This article is about a/an Megazord in Power Rangers Time Force.

This version of the Time Force Megazord was created by Turtlecon as his final way to attempt to destroy the Power Rangers.


This version of the Time Force Megazord was created by the Turtlecon monster after he was enlarged by scanning the original Megazord. It easily overwhelmed the Rangers and nearly destroyed them with a version of the Time Strike attack, before they switched to Mode Blue. The fake was able to block two spin kicks from the formaton which took it down and then began smacking it with it;'s sword. Then, the Time Shadow arrived anc cut down Turtlecon at which point the Rangers kicked back this fake and summoned the Time Jet. The Megazord was then obliterated by two blasts from the Time Force Megazord Blaster. Turtlecon was brought in by the Shadow Force Mode Blue shortly thereafter.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength-The fake Time Force Megazord was strong enough to really overwhelm and knock about both versions of the real Megazord.


  • Time Force Megazord Sabre-The fake copy wields a duplicate of the original Megazord's weapon for it to use against the Rangers.
    • Energy Slash-The fake version of the Time Force Megazord retains the ability to charge up it's weapon with yellow time energy and slash at it's enemies full force. Although this was then original Megazord's finisher, it easily knockers back the Rangers and thier Zord.
  • Shield-The copy of the Time Force Megazord retains the same unnamed shield as the original Megazord and stopped two spin kicks from Mode Blue which knocked it to the ground.


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