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The first eyecatch for Himitsu Sentai Gorenger, from Ep. 1: The Crimson Sun! The Invincible Gorengers.

An eyecatch (アイキャッチ aikyatchi) or internal eyecatch (インターナル・アイキャッチ intānaru aikyatchi) is a scene or illustration used to begin and end a commercial break in a Japanese TV program, especially in anime and tokusatsu shows, such as Super Sentai, similar to how "bumpers" into/out of commercial breaks are used in the United States. The term is used, in Japan, to refer to all kinds of bumpers.

Eyecatches - Super Sentai



  • J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai's eyecatch is similar to Gorenger's; in the first two episodes, the pre-break is a card with a black background with a dramatic sting; after break, the action returns with merely the J.A.K.Q. logo at the bottom of the screen. From episode 3, the series has a pre and post-break card, with the original pre-break card now in yellow instead of black. After Big One is introduced in episode 23, the images change to the five-man team. The image for the return from the break for episodes 1 & 2 is the first to use an actual actor.

Battle Fever

  • In Battle Fever J, the eyecatch before the break features a still image of the Battle Fever team, while the eyecatch after the break features the Battle Fever Robo and Battle Shark, after it is introduced. The initial episodes use the same card for both, with the inclusion of Battle Fever Robo from episode 5. The before the break eyepatch uses the actual Battle Fever J cast instead of a drawing of them.


  • Denziman's eyecatch is similar to Battle Fever J, the eyecatch before the break features a still image of the Denziman team, while the eyecatch after the break features DaiDenzin. The same sting as Battle Fever's eyecatch is used as well.

Sun Vulcan

  • Sun Vulcan's eyecatch is similar to Battle Fever and Denziman, the eye catch before the break features a still image of the Sun Vulcans, while the eyecatch after the break features Sun Vulcan Robo. It uses a sting similar to the one's used in Battle Fever and Denziman.

Goggle V


  • In Dynaman, the image prior to the break shows the the five members posing with their weapons; after the break DynaRobo is about to attack the screen


  • In Choudenshi Bioman, the eyecatch features a normal version of Red1 and small versions of (Clockwise from bottom left) Blue3 that seems to be sliding from Red One's right shoulder, Pink5 that seems to be performing a superkick, Green2 who seems to be levitating from Red One's left shoulder and Yellow4. The title card is also seen in the bottom right of the screen. After the break, BioRobo is shown who seems to be running and holding the bio sword. The Title Card can be seen on the bottom left of the screen. This is the first eyecatch to use two types of music for both before and returning after the break sequence.


  • In Dengeki Sentai Changeman, the eyecatch before the break shows the Changemen preparing the Power Bazooka. After the commercial break, the Change Robo is featured with Blitzkrieg Sword and Change Shield at the ready, close to the screen. This is the last Sentai until Gingaman to use a still image of the cast and mecha.


  • In Flashman, the eyecatch shows the Flashman symbol turning into the five members. After the break it shows the Flashman symbol again, but this time turning into Flash King. This is the first Eyecatch to use actual actors for the Rangers and the mecha instead of merely a drawing or still of the cast.





  • In Fiveman, the Fiveman logo surrounds the scene before moving to the side with "Fiveman" changing to a red color at the break as a tiny piece of the opening plays. As the scene returns, a different part of the opening plays as the logo moves in reverse; the red being removed and the logo recovering the returning scene before disappearing.


  • In Choujin Sentai Jetman, the eyecatch before the break features the Jetman team (in human form) posing somewhere in a side of a mountain. Their positions from left to right (from the viewer's view) featured Black Condor seating with his right leg over his left leg, White Swan stands behind him, Red Hawk is at the center, Yellow Owl is in a side view, and sitting beside him is Blue Swallow. The end of the commercial break features the Jetman team in their ranger forms in the same positions. This eyecatch is unique in that it is recreated with the final shot of the series, where the final credits ends with the Jetman as they appear at the end of the series in the same positions as the eyecatch taken at the beginning.


