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Facing the Past is the thirty-third episode of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. This episode explores Karone's past as Astronema and introduces Leo's Battlizer, the second in the Power Rangers franchise (with first being Andros).


When Leo is attacked by the Magnetox monster, he is drained of his powers and can no longer morph. Karone takes Leo to meet a powerful warrior that she (as Astronema) had long ago petrified, and who may hold the keys to restoring Leo's powers. However, before Karone can help Leo, she must first stand against her past crimes.


On an unknown planet, Trakeena and Villamax approach Magnetox, wanting to see if he is worthy of defeating the Power Rangers. To test Magnetox, Villamax summons the Stingwingers to attack the monster, but Magnetox proves his worth by besting them in combat. Magnetox showcases his Magnet Staff's capabilities by draining the Stingwingers of their energy, turning them into weak maggots that fall onto the ground. After seeing Magentox pass the test, Trakeena and Villamax are left impressed.

On Terra Venture, Karone is playing with some of the kids when Leo comes by, getting dogpiled by the kids when they see him. After the kids leave with their parents, Leo jokingly calls Karone a big kid after seeing her have fun with the kids, but that causes her to remember how she used to have a normal childhood with her brother Andros until Darkonda kidnapped her on KO-35. Karone blames Darkonda for being the reason she became Astromena and tells Leo that she never had a proper childhood because of that. Suddenly, Magentox arrives at the park and challenges to two Rangers to fight him. Leo morphs but gets blasted by Magnetox before the latter strikes him with his Magnet Staff. Using the staff, Magnetox drains Leo of his powers, causing the latter to demorph in the process. When Karone checks on Leo, she sees that his Transmorpher is fried, but thankfully, the rest of the Rangers arrive as back up. Leo tried to morph again, but it does not work this time. Although Damon wants to continue the fight, Karone convinces him and the others to retreat. Damon holds Magentox off with his Trans Blaster and manages to escape with the others.

On the Astro Megaship, Alpha 6 does a bio scan on Leo, and finds out that his Red Ranger powers have been completely drained. To make things worse, they have no idea how to get them back from Magentox. However, Karone believes that there might be one way to get them back. Back when she was Astronema, she fought against a powerful warrior who held two keys on his shoulders, giving him great power. In addition, when the keys combined, they gave the warrior even more power. Before the warrior could do that though, Astronema blasted at him and turned him into stone. Leo thinks that the keys might still have the power they once had, but Karone doubts it as it was years ago when that happened. Despite the slim chance of the keys working, Leo believes it is the only way to stop Magnetox and regain his powers. Suddenly, Mike comes in and tells them that Magnetox is attacking again, with Kai, Maya, and Damon joining him.

As Magnetox attacks the city with Leo’s absorbed powers, the Rangers confront him. However, Magnetox is too powerful even against four powerful Rangers, eventually draining Kai and Maya of their powers. Mike and Damon take the injured Kai and Maya out of the city dome so Magnetox will not cause any more damage, but the latter chases after them.

Meanwhile, Leo and Karone take the Astro Megaship to the planet where the warrior lived and reach the cave where he rests. As they reach the entrance, a skeleton animates itself and berates Karone, referring to her as Astronema, for striking down the warrior. As punishment, the skeleton pins Leo down to the ground with lightning and creates a ghostly image of Astronema, telling Karone that it was time to face her past and prove she was genuinely good now. Karone fights against Astronmena and manages to take her staff away before firing at her. In response, Astronema grabs a sword and threatens to kill Leo if Karone does not give up. Karone drops Astronema’s staff and tells her former self to take her life instead of Leo’s, but that causes the ghost to disappear and Leo to be free from the ground. The skeleton tells Karone that she passed the test, and allows her and Leo to enter the cave.

Meanwhile, the Rangers make it to the factory district, but an explosion catches them off guard. Magnetox uses this opportunity to drain Mike and Damon of their powers. Damon pushes Magnetox onto a wall and tells his friend to run away, only for him to get struck down by Magnetox as Maya comes to his aide.

Inside the cave, Leo and Karone see the warrior still in his statue state, but the former cannot find the keys on him. This disheartens Karone as she blames herself for putting the warrior into this state, and tearfully apologizes to him. However, one of Karone’s tears lands on the warrior, curing him of his statue fate and bringing him back to the living. The warrior forgives Karone and gives Leo the keys, telling him that not only will his powers be restored, but they will give him even more than he could possibly imagine. As Leo takes the keys, his Transmorpher is restored to normal.

Back at the factory district, the powerless Rangers are hiding from Magnetox who is bent on finding them and finishing the job. Mangetox manages to find them but is stopped by a morphed Karone in the Jet Jammer as she rams him onto the railing. Then, a morphed Leo appears, declaring that he has some unfinished business with Magnetox. Using the keys, Leo activates his new battlizer form, the Red Armored Power Ranger. After Magnetox refuses to stand down, Leo uses the Armored claws to push back the monster with incredible force, before using the armors targeting system to fire a power blast at Magnetox, finally destroying the monster. With Magnetox destroyed, the other Rangers regain their respective powers as their Morphers are restored to normal, and they morph in response. As the Rangers congratulate Leo for a job well done, along with the admiration of his new abilities, Karone remarks that the warrior would be proud of him.

Later that day, the men are at the park playing football as Maya and Karone watch. Karone feels that she can now move on from her past as Astronema, and believes her future to be a bright one. Then, Maya suggests they play a little mischief on the men, before spraying them with a gardening hose.



  • During the flashback, Ecliptor is seen in his second, large-shouldered form as opposed to his original, caped form.
  • Maya was somehow able to blast Magnetox with the Delta Daggers.
  • The warrior was turned to stone outside the cave, but Leo and Karone found him inside.
  • Upon beginning his transformation into the Red Armored Power Ranger, Leo is suddenly wearing his Lights of Orion armor. This mistake will be repeated in future episodes.
  • Leo gave Magnetox the chance to retreat despite the fact that, had he done so, he would have gotten away with the Green, Blue, Yellow, and Magna Defender powers.
  • In Karone's flashback as a child, at one point, the viewers can hear someone chuckle. Despite not doing this before.


  • This episode contains no footage from Gingaman, although it did use a monster.
  • In Karone's newly-filmed flashback as Astronema, Ecliptor can be seen, although he has no dialogue.
  • The flashback of Karone and Andros playing and Darkonda kidnapping her that was seen in the Power Rangers in Space episodes "Never Stop Searching", "The Barillian Sting", and "Flashes of Darkonda" is seen again in this episode. This is the first time it is seen as Karone's flashback, and not as Andros's video, and the only time it is seen in Lost Galaxy.
  • This marks the first time that Mike teams up with Karone.
  • This is Andros's third appearance on Lost Galaxy, after To The Tenth Power and The Power of Pink.
  • When Karone faces her evil alter ego, Astronema's line is "Once evil, always evil!" This could be an opposing element to the saying "Once a Ranger, always a Ranger!" which was said by Tommy during Zeo.
  • The opening credits for this episode mark the permanent return of Leo's third cast shot.
  • Melody Perkins (Karone) joins the main cast in the credits, though Kendrix is still credited.
  • This is the first appearance of Astronema since "Countdown to Destruction" Part 2 in Power Rangers in Space; it is also her last appearance.
  • This is the only time in Power Rangers history that a villain from the previous season faced their reformed being.

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