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"Devil Bykergang, huh? What a shot! Now everyone, all together!"
―FF Munchori's first words before and after taking a shot of the Bowzock.[src]

"I'll grow into my shtronger giant shize!"
―FF Munchori before before eating Imo-youkan.[src]

"That's it! Wait. If I beat you, I won't be able to take the picture! Oh no!"
―FF Munchori after blasting VRV Robo and his final words before his death.[src]

FF Munchori (FFフィルフィルムンチョリ FiruFiru Munchori, 34).


Bowzock's best scandal photographer. He was initially summoned by Gynamo to take a group picture of the bar members in the Baribarian before being sent by Zelmoda to see if Zonette was having an affair. At one point, he gave the Carrangers embarrassing photographs of themselves messing up. He was pummeled by Radiacar Robo which forced him to eat Imo-youkan and teleported around VRV Robo only to be slain by the Victory Twister after he realized that destroying it would ruin a photo shoot opportunity.


He has the personality of a stereotypical sleazy paparazzi. He is always looking for a scandal and has no subtlety. However, this was also ultimately his undoing since his reluctance to finish off VRV Robo at the risk of losing a valuable photo allowed them to finish him off.

Powers and Abilities


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He was sent by Zelmoda to see if Zonnette was having an affair, but when he finds her meeting Radietta he drops his mission and goes after her for some reason. He then stops that to give  the Carrangers embarrassing photographs of themselves. He could fire attacks out of a megaphone on his head and wrap people in rolls of film and teleport.

Behind the Scenes


  • FF Munchori was voiced by Akimasa Oomori, and has an odd speech gimmick of adding the letter "H" after every "S".


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Concept Art


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