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"Unknown to the people, unknown to the world, we become shadows strike the good. Windy-Ninja Squadron Hurricaneger! Uh, On~ Stage~! (人も知らず、世も知らず、影となりて善を討つ。忍風戦隊ハリケンジャー!あ、参~上~! Hito mo shirazu, yo mo shirazu, kage to narite Zen o utsu. Ninpū Sentai Harikenjā! A, San~jō~!)"
―Hurricanegers announcing their arrival[src]

The Fake Rangers (ニセレンジャー Nise Renjā, 48) were evil copies of the Hurricanegers, Gouraiger, and Shurikenger.


Madogi of the Phantom Beast Corps created evil duplicates of the Earth Ninja using the feathers from the deceased Disaster Fan-Beast Dezargi which contained their data to draw out the real ones as part of Sandaaru's plan to trap them to lure out Kagura to destroy the barrier he made with the Raging Arrow medal. The fakes have the same weapons and abilities as their counterparts. Though the fakes were destroyed after Kagura destroyed the barrier, this was part of Sandaaru's plan to take control of the Hurricangers, Gouraigers, as well as Shurikenger with the special cat collars the Fake Rangers had to force Kagura to feel sadness so he could remove the Grieving Bow medal she possessed from within her body.

Fake Rangers

While the Fake Rangers perfectly resemble their counterparts the only distinguishable trait is the special cat collars around their neck that were transferred to their counterparts upon their death.

Hawk Fake HurricaneRed
Dolphin Fake HurricaneBlue
Lion Fake HurricaneYellow
Beetle Fake KabutoRaiger
Stag Fake KuwagaRaiger
Star Fake Shurikenger



  • These fake Rangers were not adapted in Power Rangers Ninja Storm. Though there were Evil Ninja Rangers, their origin was different in that they came from a parallel universe rather than copies of the Rangers. There were also only five evil Rangers as there was no counterpart of the Blue Wind Ranger.
    • The reason why the Fake Rangers could not be adapted was due to the presence of Kagura, a Japanese person and unadapted Hurricanger character during the battle.

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