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Face to Face are the eleventh and twelfth episodes Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. This marks the first appearance of the Sonic Streaker and the DriveMax Ultrazord, Tyzonn & The second jewel is revealed as the Toru Diamond.


Part 1

The Rangers try to translate the parchment that was recovered from Kamdor and Miratrix, but are ambushed by monsters sent by Moltor. Mack discovers that one of the monsters, an alien named Tyzonn, may not be evil, and tries to figure out the truth behind his actions.

Part 2

Mack and Tyzonn are ambushed by Bullox and a group of Lava Lizards as Rangers try to find Mack and reclaim the next jewel of the crown. 


Part 1

Mack, Andrew, and Spencer are in the control center. Andrew is working frantically. Mack: Dad, this is ridiculous. You've been working on the new zord 24/7. You've got to take a break. Spencer: Your pleads fall on deaf ears. Andrew tells them about the capabilities the Sonic Streaker will have once he is finished. Mack decides to get his dad a sandwich. Spencer becomes offended and tells Mack that he is the one who gets the sandwich around here. You don't' see him in a red shiny suit. Mack tells Spencer he would look good as a Red Ranger and Spencer agrees. Spencer leaves to get the sandwich. Andrew asks Mack if he would like to see a preview. The screen shows the Sonic Streaker. Mack is excited, especially when his dad tells him it's for him. Spencer walks in with a tray of two sandwiches. Mack can't wait to tell his friends about the Sonic Streaker. Mack grabs a sandwich and takes off. Spencer chuckles over the enthusiasm of youth and then takes a sandwich as well. After he has taken a bite, Spencer admits he makes a very good sandwich. Spencer walks off with Andre never getting a sandwich.

In Flurious's ice cave, a Chillers had just reported information to Flurious. Norg slides in and he is bored. Norg suggests to Flurious that they make snow angels for fun. Flurious has other ideas. Flurious contacts his brother, though his screen. Flurious tells Moltor he heard that he had the parchment that lead to the Toru Diamond. Moltor admits that he does not have the parchment, but insists that he will have it soon. As the screen closes, Flurious is amused. Nothing makes him happier than getting his brother riled up. In the Hartford mansion, Mack is going on and on about the Sonic Streaker to Ronny, Will, and Dax. Ronny is getting a little tired of hearing about it. Dax tells Mack that they are just jealous. Rose hurries in. Rose thinks she knows how they can translate the text on the parchment. Ronny asks Rose if she has a book on alien to English translation. Rose doesn't, but she thinks Professor Ryan from her university can help. Dax asks if he can come along, as he has never visited England before. Rose is happy to take Dax along. Will suggests they take Mack along so he can fill Rose in on the Sonic Streaker. Mack is more than happy to go and immediately launches into an explanation of all of Sonic Streaker's capabilities. Inside the volcano, Moltor waits impatiently. Finally several Lava Lizards bring in the alien Tyzonn. Moltor tells Tyzonn that he wants him to get a parchment for him. Tyzonn is surprise the task is so simple. Moltor tells Tyzonn when he gets the parchment, their agreement will be complete. Moltor creates a monster Bullox to help Tyzonn. Meanwhile, Dax, Rose, and Mack, in the S.H.A.R.C. reach England and Rose's university. Rose, Mack, and Dax sit at a table with Professor Ryan as Professor Ryan looks over the parchment. They are eager to know if Professor Ryan can help them. The four of them are blasted. Tyzonn runs up and grabs the parchment. Rose makes sure Professor Ryan is okay. Mack, Dax, and Rose morphed and go after Tyzonn. They end up outside the university. Tyzonn has Bullox with him. Dax and Rose battle Bullox as Mack battles Tyzonn. It is a difficult battle for all the Rangers. In the midst of the battle, Tyzonn drops a bag and some pieces fall out of it. Tyzonn is upset and grabs the pieces and quickly puts them back in his bag. Tyzonn continues to battle Mack. They fight over the parchment and Mack tears a small piece of the parchment off. Rose and Dax are knocked off their feet by Bullox. Tyzonn and Bullox vanish. Dax notices something on the pavement. It is a small crystal. Rose, Dax, and Mack return to the mansion with Professor Ryan. Professor Ryan recognizes some of the writing on the small piece of parchment as the same writing that is on crop circles. As Professor Ryan goes over the information he can gather from the piece of parchment, Andrew becomes excited as he realizes this can lead them to the Torhu diamond and the second jewel for the Corona Aurora crown. The teens become excited as well.

