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Evox Unleashed is the twenty-second and final episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 and forty-forth and final episode overall.

It concludes the three-episode endgame arc and features the final appearance of the Venjix Virus.


Evox finally executes his master plan, and the Grid Battleforce Rangers must do everything they can to stop him, even potentially sacrifice one of their own.


With Venjix taking over the Global Morph-X System and rerouting all the Morph-X into Tower One, the citizens of Coral Harbor are evacuating the city with Roxy leading her group out. Muriel Reeves hosts a live broadcast with Commander Shaw, Mayor Daniels, and the morphed Rangers, informing the citizens to get as far away from the Towers and let Grid Battleforce deal with the situation. After the broadcast ends, the Rangers leave to begin preparing for what could be their final battle, but on her way out, Zoey overhears her mother ask Shaw to take her out of the city with her. Shaw explains to Muriel that, despite the latter still seeing Zoey as a laundry girl, they need her for the final battle, leading Muriel to ask if she could at least say goodbye to her. With Shaw’s silent blessing, Zoey takes her helmet off and reveals to her mother that she was the Yellow Ranger this entire time. Although Muriel is surprised by this, she is nevertheless proud of Zoey as she was always the girl who solved big problems. Zoey says goodbye to Muriel as she leaves to regroup with the others. In the lab, Nate finishes creating a second anti-virus arrow and has Ben load it into the Beast-X King Ultra Bow. Ravi suggests distracting Venjix long enough so they could get a clear shot at him, but Steel asks how they can do so when Venjix is immune to their weapons. Fortunately, Devon has thought of that, taking cases out of the Ranger Vault with Betty just as the alarm goes off. Shaw tells the Rangers that Venjix was spotted at Tower One, meaning that it is time to get to work. Before heading out, Devon tells Betty to get the contents in the cases ready for transport.

Venjix makes his way to Tower One, only for the Rangers to confront him as Nate declares that they will destroy him. They morph and transport their weaponry. Much to Venjix’s shock, the Rangers did not transport their normal Grid Battleforce weaponry, but instead, they transported the Legendary Ranger Weapons from the Vault as the former never hacked into them. The main trio fire with the Ninja Super Steel Blaster, Delta Enforcer, and Thermo Blaster respectively, while Nate and Steel strike up close with a Dino Saber and Cloud Hatchet. Once Venjix is distracted, Devon summons the Beast-X King Ultra Bow and fires the anti-virus arrow at him. Unfortunately, Venjix swats the arrow away, reminding them that they cannot stop him, and revives Bulldozertron, Dumbbelltron, Infernotron, and Cycletron. As the Rangers fight off against the revived Robotrons, Venjix makes his way to the core of the Morph-X Tower and enters the stream to absorb all the Morph-X. During the fight, Steel takes the anti-virus arrow and goes off to stop Venjix. After the Rangers destroy the Robotrons, they go off to help Steel. Steel confronts Venjix in the core, making his way into the stream as the Rangers can only watch him do it. Steel stabs Venjix with the arrow, but it does not do anything to him as it merely dissipates into energy. In response, Venjix strikes Steel with a powerful energy blast, forcing him out of the stream and onto the ground. Weakened by the attack, Steel demorphs and apologizes to Nate for failing him, powering down and dissolving into silver energy which merges with the Morph-X. Then, Venjix blasts the other Rangers out of the Tower as Mayor Daniels and Muriel come to their aid. Nate wants to go back and stop Venjix, but Devon stops him, telling him that they must regroup back at Grid Battleforce.

The Rangers return to Grid Battleforce in defeat, telling Ben and Betty that they lost Steel as Devon asks Commander Shaw for her communicator. Devon makes an announcement that they lost Steel in their fight against Venjix and that the latter is gaining more strength with every drop of Morph-X he absorbs. Devon tells Grid Battleforce personal to evacuate the city and let the Rangers face off against Venjix alone, but Ben and Betty declare that they will stay as Burke’s do not back down. The Beast Bots declare their intent to stay as well, along with Zord Maintenance, Mayor Daniels and Muriel, and the rest of Grid Battleforce staying as well. Inspired by that, Devon declares that they will all fight together for Steel. Suddenly, the Command Center picks up that the sky is going dark and Tower One is transforming. The Tower transforms into Venjix’s new body, which is 50x’s bigger than any Gigadrone the Rangers have faced before, and they realize that this is how he plans to eradicate humanity. Shaw orders the Ultrazord to be prepped, but just before the Rangers head out, she tells them that while Venjix’s strength came from data and energy, their strength came from their humanity. Taking Shaw’s words to heart, the Rangers head out to defeat Venjix once and for all.

