This article is about a/an dimension in Kousoku Sentai Turboranger.

Fairy World is a dimension where beings known as fairies are known to exist and originally come from. It is only accessible through a special Fairy Gate which appears and disappears at random and allows for anyone, including humans and even Boma, to enter and go to the realm of the fairies. Within this dimension exists a castle where a valuable, powerful artifact known as the "Love Stone" exists, which is stated to have the power to stop all violence between enemy combatants instantly.

Fairy World is "used" by Great Boma Emperor Lagorn in a plan to ultimately create a new body for himself using the combating rivalry between the Turboranger and Wandering Boma to power him. Using One-Eyed Bōma, a duplicate Fairy Gate is created, which leads to Haruna running through it using the legend as stated by Fairy Seelon to find the Love Stone and put an end to the human/Boma war instantly. However while she does reach it, it merely reveals the success of the Boma Leader in using the legend to fool all sides.

While Lagorn merely used the existence of Fairy World as means to his end, its knowledge by Seelon suggests that it truly does exist even if the Turboranger merely went to a fake version.Ep. 46: Lagorn's Counterattack

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