Professor Ryan prepares to leave and apologizes for not being able to help them more. Rose is walking Professor Ryan to the door and thanks him for his help. Professor Ryan tells Rose how proud they are of her at the university. Rose suggests that maybe one day she can teach a class. Dax is running a scan on the crystal, but cannot help anything unusual about it. Mack wonders why Tyzonn had gotten so upset over the crystal. Dax and Ronny can't believe any monster of Moltor's would have any sensitively. Ronny only knows he is going down. But Mack feels there is something more to Tyzonn. Elsewhere, Tyzonn is looking at the parchment. Bullox walks up behind him and Tyzonn tells him the most important part of the parchment is missing. Moltor walks up and he is not happy. Moltor tells Tyzonn to get the missing piece of parchment. Andrew is in his study when the sensors go off. All the teens raced into Andrew's study. The screen shows Tyzonn and Bullox attacking the city. Ronny asks if she can use the Transtek Armor and Andrew tells her yes. Ronny takes off for the control center. Mack pauses by the table and picks up the piece of parchment before taking off with his friends. In the city, the monster is pleased with all the destruction. Tyzonn doesn't see the need for so much destruction and wants to wait to the citizens are gone. Bullox thinks that what makes it fun. The Power Rangers arrive and get the citizens to safety. Tyzonn sees a citizen in danger. Ronny in the Transtek Armor, quickly stops the concrete from falling on the young woman. Tyzonn walks up to the woman and tells her to get to safety. The woman doesn't realize that Tyzonn is trying to help and screams in terror. Ronny, still inside the Transtek Armor, blasts Tyzonn. Mack has spotted what Tyzonn wanted to do. Bullox walks over to Tyzonn and helps him up. The Rangers asks Tyzonn what do they want. Tyzonn tells them they want the rest of the parchment. Mack tells the rest of the Rangers to stay alert and walks up to Tyzonn. Red Ranger demorphs. Mack tells Tyzonn he is not like the rest. Suddenly, the four Rangers fire rope at the monster and Mack tries to grab Tyzonn. Tyzonn takes off running and Mack chases after him. Tyzonn summons several Lava Lizards. Rose, DX, Will and Ronny are kept busy battling the Lava Lizards. Mack chases Tyzonn through the woods. Mack and Tyzonn battle in the woods. Tyzonn knocks Mack to the ground and tells him to leave him alone. Tyzonn walks away. Mack follows Tyzonn. Tyzonn reaches a waterfall and hates his reflection. Tyzonn gives a cry of anguish. Silently Mack watches.

Tyzonn becomes more agitated with his reflection and takes his foot and stomps it into the water. Mack walks up and tells him to take it easy. Tyzonn tells Mack he told him to stay away. Mack asks Tyzonn who he is. Tyzonn tells him he is no one and when Moltor finds out he doesn't have the piece of parchment, he will be eliminated. Meanwhile, Dax, Will, Ronny and Rose continued their battle with the Lava Lizards. Dax eventually uses the Defender Vest to turn the Lava Lizards to stone and then destroy them. Back in the woods, Mack tells Tyzonn that they both need the whole parchment, but neither one is willing to budge, so they both lose. Tyzonn wants to know why everyone is interested in the document. Mack is surprised that Tyzonn doesn't know. Mack tells Tyzonn the document leads to one of the jewels of the Corona Aurora . Tyzonn is surprised that the Corona Aurora has been found. Tyzonn tells Mack if Moltor finds the Corona, everything good on their planet will be destroyed. Mack tries to enlist Tyzonn's help by having him give the rest of the parchment. But Tyzonn does not and walks away instead. Mack is very frustrated. Back in the city, the Rangers have a difficult time against the monster. Tyzonn walks in and tells Bullox to stop hurting the Rangers. Bullox asks Tyzonn if he has the rest of the parchment and Tyzonn tells him no and he won't get it. Moltor walks up and Tyzonn tells him he no longer cares about their agreement. Moltor then battles Tyzonn to show him what happens to traitors. Tyzonn is hurt during the battle. Ronny sees Tyzonn is hurt. Rose, Dax and Will race over and join the battle. Moltor is about to strike Tyzonn, when Mack leaps in and pushes Tyzonn to safety. Mack morphs into Red Ranger and battles Moltor. The rest of the Rangers are kept busy battling the monster. Moltor tells Bullox to take care of Tyzonn. Mack runs and once more pushes Tyzonn to safety. Mack and Tyzonn get up and make a run for it. Moltor and Bullox also take off after Mack and Tyzonn. The rest of the Rangers are confused and know they need to find them. Mack and Tyzonn reach a safe area in the woods. Mack bandages Tyzonn up. Tyzonn thanks Mack for saving him. Mack and Tyzonn shake hands. Tyzonn tells Mack he had brought shame to his planet by bowing to Moltor's will. Tyzonn decides he wants to help and pulls out the parchment. Mack takes his piece and puts it next to Tyzonn's. The parchment becomes hold again. Mack decides it time to get back. Mack and Tyzonn walk together.