As Venjix plans to eradicate humanity as he did in the RPM Dimension, the Rangers confront him in the Beast-X King Ultrazord. However, Venjix’s power is too much for them to handle as his blasts knock them down without even letting them strike. Venjix says he is going to enjoy destroying them as he did to Steel, calling him their robot friend, but Nate fires back that his brother was half-human. While Venjix declares that their humanity was weak, Ravi counters back with what Commander Shaw told them, how their humanity made them strong, and Nate realizes what they can do to finally defeat Venjix. He realizes that all along, Venjix has been weak to human DNA recalling how he could not possess Steel due to his half-human DNA structure, and how possessing Mayor Daniels left him weak after prolonged exposure. Nate theorizes that if he could reroute Morph-X through their bodies, they could forcibly infuse their human DNA into Venjix and destroy him. Nate enters the Beast-X King Zord’s cockpit and begins to reroute the circuitry, while Ravi and Zoey charge up the weapons. Even with the blasts from Venjix, Nate manages to reroute power from the Wrecker and Jet Zords, forcing them to reconfigure into the Beast-X King Megazord. Powering themselves with the Morph-X, the Rangers launch the Megazord towards Venjix and stab him with the Saber. While they did not pierce through his armor, they pump themselves with more Morph-X and push the saber further into Venjix. The amount of human DNA corrupts Venjix’s system, and with too much to handle, he explodes, finally ridding the universe of one of the most dangerous villains in the Ranger legacy.

With the battle finally over, the Rangers demorph and exit the cockpit of the Megazord. As the sky turns blue again, they see all the Morph-X return to the Morphin Grid when Zoey sees something in the distance. To their surprise, the Morphin Grid not only revives Steel, but it also makes him a full-fledged human. Steel is shocked that he is finally human, and by Devon’s theory, the Grid made it so he can be a human for the rest of his life. As Steel celebrates his newfound humanity, the Rangers embrace in a group hug.

One year after the final battle, Ben and Betty have located Scrozzle hiding in the sewers of Corinth and drag him back to Grid Battleforce in cuffs, with Colonel Truman joining them in the escort. Once in the Command Center, Devon, now Commander of Grid Battleforce, greats Truman and has Scrozzle locked up in holding. Devon welcomes Ben and Betty back and asks if they were ready for Operation 365. Meanwhile, Nate and Zoey help Mayor Daniels promote Coral Harbor’s new renewable energy program now that the Morph-X System is gone, and the latter is impressed that she is still finding ways to solve big problems. Just then, Nate and Zoey are called in by Devon, along with Ravi who leaves his mother, now promoted to General, to finish her portrait of Roxy.

Meanwhile, Steel has become an action star and just finished filming a fight scene when Devon calls him in for an emergency. Blaze comes in as Steel’s stunt double as the latter morphs while running to the base. Once inside, Steel enters the training room but finds it dark. Suddenly, the Rangers, Ben and Betty, and the Beast Bots surprise Steel as today marks his first birthday as a human. While Devon asks for him to make a wish, Steel says he does not need to make one because he now had everything he wanted now that he was a human. After Steel blows out the candles, the group dances away.



  • In the Episode Recap segment, the scene of Venjix blasting the Rangers out is mirror flipped horizontally. This is obvious as the weapons are pointed strangely.
  • Despite trying to edit out the use of the Beast-X King Hyper Beam to destroy Venjix, presumably due to the violent force, the Hyper Beam can clearly be seen ripping through his chest and then vanishing in the next shot.
  • When laughing after restricting the Robotrons, Venjix's laugh fades out when he walks away and fades back in when the camera cuts behind him.
  • Before leaping at Venjix to impale him, there is an explosion behind the Beast-X King Megazord despite Venjix not having fired on it.
  • The shot of the cars jam packed on the highway is of the easily recognizable Los Angeles overpass.
  • Once again, Steel (in human form) seems to morph with a Beast-X Morpher instead of his Striker Morpher during his final morph. (It seems that anytime Nate or Steel use a Beast-X Morpher an instant morph takes place perhaps as neither striker Morpher or Beast-X Morpher fully materializes, the Wrist Com just glows the respective Ranger's color).


  • This episode continues from "Source Code".
  • After this season, the series is followed by Power Rangers Dino Fury, which aired on Nickelodeon in 2021.
  • This episode marks the first time a villain (Scrozzle) survives the finale since Octoroo in Samurai Forever.
    • This is also the second finale to end with the robotic Ranger sacrificing himself for the team only to then be revived as a human since Mack in Crown and Punishment thirteen years earlier.

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