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"Pirate Copy! Twokaizer!"
―Fake Twokaizer's Roll Call[src]

"Let's make this thrilling!"
―Fake Twokaizer's pre-battle catchphrase[src]

"Screw You!"
―Fake Zocks's final words before his death[src]

Fake Zocks was an evil clone of Zocks Goldtsuiker, created by the Copy World. He changes in the Fake Twokaizer.

Character History

When Copy World scanned Zenkaizer and Twokaizer with his Copyright beam, he created evil copies of the two Rangers, who immediately made quick work of the real Zenkaigers before escaping.

Fake Kaito and Fake Zocks would later go on to commit a series of crimes ranging from robbery to assault, with the total number of incidents amounting to a staggering total of over 200. As a result of mistaken identity, the real Kaito would be arrested by the police, though he would later be broken out of police custody by the real Zocks.

As the two fakes were in the midst of continuing their crime spree, they came face to face with the four other Zenkaigers. Fake Kaito would use his image to taunt the four Kikainoids into not being able to shoot him, while the two fakes made use of this opening to shoot them down. However, they were stopped by their real counterparts who appeared in the nick of time, and would later be defeated by their real counterparts in their Super modes, right as Copy World would also be defeated by the other Zenkaigers.


While both the original and the fake are similar in the way they act as thieves, Fake Zocks is comparably more evil, seeking thrill from committing actual crimes and causing harm to people.

Fake Twokaizer

Fake Twokaizer

Fake Twokaizer (initial form)

"Yōsorō! Twokai Ni Revolution!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 185 cm[1]
  • Weight: 100 kg[1]
  • Speed: 120 km/h[1]
  • Power: 1600 hp[1]


When he was originally created by Copy World, Fake Twokaizer appeared identical to the original Twokaizer. After committing a few evil deeds alongside Fake Kaito, when Fake Zocks transforms once again, Fake Twokaizer gains a pair of evil eyes on his visor. The voice of the transformation announcement also becomes deeper and distorted right at the end.

Appearances: Zenkaiger Episode 21

Behind the Scenes


Like the original, Fake Zocks is portrayed by Atsuki Mashiko (増子 敦貴 Mashiko Atsuki). As Fake Twokaizer, his suit actor is Takahiro Yoneoka[2] (米岡 孝弘 Yoneoka Takahiro).


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  • To distinguish Fake Twokaizer as being a creation of Copy World, his roll call sequence has its elements animated with paper-like qualities.



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