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Evil God Bōma (ジャシンボーマ Jashin Bōma)

Character History

Evil God Boma was an extremely powerful and notable member of the Boma Tribes during their war with humanity and the fairies twenty-thousand years in the past. However it ultimately became sealed through a combined effort, most notably when a fairy friend of Seelon sacrificed itself to seal away its flame long enough for Saint Beast Lakia to cast a powerful seal to lock it away. The seal became maintained by two hidden obelisks on the surface to keep the Boma underground and prevent its power from ever being used.

When the Boma began to revive with the weakening of fairy seals, Evil God Boma's son, Evil God Bōma Junior, began to remove the seals holding his father down, ultimately releasing him into the world once again in a plot to use his flame to empower Boma Castle with enough firepower to scorch the Earth. Knowing that its power was enough to destroy the planet, Seelon tries to rush to stop it and even threatened to sacrifice itself to stop its flames once again, but she is stopped by Boma Doctor Lehda, who remembered the previous time it was stopped and did not want another fairy to prevent their success. The Turboranger face it in combat and are able to hold it off for a time, but it decides to grow by eating its son, only to go down quickly due to the power of Turbo Robo.


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Evil God Boma's main ability is an extremely powerful hellfire which has the capacity to even burn and destroy Earth if emitted from the mouth of the demonic statue that makes up Boma Castle.

Behind the Scenes

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