Moltor and the Bullox are searching for Tyzonn. Moltor is furious at Tyzonn's betrayal and wants to get revenge on him. In the woods, Rose, Ronny, Dax, and Will are looking for Mack. They find some green liquid on the ground and concur that it is alien blood. Rose is concern that with the alien hurt, he will be even more dangerous. Dax, Will, Ronny, and Rose increased their efforts to find Mack. Elsewhere in the woods, Mack and Tyzonn are walking together. They have the parchment out. Mack asks Tyzonn if he can read the parchment, but it is not written in a language Tyzonn is familiar with. Mack tells Tyzonn it is important that they get back to the base quickly. Suddenly numerous Lava Lizards appear. Mack realizes they might not be making it back to the base any time soon.

Part 2

Several Lava Lizards surround Mack and Tyzonn. Mack: think you're well enough to fight? Tyzonn: These creeps. Watch me! Mack and Tyzonn battle the Lava Lizards. During the battle, Tyzonn turns into liquid mercury and slips through a couple of Lava Lizards. Tyzonn: Huh, interesting! Tyzonn is glad some things haven't changed. Tyzonn and Mack kept up their battle against the Lava Lizards. Mack uses his super strength to defeat several Lava Lizards. Eventually the Lava Lizards are destroyed. Mack is impressed with Tyzonn's fighting skills and Tyzonn is impressed with Mack's fighting skills.

Mack and Tyzonn walk along together. Mack talks to Tyzonn about turning into silver liquid. Tyzonn corrects him and tells him it's mercury. Mack can't believe Tyzonn is from a planet with reptilian begins that can turn into mercury. Tyzonn is greatly offend and tells Mack he is not reptilian. Mack lightly tells Tyzonn sorry for his mistake, since Tyzonn is covered in scales. Mack asks Tyzonn to tell him what happened. Tyzonn does not know where to begin. Mack suggests with this and holds up the small piece of crystal. Meanwhile, Ronny, rose, Dax, and Will enter the control center. Spencer and Mr. Hartford are there. Ronny tells them they have searched everywhere in the woods and cannot find Mack or the alien. Mr. Hartford tells them Mack does not want to be found, as he has turned off his Tracker. Mr. Hartford asks Spencer if they can meet in his office. Spencer and Mr. Hartford are in the study. Mr. Hartford asks Spencer if he has noticed anything unusual with Mack. Spencer tells him he is an extra ordinary young man. But that is not what Mr. Hartford means. Mr. Hartford tells Spencer that Mack is so unpredictable, he doesn't know what Mack is going to do next. Spencer points out that Mr. Hartford was the same when he was a teenager. Spencer reassures Mr. Hartford that Mack will be okay. Back in the woods, Tyzonn tells Mack what happened to him when he arrived on Earth. Tyzonn was walking when Moltor came up to him. Moltor had heard of how powerful the Mercurian people were and wanted Tyzonn to become one of his soldiers. Tyzonn refused. Moltor and Tyzonn battled. During the battle, the crystal was dropped and Moltor stepped on it, crushing it into pieces. Tyzonn was furious. Tyzonn and Moltor continued to battle. Moltor turned Tyzonn into the reptilian creature he is now. Moltor told Tyzonn he would change him back, after he had worked for him. Tyzonn reluctantly agrees. After he finishes his story, Tyzonn starts to storm away. Tyzonn tells Mack he will be cursed like this forever because he betray Moltor. Mack catches up to him and tell shim they have a lot of high tech technology and they can help him. Tyzonn doesn't think his friends will trust him, and he doesn't blame him. Mack tells him he trusts him and that will make his friends trust him. Tyzonn agrees to go with Mack to the control center. Unfortunately, close by, a Lava Lizard has heard their conversation. The Lava Lizard reports what he has heard to Moltor. Moltor is very pleased. Bullox joins Moltor and tells him the Lavadactyls will be ready.

