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Evil Bookala is an evil clone created by Lord Zedd out of a miniature sized decoy doll of an peaceful alien creature Bookala. He was sent by Zedd to get revenge on Power Rangers after Zedd's plan to not let rangers transport Bookala back on his planet failed. Evil Bookala serves as hidden main antagonist of the episode "The Great Bookala Escape".


Evil Bookala was created by Zedd after rangers successfully transported peaceful alien Bookala back on his home planet. Evil Bookala's mission was to get revenge on rangers for Zedd's failed plan. Zedd sent him to attack Angel Grove. The rangers knew right away that he was a fake, so Zedd quickly decided to make Evil Bookala grow. Both Bookala and his evil doppelganger resembled Japanese Kabuki Dancers and tzlked with oddly organized grammar. This Bookala possessed a long and deadly black tongue that lashed out and wrapped around the Thunder Megazord, but the rangers untied themselves from this situation by slicing the tongue with Thunder Saber. Then Evil Bookala was destroyed by Thunder Saber. The Great Bookala Escape


Unlike the peaceful alien Bookala who was kind, timid and friendly, his evil clone was sinister, villainous and spiteful and wanted to destroy the Power Rangers.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Giant Tongue

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