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"Look who we have here, it's the traitor!"

Falkar is a falcon-themed warrior demon and is one of Diabolico's most powerful monsters, alongside Demonite and Thunderon.


Diabolico released three last monsters to help him defeat the Lightspeed Rangers. They let go explosive feathers around the city. Falkar can use his staff to rotate at an alarming speed, kicking as he goes along, but their plan was foiled by the Rangers when Ryan came to the rescue.

Soon after the defeat of their leader Demonite, Falkar and Thunderon retreated to a factory, where the Rangers surrounded them. While fighting them, the Dana and Kelsey used their powers to engulf Falkar in rubble. Falkar made his way out of the rubble, and cowardly stood on the sidelines as Thunderon fights. He is busted by Diabolico who asked if he'd like to join the battle. Falkar declined stating that he'd like to see how Thunderon does first, but Diabolico states that he insists as he tosses an advanced growth card on his back, causing him to grow into an advanced giant form. He is destroyed by the Max Solarzord.

Converted into a crystal form by Diabolico, Falkar is soon combined with his fellow monsters to create the monster amalgamation known as Troika.


Falkar took great pleasure in destroying the Rangers and is highly loyal to Diabolico, although he is somewhat of a coward, as before Diabolico caught him, he was going to let Thunderon battle the Rangers for him while he takes the credit from Diabolico himself. Despite this Falkar geniunely cares about his comrades Demonite and Thunderon.

Powers and Abilities


  • Strength
  • Agility: Of the three monsters, Falkar is the fastest.
  • Eagle Eye Laser: From the eagle head on the top of Falkars head, he can fire strong blue energy lasers from the eagle eyes.
  • Force-Field Generation: When alongside Demonite and Thunderon, he can crate a force field that is strong enough to block the Rescue Bird.


  • Staff: Falkar has a three-clawed staff that aids him in combat.
    • Spinning Kick: With the staff, Falkar can perform the spinning kick.
  • Explosive Feather Creation: Behind his back is a pair of bird like wing, he can use a feather and blow them at the enemy, it will explode at sun set.

Advanced Form

  • Strength: Falkar posses a far greater strength than he has before.


  • Staff: Falkar retains his staff for combat like he did in his original form.
    • Spinning Kick: Falkar can perform the spinning kick with his staff like he can previously in his original form, but is far stronger.

Behind the Scenes




  • Falkar is the only demon of three, who was never destroyed in human size.

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