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"No, Not the Urn, No, Not the Urn!"
―Face Stealer’s final words before being resealed in the Urn [src]

Face Stealer is a monster who was imprisoned in a urn long ago. He was freed by Rita Repulsa and stole the faces of many people, including two of the Rangers. However, the remaining four Rangers found masks used by his original imprisoners that repelled/harmed him and prevented their faces from being stolen. This allowed them to deliver a severe beating to Face Stealer and free the captured faces. Face Stealer was subsequently enlarged into a giant to finish the job Rita freed him for, only to be defeated by the Ninja Ultrazord and re-imprisoned in the urn.

A monster resembling Face Stealer (whose wings were over its face at the time) is among the monsters in the Machine Empire's army.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction

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