  • In Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, the eyecatch before the break features the main 5 Zyurangers in their Saurer Machines and stopping in front of the camera. The title card can be seen on the bottom right of the screen. After the break, the eyecatch features the main 5 mecha. From episode 32, the first eyecatch is the five Zyuranger posing; while the second are all seven Guardian Beasts standing in line on a cliffside.





  • Both before and after the break, the Gekisou Sentai Carranger eyecatch features a zig-zagging line, which is revealed to be the Vehicle (or vehicles if more than one are featured) of the hero of the episode which stops as "Carranger" appears on one of the straight lines of the pattern in English. In the post-break version, we hear a small piece of the Carranger theme in instrumental. From episode 32, the eyecatch changes: the same "zig-zag" and vehicle is seen at first, but only at the start of the eyecatch, where it opens into a split screen showing the Carranger tied to the color/vehicle, as well as both the vehicle and humanoid version of their VRV Machine,
  • In the final episode, a custom carranger logo for both pre and post break was used similar to Fiveman
  • The footage from these eyecatches were used in the second half of Power Rangers Turbo. Though one of Gaoranger and GoGoFive eyecatches were edited into the Wild Force and Lightspeed Rescue title sequence respectively, Turbo is the only time that the eyecatches from Super Sentai are used for their original purpose in a Power Rangers adaptation.


  • In Megaranger, before and after the commercial, the outlines of the helmet are created. The helmets of the ranger focused in the episode zoom out to reveal the ranger posing.


  • In Gingaman, before the commercial, the picture shows GingaRed but rotates and zooms out to reveal the rest of the team and GingaiOh. After the break it rotates again and shows an illustration of the Starbeasts. The series' narrator said "Gingaman". Later starting from Episode 41 the pictures for the eyecatches were updated. Before the commercial it showed the Gingamen with Beast Armor Shine, their Starbeast partners, and the Black Knight. After the break it showed Super Armor Shine GingaiOh, BullTaurus, Steel Starbeast GigaPhoenix, and Steel Starbeast GigaRhinos. It is ultimately the last series to have an image of the cast and it's the only eyecatch during the Heisei era to use illustrations of the cast and mecha.


  • In GoGoFive, before the commercial, the focal Ranger appears, zooming in to their eye which has the flames in their Ranger color as the GoGoFive logo appears. After the break, the logo reveals the rangers posed with the FiveLasers. In episode 23, the return shot is changed to the V-Lancers. It is the first eyecatch to use colorized title cards rather than plain white and red outside of illustrated eyecatches.


  • In Timeranger, The belt of TimeRed revealing the Timerangers riding the Time Flyer, the show's logo is created. After the commercial, the logo zooms out to reveal a futuristic city with the 5 main Timerangers and the performers of the opening singing a part of the Timeranger theme: "Beyond the future, Ride on the future". From Case File 35, the eyecatch changes: before the break it is all five main Timeranger helmets zooming past the camera before TimeRed's freezes with the show logo. After break, it starts with an image of all the mecha and the logo, which zooms out from the eye of Yuri as the other four human forms of the Timeranger appear in front of her.


  • In GaorangerGaoLion roars before the logo appears. After the break, the logo reveal the 5 main Gaorangers.Later in the series the eyecatch were changed, the Gaoranger spinning while GaoRed blasts the audience with his Gao Mane Buster revealing the logo, after the commercial the camera zooms into the eye of Tetomu, revealing the Gaorangers in their civilian form.


  • In Hurricaneger, the 3 silhouettes behind the shoji windows reveals the Hurricanegers in front of the explosion which zooms out. After the break, it goes in reverse.


  • In Abaranger, the scene zooms out from the eye of the Bakuryu which the Ranger owns, in which is the Ranger focused in the episode. After the commercial, AbaRed slashes the camera to reveal the three main Abarangers standing in a readying pose near the lava. The returning eyecatch sequence of AbaRed slashing the camera was used during the promo and the first opening for Power Rangers Dino Thunder and also one of US Jetix commercials for Dino Thunder as well.