In the control center, Will doesn't have any luck finding Mack. Dax asks if Mack isn't found, could he get the Sonic Streaker. Ronny wants to know why she can't have the Sonic Streaker. Mr. Hartford tells them Mack will be found and the Sonic Streaker is his. Just then Mack enters the control center. Everyone is happy to see him, but get into a ready fight stance when they see Tyzonn. Mack tells them who Tyzonn is and shows them the parchment. Mack tells them Tyzonn only wants to help. Mack holds out the parchment to his dad. Mr. Hartford looks at it and at Mack. It's obvious Mack trusts Tyzonn, which is good enough for Mr. Hartford. Mr. Hartford tells them they need to start researching the parchment. Spencer walks in and takes a look at Tyzonn. Spencer wants to know why no one told him about any guests. Ronny tells Spencer who Tyzonn is and Will adds that he is cool. Inside the volcano, Moltor's plan is to let the Rangers lead him to the Toru diamond. In his ice cave, Flurious decides to contact Moltor again. Moltor is confident in his plans. Flurious doesn't like his brother being so sure of himself and tells himself Moltor will fail. Back at the control center, Spencer brings in a tray of lemonade. The teens and Mr. Hartford are looking over the parchment. Rose tells Tyzonn what the symbols they do know mean. Spencer offers Tyzonn some lemonade. Tyzonn doesn't know what lemonade is and Rose explains it to him. Tyzonn recognizes the citrus acid and takes a glass and pours it over the parchment. Rose and Will get upset with Tyzonn. But the acid reveals numbers. The teens soon realize these are coordinates to the mountain. The teens are ready to take off. Tyzonn asks if he can come along and help. Mack tells him there is room for one more and Tyzonn leaves with them in the S.H.A.R.C. The teens and Tyzonn land close to the coordinates. The teens race forward and are stopped by Bullox. The teens morph. Bullox summons several Lava Lizards. The Power Rangers battle the Lava Lizards. Tyzonn and Bullox battle. In the midst of the battle, Mack notices Tyzonn is hurt. Red Ranger races over and helps Tyzonn up. Working together, Mack and Tyzonn deal a powerful blow to Bullox. But it is not enough and Bullox soon has Moltor's Lavadactyls in the air. Bullox instructs the Lavadactyls to go find the diamond in the crater. Inside, Moltor is happy with his success.

The Lavadactyls fly away, powered by Lava Lizards, as the Rangers try to figure out how to stop them. Mack contacts his dad. Mr. Hartford has the Sonic Streaker and sends it to them. Mack asks Tyzonn to come along. Red Ranger and Tyzonn board the Sonic Streaker and take off after the Lavadactyls. On the ground, the rest of the Rangers are busy battling Bullox. Will uses the Defender Vest and blasts Bullox. Bullox is defeated until Moltor arrives. Moltor has his soldier grow to the giant size. Rose sends for the DriveMax Zords. When the zords arrive, the four Ranges quickly form the Megazord. In the Sonic Streaker, Mack and Tyzonn destroy the Lavadactyls. They enter the carter where they can see the Toru diamond. Mack asks Tyzonn if the scales will protect him from the heat. Tyzonn is willing to give it a try. Tyzonn is lowered over the diamond and gets it. The rest of the Rangers, in their Megazord, are having a difficult time battling Bullox. Mack arrives in his Sonic Streaker. Mr. Hartford contacts his son and tells him the Sonic Streaker will combine with the Megazord. Mack has the Sonic Streaker combine with the Megazord to form the Drive Max Ultrazord. With the Ultrazord, the Rangers destroy Bullox.

At the control center, Tyzonn gives Mr. Hartford the Toru diamond. Mr. Hartford thanks Tyzonn. Mr. Hartford places the Torhu diamond, which has shrunk from a large size to a small size, next to pearl. Mr. Hartford tells the team they now have two jewels which the bad guys won't get. Mr. Hartford is very proud of them. Sentinel Knight appears before them. Sentinel Knight tells them they have made a formidable team. Mack points out they had a lot of help from Tyzonn. Sentinel Knight recognizes Tyzonn as being mercurian and is pleased with his help as well. Dax asks Sentinel Knight if he can help turn Tyzonn back. Sentinel Knight admits he cannot not, but they have the power to do so. Rose realizes the two jewels of the Corona Aurora would help them. Sentinel Knight tells them the two jewels can make a disaster or a miracle. The two jewels suddenly glow and a glittery wave hits Tyzonn. Tyzonn is turned into mercurian form and then he's reverted back to normal. Everyone is happy for Tyzonn. Later, in the mansion, Mr. Hartford tries to talk Tyzonn into staying with them and helping them. Mack and Spencer are there as well. Tyzonn tells them he has his own mission to complete. Before Tyzonn leaves, Mack gives Tyzonn his repaired crystal. Spencer tells Tyzonn their advance technology was glue. Tyzonn is thrilled to get his crystal back and inserts it into his bracelet. Tyzonn thanks them once more and walks out.



  • After lemonade is spilled on the parchment, it is only wet in close-up shots.
  • In Part II, after Bullox's failed attempt to ram the DriveMax Ultrazord, the monster sparks despite the drill arm clearly not making contact.


  • The DriveMax Ultrazord is the first ten zord megazord formation.
  • Part 2, when Tyzonn spills lemonade on the map, it shows the coordinates 69.3 s 175.6 e. The volcano containing the second jewel is in Antarctica based on these coordinates.
  • In Part 1, the waterfall in which Tyzonn sees his reflection, looks very similar to the one used for the entrance to Ninja Ops in Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

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