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"Dear brother....My life....As the only daughter....of the Catastropheiends, use my life! I do not mind it! If I become a part....of my dear brother's body.....And live on, then I.....Among the Catastrophiends, you alone.....Were the most kind, dear brother. I was happy.....to be your sister......"
―Evil Spirit Princess Denus' final words before her death.[src]

Evil Spirit Princess Denus (邪霊姫 ディーナス Jareiki Dīnasu, 2-47) also known as Venus (ヴィーナス Vīnasu) is Grand Witch Grandiene's only daughter and only human resembling child. She is also a demon of Aquatic Calamity, ruler of water elemental Psyma Beasts.


Gifted in the arts of disguise, she often used them to gather information or just cause havoc. Her strategies were particularly cruel and fearsome. She felt great respect for her older brother Dark King Zylpheeza.

In the finale, Denus and her older brother Cobolda created two scorpion-like demon parasites. Using the red one to syphon the life force from Matoi, they were able to use the stolen life force to resurrect Zylpheeza from the World of Darkness. She, along with Cobolda and the resurrected Zylpheeza begin to lay waste upon Tokyo. They battled the GoGoFive (except Matoi) which Denus lost her sword in the battle thanks to Daimon.

Psyma Parasites

When the GoGoFive finally notice the pattern of the parasites, they begin targeting the black one on Zylpheeza's chest which also damaged the one on Matoi's, stopping the process and weakening Zylpheeza. Knowing that Zylpheeza won't last long, Denus teleported Matoi's red parasite back and planned to either use it on herself or the GoGoFive. The GoGoFive then attempt to deliver the final attack but Denus dives in between, taking the damage intended for Zylpheeza.

Denus attempts to move toward the GoGoFive, intending to use the parasite to syphon their lifeforce but eventually succumbs to injury. Zylpheeza soon come to save her but Denus replied that she will use her own life force to save him. Zylpheeza didn't want Denus to die, knocking the parasite away.

Denus dies peacefully.

With her last strength, Denus ran to pick up the parasite and placed it on her chest to give away the rest of her life force to fully recover Zylpheeza's, but not before telling him that being his sister always made her happy. Her body then fell down and disappeared within golden light.


Denus is the most human-looking child of Grand Witch Grandiene. In fact, the only demonic appendages she possesses are her wings. She has medium length brunette hair and wears a snake-like barrette which allows her to see through her snake familars' eyes. Her armor, pants, fingerless gloves and shoes are also adorned with a snake's scale pattern, snake's eyes and aquamarine/sapphire, fitting "Melusine" theme. Denus has red lips, blue eyeshadow, and sharp, red fingernails. Her accessories are two pairs of armlets and moon earrings, the latter is a connotation to the moon's gravity over ocean tide, fitting her aquatic theme.

In all of her human disguises, Denus has short brunette hair and wears the same makeup as her usual appearance, but has white fingernails instead of red.


Powers and Abilities

Denus wielding her broadsword.


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  • Denus' Broadsword - a magical broadsword used by Denus as her weapon. It can be used in both close range battle and ranged battle as the sword can also fires a powerful energy blast.
  • Snake Barrette - allow Denus to see through the eyes of her snake familiars

Denus's Saima Beasts

Behind the Scenes


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Concept Art


Her name "Denus" come from "Venus", the goddess of love in Roman mythology.


Denus's name cameo in Gokaiger, next to Girl's Collection Farrah Cat

  • Denus made a cameo in Gokaiger (episode 27) as a shop's name called "Evil Spirit Princess Venus".
  • The footage of her appearance was occasionally used for Vypra in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue before the scene cut to her counterpart's actress speaking.


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