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"Look who we have here, it's the traitor!"

Falkar was a falcon-themed elf warrior demon and one of Diabolico's most powerful monsters, alongside Demonite and Thunderon. Falkar serves as one of the main antagonists of the episodes "Ryan's Destiny", "Curse of the Cobra" and "Strength of the Sun", and as part of Troika, he serves as the secondary antagonist of the episode "The Cobra Strikes".


Diabolico released three most powerful monsters to help him defeat the Lightspeed Rangers. They were known as Troika demons. Then he sent them to the Mariner Bay. Falkar and his comrades took great pleasure in destroying the Power Rangers. Their first plan was to use explosive, harmless looking feathers to destroy the city by luring the children into playing with them. Upon reaching the hill, they created unique feathers from their wings and unleashed them on the city. Soon their presence was revealed by Rangers and the heroes arrived. In the first battle with rangers, Falkar fought Carter and Chad and easily defeated them using his great speed and agility. Then the villains revealed that their feathers were actually explosives that would detonate in dark areas and every feather would destroy the city at sunset. Rangers continued the fight, but still were no match for Diabolico's most powerful minions. As sunset neared, rangers fell back with the villains in pursuit. The Rangers tried to use the Rescue Bird against them, but monsters reflected the blast at the heroes, heavily injuring them. Soon the rangers were surrounded by explosive feathers and were too damaged to escape, leaving the demons to enjoy their fate. At sunset, the feathers exploded one by one, sending the rangers crashing through the wall of the warehouse. Unable to fight anymore, the Rangers were left at the mercy of the three demons, but Ryan arrived to aid his friends. Though Falkar battled Ryan, he and his comrades were defeated and retreated, promising to return. Ryan's Destiny

Then they returned and again clashed with the Rangers. Diabolico gave their leader Demonite a card capable of creating a clone of himself. In the battle, Demonite used the card to create a clone of himself, connected to him, who fought Ryan, while main team of heroes fought the evil demons. The Demonite clone even redirected the shots of V-Lancers. Falkar and Thunderon witnessed as Carter threatened to destroy Demonite with the V-Lancer and Rescue Bird: Unilaser, if he wouldn't call out his clone. However, as Demonite attacked, Carter pulled the trigger, destroying Demonite and nearly himself. Falkar and Thunderon watched how the revived and gigantic Demonite was defeated by Lightspeed Megazord and Supertrain Megazord before retreating. Curse of the Cobra

Later, Falkar and Thunderon returned and again battled the heroes on a factory. During the fight, Dana and Kelsey used their powers to bury Falkar in rubble. Even without Demonite they were able to easily defeat the rangers. However, they used moment of ceasefire to destroy Thunderon with Spectra Blast. Thunderon was revived by Diabolico and fought Supertrain Megazord. Falkar made his way out of the rubble and cowardly stood and watched how Thunderon fights. He was found by Diabolico, who asked if he'd like to join the battle. Falkar declined stating that he'd like to see how Thunderon does first, but Diabolico stated that he insists and tossed his growth card at Falkar's back, causing him to grow into his giant advanced form. However, they were both eventually defeated by Supertrain Megazord and Ryan's Max Solarzord. Strength of the Sun

Converted into a crystal form by Diabolico, Falkar is soon combined with his fellow monsters to create the monster amalgamation known as Troika. Diabolico arrived to Mariner Bay and briefly encountered the rangers. Then he activated the crystals and fused the essences of Demonite, Thunderon and Falkar into the new ultimate demon Troika. With all powers of three demons at his disposal, Troika easily defeated the rangers, forcing them to retreat. Then he attacked and ambushed the centre of Mariner Bay, to draw out the Power Rangers. They arrived but again couldn't take down the monster. So without other options, heroes activated their last weapon - the Battle Booster. With the Battle Booster, the Rangers' strength were highly increased and they were able to finally defeat Troika, putting the end to Diabolico's demons. The Cobra Strikes


Falkar took great pleasure in destroying the Rangers and is highly loyal to Diabolico, although he is somewhat of a coward, as before Diabolico caught him, he was going to let Thunderon battle the Rangers for him while he takes the credit from Diabolico himself. Despite this Falkar geniunely cares about his comrades Demonite and Thunderon.

Powers And Abilities


  • Strength: Falkar possesses great strength and can battle the Rangers.
  • Speed: Of the three monsters, Falkar is the fastest.
  • Falcon Eye Laser: From the falcon head on the top of his head, Falkar can fire strong blue energy lasers from the falcon eyes.
  • Force-Field Generation: When alongside Demonite and Thunderon, he can create a force field that is strong enough to block the Rescue Bird.
  • Teleportation: He can teleport to any location at will by appearing out of thin air and vanishing in a flash of red light.


  • Staff: Falkar has a three-clawed staff that aids him in combat.
    • Spinning Kick: With the staff, Falkar can perform a spinning kick.
  • Explosive Feathers: Behind his back is a pair of bird like wings, where he can use a feather and blow them at the enemy, which explodes at sunset.

Advanced Form

  • Strength: Falkar possesses far greater strength than he has before.


  • Staff: Falkar retains his staff for combat like he did in his original form.
    • Spinning Kick: Falkar can perform the spinning kick with his staff like he can previously in his original form, but is far stronger.

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