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"This is regrettable..."
―Evil Ninja Iga's final words before his death.[src]

Evil Ninja Iga (邪忍イーガ Janin Iga, Abaranger vs. Hurricaneger): An ancient Jakanja who happens to be the most powerful of the Space Ninja Group Jakanja. He arrived on DinoEarth centuries ago and fought the Dragonoids, delighting in the destruction in his wake cased by his Evil Ninpou (邪忍法 Janinpō). He was eventually sealed in an orb by three DinoEarth sages until his prison was found by Mikela, who modified its contents with Evolien influence before handing it to Spear Four, Wendinu and Spear One, Furabiijo as they possessed the power to free him. While using his three shadow clones to fight the Rangers, JaniIga absorbed Dino Guts from the masses in order to become the strongest ninja. JaniIga met his end due to the combined might of the Hurricaneger/Gouraiger teams and the Abarangers though Abarenoh using the Sword Slasher and a variation of the Copy Illusion Slash called the Spin Drill Slasher.

Powers & Abilities

  • He was able to create body doubles of himself wearing red, blue, and gray masks and mufflers respectively.
  • Evil Ninpou - Iga Spin (邪忍法イーガスピン Janinpō Igasupin) - Iga's special move, which is similar to Abaren-Oh's Bakuryuu Dengeki Drill Spin.
  • He was able to enlarge himself without any of the objects needed by most Jakanja members to grow like the Copy Giant.


He is voiced by Kiyoyuki Yanada (梁田清之 Yanada Kiyoyuki), who previously voiced Boss Tau Zant, the main villain of Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger.


  • His motif is the shuriken.
  • The purple scarf worn by Iga is based on the image of the titular hero of the 1972 jidaigeki/superhero television series Henshin Ninja Arashi[1]
    • His character designer, Keiichi Sato stated his wish to give the muffler more volume[2].
  • Iga is the second Hurricaneger main villain to be voiced by Kiyoyuki Yanada since Tau Zant.
  • Although Power Rangers Dino Thunder and Ninja Storm teamed-up, he doesn't have a Power Rangers counterpart.


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