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Evil God Bōma Junior (ジャシンボーマJr Jashin Bōma Juniā)

Character History

Evil God Boma Jr. is the son of Evil God Boma, whose whole purpose is to release his father from a supremely powerful seal placed upon him by Lakia during the Boma Wars twenty-thousand years earlier. Traveling to two sites where two large obelisks exist, Jr. raises them before destroying these seals, allowing for Evil God Boma to regain his freedom once again. However when the Turboranger hold off all of the Boma warriors, Evil God Boma eats his son in order to grow and increase his own power.


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He uses a sword for combat and likewise has a vast knowledge of various Boma rituals and spells, to the point that it can destroy powerful Boma seals placed upon them by Lakia in the past.

Behind the Scenes

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  • The storyline of Evil God Bōma Junior (a demonic warrior attempting to use power to release his sealed father who has the power to cause massive havoc to the world) is likewise a similar story to another "Junior" who works to release his father in a Sentai 5 years later.


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