  • In Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger, the first half of the eyecatch features the "dog" part of the "ン" (n) character howling before pulling back to show the logo and the five rangers in attack position. After the commercial the eyecatch features the focused ranger(s) of the episode shooting the screen. Later after the debut of DekaMaster and DekaBreak, the eyecatch also sported either DekaMaster slashing or DekaBreak punching the screen.
  • For the final episode, the Dekaranger logo appeared on the bottom right for both pre and post break.


  • In Mahou Sentai Magiranger, the 5 main Magirangers transformed into the logo. After the commercial, we see a cape rise up revealing the focus Magiranger of the episode. As they are in full view, the image on their visor zooms in towards the screen panning in to the episode once again.



  • In Juken Sentai Gekiranger, Jan, Retsu, and Ran in Ranger form do a few katas, the title card appearing when Jan slashes at the screen. After the break, it is the same, only with the trio in civilian form.


  • In Engine Sentai Go-Onger, the eyecatch is the five primary Engines shown in a race and BOMPER as the referee, with the viewers told to make a guess who wins. After the break, the winner is shown and that mecha says a short catchphrase. In GP Final, everyone wins and everyone makes a catchphrase altogether. It is the very last series not to have actual cast nor met and the only series to have an animated eyecatch.


  • In Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, the eyecatch begins with the completed scene being panned out to be revealed to have been performed within the hilt of Takeru's Shinkenmaru through a disc. As it further pans out, it shows the core Shinkengers in civilian form, spinning away from the audience. After the break, the Shinkengers are in their Ranger forms, and spin in reverse before reaching ShinkenRed, who spins the disc on his Shinkenmaru to resume the episode as the camera pans back in.


  • In Tensou Sentai Goseiger, the eyecatch involves the character(s) of the episode transforming to a Goseiger, and then changing to a Gosei Card while the title card appears on the bottom right of the screen. When the break ends, it goes in reverse. There are occasionally two Goseigers, split in pre-post break; the final two has Alata on his own and the other four in a split screen.


  • Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger follows Fiveman in having the logo forms on the bottom left screen to show that the break is coming up and then being seen as the show returns.


  • Similar to Gokaiger, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters has no eyecatch. The Go-Busters' logo appears in the corner of the screen prior to and just after commercial breaks.



  • Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger brings back the traditional eyecatch, which shows the five Kyoryugers activating their Zyudenchi and throwing them at the audience before the break and posing in front of Kyoryuzin's head (with the mecha smiling) in their transformed state after the break.
    • This eyecatch was changed in Brave 17, which featured the Kyoryugers (including Kyoryu Gold) preparing to transform (using footage from Brave 12, the first episode to feature the six Kyoryugers transforming together) before the break, and posing in their roll call after the break.
      • In Brave 27, the eyecatch was changed again being reminiscent of the first Kyoryuger eyecatch. It featured the six Kyoryuger's totem Zyudenchi coming to them before the break and posing in front of Kyoryuzin's head (who has a bigger smile than before) in their transformed state after the break.

Akibaranger Season 2


  • After a break of the previous year, the ToQger's logo appeared on the bottom left screen right before and after a break.


  • Once again, an eyecatch is not used outside a logo when the show goes to break and returns


  • The eyecatch was used only for after a break.


  • Once again, the eyecatch was only used for after a break.

Lupinranger VS Patranger

  • Once again, the eyecatch was only used for after a break.

4 Week Continuous Special Super Sentai Strongest Battle!!

  • Once again, the eyecatch was only used for after a break.


  • Once again, the eyecatch was only used for after a break.


  • Once again, the eyecatch was only used for after a break.


  • Once again, the eyecatch was only used for after a break, but this time it will show the team on a spinning Sentai Gear.
    • In episode 9, the eyecatch of the show appears with the mochi which is also attached in the center part of the Sentai Gear.


  • Once again, the eyecatch was only used for after a break, but this time it will show the team with the arsenals.

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