): Yaako is a small alien child that somewhat resembles a piglet; hence Ban calling her "kobuta-chan" (the Japanese word for piglet). She has the ability to manipulate locks; because of this, she was partnered with the Alienizer Aladonian Gyanjava to commit mass burglary across the galaxy. One day, she ran away from Gyanjava and approached the SPD for protection. During the escort operation, Yaako and Ban were tricked into riding a bicycle rigged with a speed-sensitive explosive set up by Gyanjava, who revealed that he killed Yaako's parents and kidnapped her to do his dirty work. Ban and Yaako rode the bicycle away from the city, but an ambush by an army of Batsuroids and Anaroids forced them off a cliff. It was at this moment that Yaako's heart sparked and she changed into her true form - a beautiful humanoid teenage girl with wings, saving Ban from the explosion. She then used her power to strip Gyanjava of his armor before Ban deleted him. In the end, Yaako was assigned to help the SPD.


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  • Falufian Yaako is portrayed by Shoko Nakagawa; she previously was a child who appeared in Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman. She likewise is notable for hosting Pokemon Sunday, a show which airs as a rival to Super Sentai on network TV-Tokyo.

Behind the Scenes

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