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"Dystopia Advance!!!"
― Fuhrer Taboo instructing Deathdark to reveal itself[src]

Fuhrer Taboo (総統タブー Sōtō Tabū) is the merciless leader of Deathdark who hid behind a translucent wall for most of the series. In the finale he was struck by Goggle Red and revealed to be a one-eyed 'super gene' product of genetic engineering. When Deathtopia was destroyed, he emerged, giant-sized, and battled GoggleRobo. Aside from size changing he could also fire electric bolts from his eye, regenerate his limbs if they were cut off, and levitate.


Behind the scenes


Original concept design of Fuhrer Taboo

Fuhrer Taboo was designed by Muneo Kubo.


  • Fuhrer Taboo was voiced by late Eisuke Yoda, who likewise did the acting for many of Goggle V's Mozoo.


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