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"Eye Guy at your service, my Queen. You are a sight for sore eyes, your loveliness."
―The Eye Guy's first words to Rita upon being created[src]

"Eye eye! I spy some Power Rangers! Mwa ha ha ha!"
―The Eye Guy when confronted by the Power Rangers.[src]

―The Eye Guy's final word before his destruction.[src]

"So nice to see you again."
―The Eye Guy’s first words upon being recreated when confronting the Power Rangers in the Specter Theater.[src]

"Now see here!"
―The Eye Guy before blasting the White Tigerzord and his final words before his permanent destruction.[src]

Eye Guy was an eye monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode "I, Eye Guy."



Rita once employed the Eye Guy's skills on Redna 2 to capture incredibly bright children to use their intelligence for evil.


In 1993, Finster recreates Eye Guy who assembles himself and compliments Rita. Eye Guy's mission is to capture a highly-intelligent child so Rita Repulsa can absorb their intelligence for her own purposes so the Eye Guy captures Billy's friend Willy as he mopes about being rejected at a science fair by the Angel Grove Park Lake. The Eye Guy can absorb human intelligence, fire energy eyes from his body and recreate his body after any attack due to being made from eye balls. Even if he is destroyed, the Eye Guy can reassemble himself if blown apart as long as his main eye remained undamaged. Eye Guy is one of Rita's favorite monsters and Eye Guy seems to show some attraction and loyalty to her, calling her "lovely" and "a sight for sore eyes." Zordon picks up on this and sends down the Power Rangers to rescue Willy and they find the Eye Guy in the quarry where he has since been joined by Baboo who soon abandons him. Jason jumps in with his Power Sword but the Eye Guy shrugs off two slashes and cuts him down right after. The Power Rangers then surround the Eye Guy on all sides, Power Weapons drawn, but he uses an AOE attack to blast them down. The Power Rangers form the Power Blaster which reduces the Eye Guy to his regular eye forms but he immediately reforms and blasts the five of them clean off the hill that they are all stood on. Fortunately, when Billy calls Alpha, Zordon has located the Eye Guy's main eye in Angel Grove Park where it has remained since kidnapping Willy and sends Billy to destroy it whilst the other Rangers fight the monster even as they are blasted down by the same attack as before. Billy soon locates the main eye but is blasted down as he flips at it only to pull out his Power Lance and obliterate the main eye by impaling it through the retina. Back at the quarry, the Eye Guy advances on the four Rangers but starts exploding due to his main eye exploding.

With Eye Guy crippled, Rita throws her Magic Wand which enlarges the monster in a large puff of smoke who also has his main eye back. The Eye Guy then blasts the Rangers with it but they quickly recover and summon the Dinozords before forming Tank Mode. They blast the Eye Guy with both cannons but he is utterly unfazed and returns fire so they form the Megazord. However, the Eye Guy hits them with eyeballs so they summon the Power Sword and take the monster apart with a double slash. Though Eye Guy then obviously reforms, Billy notes that his main eye is open (though it has been open the entire time) and finish the Eye Guy off. Upon being struck by the Power Sword's finisher, the monster is bowled over backwards before exploding upon contact with the ground. Tvicon.png TV STORY-I, Eye Guy

Later on, when the Rangers are sent to the Island of Illusion by Lokar, they are attacked by the illusions of monsters that they had already defeated, one of which is the Eye Guy. However, they disappear before getting too close and don't harm anyone. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Island of Illusion

After Rita returns from her exile and brainwashes Lord Zedd with a love potion during his annual centenary sleep, Finster brainwashes Alpha 5 who tricks the Power Rangers into entering the Specter Theater. They are then confronted by an army of monsters including the Eye Guy and he corners them with the Saliguana, the Peckster, the Grumble Bee and the Dramole after the Soccadillo and the Saliguana scare them enough to make them jump to the ground floor. Soon surrounded, the heroes realize that the Theater (which is a nexus of some sort) prevents them from summoning their Power Weapons. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Wedding-part I

The Eye Guy stands around taunting the Power Rangers in a mocking chant with his fellow monsters before they decide to go on the unarmed offensive. Up in a theater box, Aisha dodges a swing from the Eye Guy before grabbing his arm but then having him pull it away, dodge a karate chop, and make her duck a slap. Though they are evenly matched, when Kimberly calls for help against the Invenusable Flytrap, Eye Guy is able to restrain and then punt her to the hard ground below where the Power Rangers regroup. The monsters then regroup and the hopelessly outnumbered and underpowered Rangers go into hiding within the Specter Theater so the monsters follow to relocate them. Despite the monster army’s best efforts, the Power Rangers manage to escape the Specter Theater but the Peckster and the Rhinoblaster are soon able to defeat them and return the six to the Theater. The Eye Guy then attends Rita and Zedd’s wedding whilst the Peckster and the Rhinoblaster stand guard over the Rangers, His wedding gift is a caged spider “for decoration or for a light snack.” Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Wedding-part II

