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The Fairy-Boma War was a war that occurred 20,000 years prior to the start of Kousoku Sentai Turboranger which affected the events of the series.


20,000 years prior, three races of beings existed and lived among one another side-by-side: the early traces of humanity, the spiritual race known as the fairies, and a demon-like race known as the Hundred Boma Tribes. Although the three races lived together, there was always tension between the three, particularly with the relations with the Boma towards the other two. The Boma, lead by Great Boma Emperor Lagorn, saw themselves as the superior civilization and desired the superiority of the tribes to have full control of the planet over humans and fairies.

Under Lagorn's leadership, the Boma tribes went to war with the other tribes, leading to a massive conflict with many casualties. Humans and fairies worked together to fight against the Boma, with fairy magic being a key element allowing for the Boma to be defeated by being sealed away; however in many cases at the cost of their lives.

However, the relations of the war was much more complex than given, with many circumstances showing that it wasn't necessarily as simple as thought. In one case, a powerful human warrior fell into despair and was ultimately killed in the battlefield, his despair making him reborn as the powerful Dark Boma Zimba. In others, several Boma individuals or tribes tried to stay out of the war or, in the cases of Ruffian Boma and Sumo Boma, became acknowledged by the fairies for their deeds and duties or their choices on the battlefield as opposed to merely following Lagorn's orders. The most complex relations were those of beings known as the "Wandering Boma", humanoids who were born of both human and Boma relations granting them great power but preventing them from having any allegiance towards either, making them ignored, persecuted and ridiculed by both factions.

At the end of the war, Saint Beast Lakia, the guardian spirits of the fairies, used his massive power to place a seal upon Boma Castle, freezing it in place within the sky and preventing Lagorn from being able to lead his Boma forces in combat. With Lagorn and the Boma headquarters sealed off, nearly all the remaining Boma were sealed away preventing them from causing any more trouble or damage to the Earth. However despite the normal Boma being sealed off, the Wandering Boma were able to escape due to their dual heritage allowing them to elude humans and fairies and allowing for them to disappear and wander through history for the next 20,000 years in search of a place to call their own.Ep. 2: Did You Guys See a Fairy!?Ep. 3: Boma Castle! The 20,000-Year CurseKousoku Sentai Turboranger: The MovieEp. 7: The Lover-Eating Boma Beast!Ep. 12: The Boma Beast That Became a Star!Ep. 14: He's Here! The Wandering Exchange StudentEp. 21: Dosukoi ContestEp. 31: Woman Warrior KirikaEp. 48: The Wandering Boma's Secret


Due to the effort of the combined human/fairy war-front and the power of the fairy seals, the Boma were able to remained hidden and forgotten in human history for 20,000 years. However, a combination of elements, including human environmental destruction, a lack of belief in fairies and the fairies being reduced to only one remaining being, Fairy Seelon, ultimately leads to a chain reaction when Stone Bōma is accidentally released by humans, reviving the entire Boma warfleet and ultimately leading to the fall of Lakia and the re-release of Lagorn and Boma Castle. However due to the combined research of Dr. Dazai in using modern technology with fairy magic and the emergence of five humans who had gained fairy power within themselves in the past, a new squadron of heroes, the Turborangers, would ultimately appear to combat against the revived Boma threat. The Boma's re-emergence would likewise lead to the re-emergence of the two Wandering Boma, Yamimaru and Kirika, who would fight to determine their own worth and where they belong in society during the battle until they ultimately choose to side with humanity despite seeing themselves as better than both humans and Boma in ultimately defeating Lagorn and the Boma threat once and for all. When the final Boma menace ends, Yamimaru and Kirika disappear once again as Seelon finally ascends to the heavens, the job of the fairies complete with the Boma threat forever vanquished.Ep. 2: Did You Guys See a Fairy!?Ep. 3: Boma Castle! The 20,000-Year CurseEp. 16: Firing the V-Turbo BazookaFinal Ep.: Graduation of Youth

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