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Evox Unleashed is the twenty-second and final episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 and forty-forth and final episode overall.

It concludes the three-episode endgame arc and features the final appearance of Evox/Venjix.


Evox finally executes his master plan, and the Beast Morphers Rangers must do everything they can to stop him, even potentially sacrifice one of their own.


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  • This episode marks the first time a villain (Scrozzle) survives the finale since Octoroo in Samurai Forever.
    • This is also the second finale to end with the robotic Ranger sacrificing himself for the team only to then be revived as a human since Mack in Crown and Punishment thirteen years earlier.

Beast Morphers Rangers with legendary weapons


  • In the "Previously on Beast Morphers" segment, the scene of Evox blasting the Rangers out is mirror flipped horizontally. This is obvious as the weapons are pointed strangely.
  • Despite trying to edit out the use of the Beast-X King Hyper Beam to kill Venjix, presumably due to the violent force, the Hyper Beam can clearly be seen ripping through his chest and then vanishing in the next shot.
  • When laughing after restricting the Robotrons, Evox's laugh fades out when he walks away and fades back in when the camera cuts behind him.
  • Before leaping at Evox to impale him, there is an explosion behind the Beast-X King Megazord despite Evox not having fired on it.
  • The shot of the cars jam packed on the highway is of the easily recognizable Los Angeles overpass.
  • Once again, Steel (in human form) seems to morph with a Beast-X Morpher instead of his Striker Morpher during his final morph.
  • Somehow Ravi is able to use a Delta Enforcer, even though it belongs to the S.P.D. Rangers from the future.
    • The only possible explanation for it is the Rangers' explicit connection with the Morphin' Grid, which could have allowed them to summon Ranger powers from across Space-Time, similar to the Legendary Ranger Keys.
  • Technically speaking, if Steel were to become humanized by the Morphin' Grid, then he'd look similar to Nate, since his DNA coding is the exact same as Nate's, so he should look like Nate's identical twin, but he doesn't. The Grid presumeably randomized Nate's DNA when reviving Steel.

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