The Eye Guy tells an eye pun-based joke but is surprised when Lord Zedd teleports the Snizzard onto a piano that he creates to play “here comes the bride” and wishes to get his eyes checked. During the afterparty, he compliments Rita but ends up popping out one of his eyes into the punch bowl whilst referencing Casablanca. The Eye Guy later sees them leave on their honeymoon in Serpentera to destroy the Earth. Shortly thereafter however, Goldar discovers that the Power Rangers have outsmarted the immensely dense Peckster and the Rhinoblaster and have escaped. Goldar reports this to his master who orders him to send the entire monster army to Earth to cut them off. Goldar sends the entire monster army along with Putties to Earth but they end up failing horrendously anyway. As such, Lord Zedd throws his Growth Bombs to enlarge the monster army in order to force the Rangers into a Zord fight where the monster army can annihilate them. After he Rangers free Alpha from his brainwashing and re-establish contact with Zordon, they go and summon the Thunderzords to form the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord. The Eye Guy is the second monster to fight; blasting the White Tigerzord but it is unfazed and blasts him with a White Tiger Thunderbolt. Eye Guy is immediately taken out of the fight and becomes the second monster destroyed, a White Tiger Thunderbolt knocking him flat on his backside where he explodes. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Wedding-part III

Four years later, the Eye Guy is seen amongst the Machine Empire's forces who invade the Phantom Ranger's home planet in the United Alliance of Evil's invasion of the universe. He was presumably recreated by Finster and given to King Mondo as a gesture of good will but, when Zordon's Energy Wave washes over the planet, Eye Guy and the rest of the Machine Empire are reduced to dust. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction

Eye Guy is last seen when Queen Bansheera attempts to open a gateway to the Shadow World. He is among the undead monsters seen in the gateway and one of the ones to maul Queen Bansheera after Diabolico pushes her in. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Fate of Lightspeed


The Eye Guy was an evil, cruel, sinister, villainous, devious, cold, psychopathic and a calculating monster but was very loyal to Rita and is ready to do anything for her and Zedd. He was also very spiteful, vicious, despotic, unscrupulous, malevolent, and ruthless. In battle, Eye Guy proved to be almost mindless as he spoke almost exclusively in growls and yells but was completely capable and easily wiped them all out. He seemed to have a sense of humor, frequently making pun-based jokes using the words "eye" and "see".


MMPR Eye Guy.jpg

Powers and Abilities


  • Depth Perception: The Eye Guy had proper depth perception despite having literally hundreds of eyes.
    • Area Vision: Due to his hundreds of eyes, the Eye Guy could perceive the battle from every possible angle. This also seemingly doubled as a substitute to his main eye which was usually off somewhere else.
  • Goofy Eye Blast: The Eye Guy could protrude a giant cartoonish eye from his main eye to fire a massive red beam from the retina. This was his strongest attack as it caused giant explosions, took down all five Rangers with one blast and severely shoot up the White Tigerzord.
  • Chest Blast: The Eye Guy could fire two eyes with teeth from both sides of his chest at his enemies. This caused a giant fiery explosion and knocked all five Rangers off the hill with one blast.
  • Fireball Eye Blast: The Eye Guy could throw out his arms sideways and fire eyes engulfed in orange flames at his enemies. This attack covered a large area and blasted all five Rangers down with one hit.
  • Teleportation: The Eye Guy could transport his eye to any other location at will.
  • Regeneration: The Eye Guy could regenerate as long as his main eye was undamaged.
  • Eye Strike: The Eye Guy could fire the two eyes on his chest at the Megazord to cause big explosions.
  • Restoring: The Eye Guy could restore his body as long as his main eye remained intact.


  • Strength: The Eye Guy easily deflected a slash from Jason's Power Sword and took him down with one smack.
  • Durability: The Eye Guy shrugged off two slashes from Jason's Power Sword with little more than grunts from the hits, was blasted by both of the Megazord Tank Mode's cannons without a scratch, and took two powerful slashes from the Megazord's Power Sword before being taken apart. It took the power of the Power Blaster, the Power Sword slash and the Thunder Saber to defeat him.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: The Eye Guy was easily able to overwhelm and take down Jason even when he had his Power Sword.


  • Main Eye: Although the Eye Guy could reform himself basically indefinitely, he could not reform himself without his main eye which he had to teleport elsewhere for safety reasons. Without it, he could be defeated completely like any other monster.
  • Overwhelming Power: The Eye Guy could easily be destroyed by overwhelming force even without striking his main eye as seen when the Thunder Megazord slew him.


  • Claws: The Eye Guy had clawed fingers that he could use in combat.

MMPR Eye Guy main eye.jpg

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: The Eye Guy could transport his eye to any other location at will.
    • Person Teleportation: The Eye Guy's main eye could fire a blue energy wave to consume its target and confine them within the dimension within.
  • Sentience: The Eye Guy's main eye was able to operate and attack Billy separately from his main body.
  • Lightning Vision: The Eye Guy could shoot energy eyeballs from his main eye strong enough to knock Billy down with a single hit.
  • Regeneration: The Eye Guy could regenerate as long as his main eye was undamaged.
  • Human Intellect Absorption: The Eye Guy could absorb human intellect by spinning them repeatedly within the dimension inside his main eye.


  • The Eye Guy's main eye had no special abilities.


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Behind the Scenes



  • The Eye Guy was based upon a character in Greek mythology known as Argus Panoptes, who is often described as having hundreds of eyes.


  • His rhyming assonant name alludes to the fact that he is an anthropomorphic mass of eyes.


  • The costume for Eye Guy was recycled for Men in White as one of the aliens on Glaxxon's ship.


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